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Help organise our Christmas Fair

We need volunteers to help organise some of the activities at our Christmas Fair. All volunteers will be working as part of the FoFS team and will get plenty of support and encouragement!

We're also recruiting a team of volunteers to help out on the day, so even if you're organising one of the stalls, that doesn't mean you have to sit on it all day at the fair!


Adult and child tombolas

This involves organising a themed dress down day for the children, where they will bring in tombola prizes as donations.

The prizes will then need to have raffle tickets attached to them, ready for the tombola.

On the day of the fair (4th December) you'll need to set up the tombola stall.


Tea, coffee and hot food sales

At the fair we'd like to sell tea, coffee, squash and hot food from the kitchen.

We need to arrange to buy in the provisions for the tea, coffee and squash. We'll also need to either see if the kitchen staff can come in to make hot food for us (eg bacon butties) or find an external caterer who can provide this.

On the day of the fair (4th December) you'll need to help set up the table and chairs, liaise with the kitchen staff or external caterer, and make sure the volunteers know what they're doing.



We already have some volunteers lined up to ask local businesses for prizes. What we need is someone to coordinate the raffle, which will involve keeping track of the prizes we have, selling raffle tickets and setting up the raffle on the day of the fair (4th December).


Treasure hunt

The treasure hunt is a series of letters hidden around the school on the day of the fair, which spell out a word. The children are tasked with finding the letters then solving the anagram.

Setting this up involves printing out the letters, preparing answer sheets for the children to fill in and arranging the prizes for the children who solve the anagram. On the day of the fair (4th December) you'll need to hide the clues around the school.


If you could help us out with any of these, please email