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Friday 21st January 2022


Below are this week's spellings. These will be tested next Thursday:













Read the following diary entry and then answer the following questions: 

1. How does the diary entry start?

2. Is it written in the past tense?

3. What feelings or emotions does the writer experience?

4. How is the writing organised?


12th June 2019


Dear Diary,


Today has been the best day ever as Dad took me and my brother to the theme park! We arrived at 9am and my brother and I jumped out of the car and ran to the entrance with Dad just behind us. We gave the entrance person our ticket and in we went. I was jumping up and down I was that excited. We went on a few rides to start like the merry go round, the fun house and the tea cups. Dad spun the teacups round so fast and my brother and I had tears in our eyes and our sides hurt from laughing. At midday we arrived at The Crazy Spinner roller coaster. I had always wanted to go on it but I had always been too small. I was ecstatic when Dad measured my height and I was taller than the line. We ran in the line. I was giddy but then, as we got closer, my tummy started to get butterflies. I looked at the big drops and people screamed as they whizzed past. I started to feel a little sick. As we got to the front, Dad took hold of my hand and said if I didn’t want to go on I didn’t have to. I almost said yes but then I saw how excited my brother was. We boarded the ride and they strapped us in. We were off. I was so scared as it slowly travelled up the first hill. Then it whizzed down the drop and I loved it! I screamed happily and even put my hands up in the air holding Dad’s hand. As soon as we got off the ride, we ran straight back into the queue and rode it another three times! It was the best day ever and I had so much fun with my Dad and brother. We got a balloon each at the end of the day and we even got to have an ice cream. When I sat in the car I realised how exhausted I was and within two minutes I was fast asleep.


I will write again tomorrow. See you for now.





Times tables

All children have been reissued with Times Tables Rock Stars Logins and they have been stuck in the front of their Reading Records. Please use Homework time this week to log on, explore the site and have fun practicing. We suggest that you start with the Garage section:


In preparation for the Statutory Government Test you may may wish to use the following website and click on multiplication table check:



Please remember to make reading a priority and make sure it is being recorded at least 3 times a week.