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4M and 4PS

                    Year 4 Weekly newsletter


The news for the forthcoming week for 4m and 4SP


Week 15th – 19th  October 2018



In English next week, we are working on our explanation texts. We are using our Egyptian topic and the subject of mummification to motivate us for our writing. A focus for the week will be clauses with sentences spellings will be those that involve the use of im, in or ir, to create a negative from a root word.



Our focus for the last week of this term is applying our addition and subtractions skills to word problems. We will be using the process of RUCSAC to help us. Ask your children to guide you through the acronym to explain what each letter means.


Our Learning Journey.

We will be continuing to study the Ancient Egyptians, with a particular focus next week on mummification and those ghoulish Canopic jars. (oooooh!)



All this term we will be studying “Sound”, looking at pitch, volume and their measurements (hertz and decibels). Our scientific enquiries will be based around these topics.



Swimming will continue to take place on Friday afternoons. Please a reminder to children that only smallish pencil cases are needed in school with a black pen, a small amount of colouring pencils and perhaps a small ruler. Gel pens are still causing a few issues and we would prefer that they are left at home. Could we also request that if you write something in the home contact book, please remind your child to show it to us? Could we also request that any outstanding monies for the Christmas DT project are given to Mrs Price next week. Thanks.



Well done Henry (4PS) and Rhys (4M) for receiving certificates this week.  


Thank you all for your continued support