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Covid-19 update 16.03.20 at 23:00

Dear Parents and Carers,


Following the government press conference this evening and the announcement of subsequent changes in the guidance for self-isolation, I would like to confirm the new advice:


New advice is that:

·   If someone in your household has symptoms of covid-19 (new persistent cough, breathlessness and or a high temperature) your whole family should isolate for 14 days. 


·   Pregnant women are now being seen as a potentially vulnerable group and should therefore stay at home, along with over 70s and those of any age in a high risk group (underlying health problems).


We will continue to keep you updated as we are advised of further changes  Thank you once again for your understanding.


We will be making small changes to some of our daily practices in school,  to ensure we follow all government advice. 



Kind Regards,


Mrs Sacha Strand