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Sir Henry Fermor

Church of England Primary School

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Christian Vision and School Ethos

When he arrived and saw the evidence of the grace of God, he was glad and encouraged them all to remain true to the Lord with all their hearts. 

Acts 11:23.

At Sir Henry Fermor, we focus on Christ’s teachings; which shapes us and how we live as a Church of England School: 

Our School Vision:

Sir Henry Fermor enables everyone to succeed; as Jesus teaches through the parable of The Lost Sheep: no one is left behind. Inspiring children and adults, believing in God at the heart of all we do, through Christ’s love and guidance; all in the Sir Henry Fermor family flourish, achieving fullness.

Our Vision Rationale:


Our chosen bible passage is one of the many stories Jesus told, to illustrate a point and guide us as to how we should live.  At SHF we believe that the parable of the lost sheep envelops who we are, why we are here and therefore how we should live our lives.  This parable helps us to expand our school motto:  Inspire Believe, Achieve and gives purpose and meaning to all that we do.


Parable of The Lost Sheep (Luke 15: 1-7).

Inspire The parable inspires us as a school to take risks, as the shepherd took a risk by leaving his 99 sheep to go out and find the 1 lost sheep - not knowing what he would face. Just as the shepherd looked after his sheep, we too are inspired to look out for, encourage and support each other. Jesus inspires us and gives us strength when we need it.


Believe The Lost Sheep parallels with Christ’s mission to rescue the people of the world - the shepherd never doubted he would find his sheep, as our team never stop believing in your children. We inspire our school family to get closer to, and deepen their belief in God, through our curriculum, ethos and collective worships, by giving everyone the opportunity to get to know God.


Achieve Children are able to challenge themselves; knowing that they are in a place where mistakes are not seen as failure, but rather as an opportunity to learn and develop a growth mind-set. The sheep pen represents a safe refuge, just as our school is a safe and secure environment for all. We know that if children are happy and feel safe they achieve the best they can.