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Good Morning Message

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CBeebies wake up to shake up

Select one of the links below and follow a warm up dance to get your day started. 

Phonics Input - Monday 1st February

Please log in to Tapestry to find the video and activities for today's session. Remember to also look at Espresso and listen to the Jolly Phonics Songs to help reinforce all previously learnt sounds. 

Play and learn time

During a typical school day in Early Years we provide frequent opportunities for children to 'play and learn.' Play and exploration simply means children are able to choose activities (or create experiences.) It is really important to continue to have this time in your child's day. During 'play and learn' children learn by firsthand experience – by actively ‘doing’. This time of play and exploration supports many different skills, including language, problem solving and imagination.

Snack, drink and nursery rhymes

Now it's time to have a little break, enjoy a snack and a drink and listen to some nursery rhymes, join in if you can. 

Fine Motor Activity

Please log in to Tapestry to see your fine motor activity for today. Make sure to have all the resources ready that you will need before you begin. 

Reading and Stories Time

Now it's time for you to read a book to your adult. Please log in to Oxford Owl (link below) using our class login details (as seen on Tapestry) and choose an e-book.

Once you've read a story, it's now time to listen to a story being read to you! You can listen to the e-books on Oxford Owl, alternatively, there are some more choices on Cbeebies Story time (link below.)

Happy reading and listening!

Lunch and activity time

Enjoy a restful lunch, refuel and spend some time following an activity idea, and maybe get outside for some fresh air and a short walk. 

Relaxation Time

Follow the link below to a relaxation routine to follow, to help you focus and feel calm before starting the afternoon activities. 

Maths Input - Monday 1st February

Please log in to Tapestry to find the video for today's maths sessions and the suggested activities for you to complete. Remember to share some of your learning with us through Tapestry at the end of the day.


Play and Learn Time

Enjoy some time choosing some independent activities and enjoy some time playing. 

Dough Disco

Follow the link below to find the video for a dough disco finger workout for you to follow this afternoon. 


Log in to Tapestry, make sure you're sitting comfortably and enjoy the story read by one of your teachers for today.

Goodbye Message

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