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Home Learning set on Friday 29th April 2022


Here are the spelling words for this week they are chosen because of their interesting etymology. 

Etymology is the study of words/origin and how their meanings have changed through history. Some words are common in the English language. You can use a dictionary to discover which country they came from, as well as to check their meaning. 

These spellings will be tested on Friday (6th May). 

  • pyjamas
  • spaghetti
  • barbecue
  • hamburger
  • umbrella
  • sauna
  • garage
  • pirhana
  • canoe
  • hammock


If your child usually learns their spellings from the list of high frequency words, we would like them to choose to learn 7 of the words from the list above.


Times Tables

Your child will be aware of the times table they should concentrate on learning this week.  If they are not sure, please ask them to check the board in their classroom.

These will be tested during our maths lesson on Wednesday.


Additional Tasks:

To be completed by Friday 6th May

  • English - Research a famous earthquake and write a report about it. Your child may like to consider questions like:
    • When and where did it happen?
    • How many countries did it impact?
    • What were the main effects of the earthquake?
    • Has anything changed since the earthquake - for example, have they changed buildings so that less damage is likely to be caused if there is another earthquake in future?


We would also like the children to continue to look for the most amazing adjectives (wow words) they can find during their reading.  Children should advise their teacher of their best word each Thursday so that we can announce our Year 5 "Wow word of the Week" in class on a Friday.