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Welcome to our learning for today. Please work your way through the videos and resources on this page. Remember, you can record your learning in your green home learning book.

Remember to take brain breaks and time for lunch at the appropriate points during the day. Don't forget to stay well hydrated too!

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Please remember to let us know that you're joining us for today's learning by saying "Good Morning" on your Microsoft Teams page.  You can also contact us there if you have any questions about your learning today and you will see that a selection of “assignments” are set there each week. There is an assignment for each subject that we would like to see, and they are due in by the end of the week so you don't need to rush to do everything at once! Please attach your work in the relevant assignment section each week.



I am so proud of you all for working so hard in these weird learning conditions this term! Well done, and keep it up! When I looked at your Big Write pieces, I was so impressed with the quality of your work and your vocabulary! You can see that some of you are really trying to add all the new methods that you have been taught in year 5. Just be careful with punctuating speech and putting too much direct speech in your stories. I would keep to four or five examples maximum, and narrate the rest of your story. 

Mrs Price

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Go and have a snack and a drink and a break from using your brains! You may want to get some fresh air too!


Read your own book for 15 minutes. You could either read to yourself, or you could read out loud to your adult. Write down any words that you don't understand in your green book, look up their meaning in a dictionary and write the meaning down in your green book too. Try to use the word in a sentence and then....HEY PRESTO... you have learnt some new vocabulary. Woohoo!


Remember that an assignment will be posted on teams for today. The work will also be uploaded on here on the previous night.


Answers will be posted on Monday 22nd February. 


Take a good break now and have something healthy to eat and some water to drink in order to refuel your body. Fresh air is great for you too, maybe you could go outside for a bit and get some exercise?


Please follow the instructions in this video to access your guided reading for today.

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Hearts of Gold


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Kensuke’s Kingdom - part 5. Correct version!.mp3

Hello and goodbye!


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