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Covid-19 16.03.20 at 14:00

Dear Parents and carers,


Thank you for your patience during this time.  We aim to keep you as updated as we are able to, we are following current advice from DfE (Department for Education) and WHO (World Health Organisation), as soon as we receive updated information, we will inform you.  


We are still in the ‘delay’ phase of this Corona Virus outbreak, but the advice for self-isolation has not officially changed.   If a child, or adult shows symptoms, which could be caused by Corona (continuous dry cough, breathlessness and or a fever over 37.8 degrees), they should not come to school but should self-isolate for a full 7 days.  This applies to adults who work in schools, as well as pupils.  There is no advice, at present that children should be kept at home, if they do not show any symptoms.


At the moment, schools continue to be open as normal, but we are reminding pupils and staff of the prevention measures they should take: frequent handwashing, use of tissues, and minimising physical contact and touching of one’s own face.  It is helpful if parents can reinforce these messages at home as well.  We are also ensuring our cleaners are thoroughly sanitising all surfaces. In addition, throughout the day, our site manager is also sanitising door handles etc.


We are watching developments carefully and will inform parents if there are any changes.  The children are all being incredibly calm and sensible at school and are enjoying alternative ‘elbow-bumping’ and ‘toe-tapping’ in celebration of good play and learning.  


The safety of your children is paramount, and we will of course inform you of any further advice, as soon as we receive it, which may be later this afternoon.  Many thanks for your understanding during this unprecedented time.  


Kind Regards,


Mrs Sacha Strand