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Home Learning set on Friday 10th September 2021


Here are the spelling words for this week (the children will recognise them from our English lessons).  They will be tested next Friday.

  • Accompany
  • Appreciate
  • Community
  • Opportunity
  • Recommend
  • Necessary
  • Sufficient
  • Profession
  • Excellent
  • Immediately


Times Tables

Please concentrate on practising your 2 times tables this week (up to 12).  These will be tested during our maths lesson on Wednesday


Grid of Activities

Please focus on learning your spellings, times tables and of course, reading each week. 

For an additional challenge (and the opportunity to earn some extra house-points) you may also like to choose an item to complete from the grid below. 


Don't worry, we're not asking you to complete it all at once but to choose 1 item from the grid each week.  We hope you enjoy the challenges and for a good variety you should aim to complete at least 1 item from each row of the grid during this term.