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Friday 17th September

This week seems to have flown by. Speaking of flying, next week, as part of our ‘stunning start’ we will be ‘flying to South America’. The children will be provided with a flight ticket, but they may like to bring their sunhat and sunglasses!


Your child should now have received their user name and password for Timestables Rockstars. This programme is a great way for the children to practise their times tables (press the icon below for the website). If you have any problems accessing it, please get in touch.

This week, we continued to look at place value, rounding and ordering numbers in both ascending and descending order. Next week, we will be looking at negative numbers and Roman Numerals.   


This week, we read the texts ‘The Vanishing Rainforest’ and ‘The Great Kapok Tree’. The children used the information from these texts to write a non-chronological text about deforestation and why the rainforest is so important.

Next week, the children will be researching a particular country in South America. This country should be written in their contact books. If they can complete research at home, this will support them with their learning next week. They could find out about the food, the flag, tourist attractions and land marks.


This week, the children learnt about the different ways that plants reproduce. They enjoyed taking cuttings from geraniums. We are hoping that the geranium cuttings will start to sprout roots and we will have lots of new plants to brighten up our classroom. Next week, we will learn about the life cycle of mammals.


This week, we met Flavius Cerialis and his family.

Here is the vocabulary that we learnt:   

quis es? – Who are you?                               

sum – I am

mater – mother

pater – father

filia – daughter

filius – son

infans – little child

mus - mouse


Dates for the diary:

Wednesday 22nd September – Mental health and well-being workshop

Friday 1st October – tie ceremony for Year 6. After this date, the children may wear their winter uniform if they would like. The children can continue to wear their summer uniform until October half-term if they would prefer.

Tuesday 19th October – Parents’ Evening

Thursday 21st October – Parents’ Evening

Please find below, the presentation used for "Meet the Teachers" on Monday 13th September 2021:

Friday 10th September

It has been fantastic to see all of the children back in the classroom. They have settled into Year 5 with their new classes really quickly and have done incredibly well in this hot weather.


This week, we were focusing on place value. The children were learning to read 7-digit numbers. They then partitioned 4-digit numbers and identified the value of different digits in a number. On Wednesday, the children completed an assessment. We have used this to identify the areas that the children need additional support in. This will help us to plan appropriate lessons. In order to help your child at home, please encourage and support them in learning their times tables. Having a quick recall of their times tables will help them in many aspects of their maths.


The children used their senses and similes and metaphors to describe a rainforest scene. With the support of extracts from ‘The Explorer’ (our class reader) and Journey to River Sea, the children came up with powerful descriptive phrases. In order to support your child at home, please make sure that they are reading every day. If your child is a reluctant reader, you could choose an exciting book to read to them. If you are struggling to find appropriate books, there are suggested reading lists on our website that you can look at.


The children really enjoyed dissecting flowers this week and investigating the different parts. We discussed the scientific names for these. This term, we will be looking at life cycles. Next week, the children will look at the life cycles of a flowering and non-flowing plant.


This week, we travelled back over 2000 years in a time machine (with a few stops along the way) to the time when the Maya Civilization were thriving. The children labelled a map of Mesoamerica (or Central America) where the Maya civilization lived.


Our topic this term is North and South America. On Wednesday, we discussed the country and continent that we live in. We then recalled the seven continents using the continent song (which the children remembered from last year). With the help of atlases, the children worked hard to label all of the countries in North and South America.



We braved the scorching weather and ventured out to play netball. We practiced the chest-pass and the children took it in turns to defend and mark. P.E. in Year 5 will be on a Monday and Wednesday.


Dates for the diary:

Monday 13th September – Meet the teacher session