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Sir Henry Fermor

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Mr Russell Shaves his Beard for our NHS

Following complex surgery a few years ago, Mr Russell's hair has never quite been the same, so you can imagine how pleased he was; eventually being able to grow a beard.  Mr Russell is very proud and quite protective of his beard, which makes his challenge even more remarkable.  


Our very own Mrs Russell, will be shaving her husband's much-loved beard this evening at our virtual staff social gathering.  This momentous event will be recorded!


If you would like to sponsor Mr Russell, to shave his iconic beard, please do so on the just giving page:

Sponsor Mr Russell to shave his beloved beard for our NHS 


If we raise enough sponsor money for our NHS, we may even upload the video to our website!  Please give generously to support our NHS, who are always there to look after us.

Stay Home, Protect our NHS, Save Lives