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Monday 1st March



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Happy St David's Day and welcome to your final week of remote learning! 

We are really looking forward to seeing you next week. Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns about coming back to school.



In maths, we will be continuing our work on fractions by looking at equivalent fractions. In English, you will be using similes and metaphors to describe a character who you would like to use in your story based in a Celtic village. This afternoon in R.E., you will be continuing to learn about Holy week.

This week, we would also like to you think about all the exciting things that you are looking forward to doing when you return to school.

Please remember to register on Teams.

Have a lovely day. 




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In today's lesson, you will be using similes and metaphors to describe a character living in a Celtic village in Roman Britain. Go through the PowerPoint and watch the video to help you complete the activity.   




Guided Reading

If you would like to read more about amazing discoveries that archaeologists have made, here is another interesting newspaper report about a Roman snack bar that was discovered recently in Pompeii - Ancient Roman Snack Bar Discovered in Pompeii. 

In addition, some of you might have read in the news yesterday, that a ceremonial chariot was discovered in Pompeii - Pompeii: Archaeologists unveil ceremonial chariot discovery. 



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Please follow the presentation to help you create a POSTER about the meaning of some of the days of Holy Week.

What is Easter? | Religious Studies - My Life, My Religion: Christianity

Suitable for ages 7 to 14. Nathan, 11, and Lara, 13, tell us about Christian celebrations on Good Friday and Easter Day.They show us some of the differences ...



Today, we would like you to think positively about coming back to school. Take some time this week to think about your feelings about the return. What are you looking forward to about returning to your classroom and school? You can present your work as you wish and if you want to, you can share what you are looking forward to most at Friday's Golden Time.  


Class Reader

Queen of Darkness

Chapter 4 Part 1 read by Mrs. Koch