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Welcome to Year 1 Weekly newsletter


Friday 12th October

Learning Journey

This term we are learning about our local area and all it has to offer. We have been learning all the key vocabulary eg: town, city, village. We have explored the differences between these and all the landmarks in our town. We have been using our directional skills to walk out the route to church and drawn maps using map symbols we have learnt. This week we have looked at different types of housing and discuss what type of house we live in. We are now in the process of designing our own house to build out of junk modelling next week. At the weekend you could discuss the town/village you live in and what you could find there or discussing the variety of housing you would see out and about to support our learning journey. You could read town mouse and country mouse or look through a variety of maps to support our learning journey.  


This week we have been learning about Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin, where Christopher leaves for boarding school. We have been learning about the features of a letter and what they require and we have now written our letters in response to Christopher Robin, they have been written as if we are Winnie the Pooh, as Winnie the Pooh needed our help writing a response. Next week we will be preparing to post them to Christopher Robin’s school. At home you could practise writing your address, or the schools address and discuss the features and layout.


This week we have been learning about adding numbers within 10 and length. We have been learning the symbols needed within an addition sentence. We are using cubes and pictures to help us solve the number problems. We have also begun learning about length and we are trying to use the terms: ‘tall/taller/tallest, short/shorter/shortest/long/longer/longest and high/higher/highest’. We have been practically exploring length comparing lengths of our pencils and each other’s’ heights. Next week we will be continuing with addition within to 10 and length. At home you could explore length and height of objects in your home and practise using a variety of objects to solve number problems within 10 to support your child’s learning.


This week we have been learning about seasonal change and have been conducting wonderful experiments that we are recording results for. We have bought in some amazing Autumnal items to add to our class seasons bottle that will be displayed. We have been on an Autumn scavenge to identify Autumnal items found on our grounds. Next week we will be discussing what we have learnt this term and investigating if our questions have been answered. At home you could continue to investigate the outside world and any Autumnal items you may find. Also, to discuss changes in weather and temperature to support your child’s learning.

Diary dates for our year group

  • Tuesday 16th October junk modelling to make our house.
  • Wednesday 17th October, walk into town as part of our Fabulous finish.

Important Message

The children will be going into town to post their Winnie the Pooh letter on Wednesday 17th at 1.30pm. Thank you for those of you who have so far volunteered to help us we still need some more volunteers if this trip is viable. 

Homework/spellings for this week

Geography: As part of our “All about us” Geography topic this term the children have been practising writing our school’s address in the correct order, they have also been discussing Winnie the Pooh’s address for their letters to Christopher Robin which they will be posting on Wednesday 17th. Therefore, to reinforce this learning we would like the children to write their own home address in their homework books starting with the top line with the name/number and street, the second line the road etc.  If you do not wish your home address to be in their homework books, then they can practise with the school address:

Sir Henry Fermor CE Primary School

Crowborough Hill


East Sussex


Spellings: As extra optional homework we are practising the following spellings: ask, his, has, you. 


Friday 5th October


In English we are focusing on a clip of Winnie the Pooh where Christopher Robin leaves for boarding school. We have now recieved a letter from Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh who needs our help to respond to it. We have been learning about the features of a letter, acting them out and sequencing the feature through drawing and sentence writing. 


In Maths we are moving on to learning about addition focusing on adding numbers within 10, using cubes and relating this to the part-part whole model we have learnt about previously. We are also learning about 3D shapes, naming common 3D shapes and understanding their properties. 

This weeks homework has been sent out in their orange home learning books, but is also below in case this gets lost.


Science: We have been learning about the seasons and the weather, conducting experiments and observations on our environment around us. We would love to create a ‘season discovery bottle’ similar to this picture. We kindly ask if you could find some Autumnal items to bring in to school, even Autumnal coloured items would be great to add to our bottle to have on display. Many thanks.

Spellings: As extra optional homework we are practicing the following spellings: do, be, by, ask.

Reading: We would like you to read with your child at least 3 times a week and record any comments in your child’s Reading Record Book. These comments may be used to help support our judgments later in the year. Please also try to ask your children questions about the title, the pictures and what they have read to check for comprehension. Please remember, books only get changed when the book has been read 3 times, this is a crucial year 1 objective as it helps with their fluency and accuracy development.