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Friday 18th September


The weather has been amazing this week so the children have enjoyed eating their lunch outside and playing on our school field during lunchtimes. Back in the classroom, the children have been working incredibly hard. We have been very impressed with how well they have settled back into school life.


This week, we have been focusing on place value. The children used practical equipment to help them partition numbers into hundreds, tens and units. See if the children can tell you the rhyme that we learnt so that we can remember the rule of rounding. To help your child at home, can you ask them to round 3-digit numbers to the nearest ten? E.g. can you round 346 to the nearest ten?



We have been learning about the different features of poem this week. The children then enjoyed watched a battle scene based on Alexander the Great which inspired them to come up with powerful vocabulary to put in their own poem. Next week they children will be writing and performing their own poem based on a battle of Alexander the Great. At home, please read through a range of poems with your child because this will give them a better understanding of how a poem should be set out. 



In science, the children started their topic on teeth and digestive systems. They enjoyed looking at their teeth in the mirror and seeing how many teeth they had. Can they tell you the names of the different types of teeth?


The children were introduced to their new topics this week. In History, they will be learning about Alexander the Great and in Geography they will be learning about Greece. We discussed what the children already know and what they would like to find out about over the course of the term.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Long may this beautiful weather continue.