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Foreign Language

This year at Sir Henry Fermor, we are starting to learn Latin in KS2! We are using the Minimus Latin course. 

There are great benefits to learning Latin and there are so many links to our own Language! It is also useful when our pupils leave Sir Henry Fermor to go to Secondary school as it will aid their understanding of the languages they may study there, as well as vocabulary in Geography and Science.


By learning Latin, we are providing children with a toolkit for understanding and decoding difficult English words, whilst learning in a fun, interactive way through stories, songs, games and activities linked to other subjects in our school curriculum such as DT, Maths, Science, History and Geography.

This course is based on a real family who lived at Vindolanda, the site of a Roman fort in 100AD: Flavius, the fort commander, his wife Lepidina, their three children, assorted household slaves, their cat Vibrissa - and Minimus the mouse. Each term, pupils will discover more about this family and what life was like in Roman Britain through stories and fact files. Through these stories, pupils will also learn to read and speak Latin, making links to English grammar and vocabulary. Each lesson has a word root focus, linking a Latin word to words in English and building on children’s vocabulary.