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Friday 1st July

Wow, another busy week has come and gone, it's hard to believe we're in the final month of Year 5 and we're still packing so much in!


This week the children have been busy with their usual work alongside some additional challenges and activities.  It's that time of the year where the children complete a few "quizzes" giving them chance to show how their skills and knowledge have developed this year. We were also delighted when so many children from Year 5 took up the challenge to give a speech to their house group as they applied to become House Captains in Year 6.  The results are still being counted and House Captains will be unveiled in September. (Photos of the speeches will be added next week).


As you will have read in the school newsletter, we were also delighted to be able to send a group of children from Year 5 to Beacon School this week. They enjoyed the opportunity to participate in an Art and Design project creating crowns in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee.

Next Week

Week 5 is sure to be a busy one as well.  The children will find out who their Year 6 teachers will be at the start of the week. They'll then spend Wednesday morning getting to know their new classroom and finding out a bit more about what they have to look forward to in Year 6.

We also have our usual busy timetable of lessons (with a few more papers to complete) to look forward to.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you at the Summer Fair on Sunday!

Friday 24th June

It is hard to believe that another week has flown by but we have managed to fit a lot in and still have lots to look forward to. 



We have been learning about co-ordinates this week and the position of shapes on a grid. We then reflected and translated shapes across a grid. 


We are really proud of the writing the children produced during English this week which was based on clips from 'A matter of loaf and death'. The children varied their sentence structures to make their writing engaging and exciting and full of suspense. 


We learnt about how the gestation period varies between mammals and how dependent different mammals are on their parents. 



This week, we learnt about 4 and 6 figure grid references to help locate features on a map. 


Our focus this week was to learn about how Muslims treat the Qur'an and why they treat it in this way.  The children were interested to learn (through some good miming!) about people treating different things in different ways according to how important/valued they are.  It was wonderful to hear the children's inquisitive questions about the Qur'an and it's importance to Muslims.


Next Week:

Maths: converting units of length

English: reading assessment paper, suspense writing and writing their buddy letters.

On Monday, we also have the Year 6 production to look forward to and the children will be swimming again next week.


Have a lovely weekend

Friday 17th June

We hope that you have been able to keep cool these past few days. It has been a great week for the Year 5 children to cool down in the swimming pool. On Wednesday, it was lovely to watch the Reception children present their Fruit of the Spirit to the rest of the school.



We have been sorting and categorising 2D shapes this week and investigating 3D shapes and their nets. 


We have used a clip from Wallace and Grommit this week to start our suspense writing. The children thought carefully about using fronted adverbials to make their writing more exciting. The children also enjoyed learning about idioms related to bread.



The children used OS maps this week to discuss compass directions. The children really enjoyed looking at the OS maps of the local area and identifying where places were. It was very entertaining watching them trying to fold the map back up!


This week we started to consider our big question for the term: What does the Qu'ran reveal to Muslims about Allah and his guidance?

Our exploration of this question started with discussion about what "reveal" and "revelation" mean. We also enjoyed discussing the responsibility that comes with answering questions.

Track session

I was very impressed by all of the Year 5 children who attended the track session on Monday evening. Their commitment to running club has been fantastic.

Next week:

Maths - we will be moving onto position and direction by looking at coordinates and positions on a grid. 

English - we will be continuing our work on suspense writing. In addition, we will spend some time on speech writing to prepare those children who would like to stand for House Captains next year.


Have a lovely weekend

Friday 10th June

We hope that you all had a great half term. It was lovely to hear what all the children had been up to. What a fantastic first week back celebrating the Queen's Jubilee. The Year 5 children did excellently with their rendition of The Monkees 'I'm a Believer'. Sadly, Miss Fuller has been off school since Wednesday but is due to be back in school on Wednesday. Well done to 5F for coping well with the change of teachers. 



This week, we have been learning the name and properties of different types of triangles and quadrilaterals. We then spent time investigating these shapes; their perimeters and angles. 


As part of our Jubilee celebrations, each year group was allocated a different era. Year 5 had 1962 until 1971. In English, they worked in groups to create a poster about important events that occurred during this time. This included; the moon landing, the world cup, the development of music including The Beatles and the introduction of supermarkets. 


The children enjoyed using fabric paint to create bunting which was hung up during our Jubilee celebrations. 

A huge congratulations to Katya for her phenomenal sketch of Her Majesty The Queen. The detail is incredible. 

Next week:

* Maths - we will be looking at regular and irregular shapes and 3D shapes.

* English - we will be writing a build up to a mystery using a clip from Wallace and Gromit.

* Science - we will be looking at our new topic of Micro-organisms.

* Swimming - 5F will be swimming on Wednesday afternoon and 5E will be swimming on Thursday afternoon. Please could you ensure that your child has their swimming kit on the correct day. 


Have a lovely weekend

Friday 27th May

What a great way to end Term 5 with everyone in church for our Founders Day celebration.

Thank you for supporting your children with their learning this term.

It is hard to believe that there is only one Term left in Year 5.

We have lots to look forward to in Term 6 including our Jubilee celebration, navigating around our local community using our map skills and sports week. 

In English this week we focused on how to write effective instructions. The children in 5E did this by planting cornflower seeds. If your child brought home a cornflower (The Queen's favourite flower), we would love to see some photos of the progress. Meanwhile, in 5F we concentrated on writing instructions for a favourite team game (capture the flag) and look forward to following some of these in PE next term.

We hope that you have a fantastic half-term.


Best Wishes


The Year 5 Team

Friday 20th May

It is hard to believe that we are at the end of our penultimate week of Term 5. It seems to have flown by. 



This week, the children have been using protractors to draw acute and obtuse angles. Next week, the children will be using their knowledge of angles to calculate missing angles in right-angles, straight-lines and full turns.


This week, we looked at explanation texts. The children wrote their own mythical explanation texts about how a natural phenomenon occurs. We had dragons producing volcanos, giant turtles causing tsunamis and Norse Gods playing football underground producing earthquakes. 

Next week, the children will be learning about the features of instructions and they will be writing their own instructions. 



The children enjoyed investigating friction this week using different materials on a friction ramp. We discussed how the material of a surface impacts on the amount of friction acting on an object. 


The children used the index of an atlas to help them find some of the major cities of England. We then discussed what different types of maps are used for. It was interesting to hear the children's opinion about Satnavs versus maps.


Forest School 

The children from 5E really enjoyed forest school this week and the 'smores' went down very well! 

5F had fun den building in Forest School, it will be our turn to make "smores" next week!


Our focus in RE this term has been "What Kind of King was Jesus?" The children have been animated in discussions about what they would suggest could be done to make Crowborough more like "God's Kingdom on Earth".  This week they explored the concept of God's forgiveness through the parable of the unforgiving servant.

Friday 13th May


The weeks are whizzing by but we seem to be cramming a lot in.



This week, the children have been identifying acute, obtuse, reflex and right-angles. They then used a protractor to measure angles. For homework, the worksheet will allow the children to put these skills into practice.

Next week, we will be learning about how to calculate missing angles in a right-angle, on a straight-line and in a full turn. The focus for our times tables will be the 3s. Mrs Koch has set up a Times Tables Rockstar tournament between 4K and 5E. Please could you get your children to go on Times Tables Rockstars and take part in the tournament (not that I am competitive!).


After reading through a few examples of Norse myths, the children planned and wrote their own Norse myth using some of the Gods and Goddesses we have been learning about. It was fantastic to hear the children’s imaginative ideas and how much effort the children put into their writing.


We investigated water resistance and upthrust this week. The children were set the challenge of designing and creating a boat out of foil which would hold the most multi-link before sinking. We then discussed why the surface area of the boat affected how quickly it would sink.


Thank you to all the effort that went into the homework researching an earthquake – it was very informative and I learnt a lot.

This week, we started our new topic of mapping. We looked at the United Kingdom; the countries, their capitals and the oceans that surround us. For homework, we would like the children to label as many counties in the U.K. as they can.


The children have continued to use sewing to add detail to their dragon scale. We are looking forward to seeing what they look like when they are attached together.

Friday 6th May

We all enjoyed Year 1's church service this week based on the fruit of the spirit Joy.


We have been multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000 this week by moving each digit across place value columns. Next week, the children will be learning about angles. 


We have been learning about Norse mythology this week. The children really enjoyed listening to the Norse Myths - 'Thor and the missing hammer' and 'Idun and her golden apples'. The children listened to and read these two myths then wrote a précis, summarising what the main points of the stories. Next week, the children will be writing their own Norse myth. 


The children made rotocopters this week to investigate air resistance. Next week, we will be investigating water resistance.  


Thank you to all of the children who researched an earthquake for homework. This week, we learned about how countries recover after an earthquake and what preventatives they put in place to reduce the impact an earthquake may have. Next week, we will be moving onto our new Geography topic which will involve mapping.



We started to learn about Norse religion this week by reading about some of the main Norse Gods and Goddesses. The children wrote about their appearance, powers and how they are related. This will support their English work next week when they will be writing their own Norse myth.


Have a lovely weekend

Friday 29th April

It is hard to believe that another week has flown by. This week, the children were inspired during a visit from a children's author, they had fun using Newton metres to measure force and the whole school have now been able to go on the field at lunchtimes. 



We have been solving word problems involving decimals. The children used RUCSAC to help them solve these problems. Next week, we will be multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.



It was fantastic to listen to Sophie Kirtley talk so passionately about writing. Sophie talked about what inspired her to write and about where she grew up. The children learned about the stone age and designed their own adventure island based on the content of Sophie's books. 


We learned about gravity this week and Isaac Newton's discovery. The children then used Newton metres to measure the mass and weight of a range of objects. 


The children have started their dragon scale to go towards our collaborative D.T. project. The number of tangles that we needed to sort out is definitely reducing!


Our focus in RE this term is learning about the Kingdom of God.  This week we explored some of Jesus' parables to find out how he described the Kingdom of God.  Using this information, existing knowledge and the lyrics of the traditional song "Lord of the Dance," the children then created a vocabulary list to describe what they thought the Kingdom of God would be like.

Friday 22nd April

We hope that you all had a lovely Easter break and were able to enjoy the sunshine. 


This week, the children worked hard to add and subtract decimals. For their homework this week, we are asking that the children complete some addition and subtraction problems. It is important that the children are confident in these methods as next week, we will be moving onto word problems. 

How to set out your work:


We have been writing Kennings this week. Kennings are Anglo-Saxon/Norse poems which are written like a riddle by describing something without saying what it is. We are looking forward to reading the Kennings that the children write for their homework.

An example of a Kenning: 








In English next week, we will start our new class reader - Viking Boy by Tony Bradman. 


We introduced the children to our new topic of forces. The children learned about some of the different types of forces. Next week, we will focus on gravity. 


We are continuing to learn about earthquakes. This week, the children learned about how we measure earthquakes.


This term, we are going to be learning about Norse culture and where the Vikings came from. We looked at Viking longboats and how the Vikings navigated their way across the North Sea.


The children did well threading their needle, tying knots and experimenting with different types of stitches. 


Friday 1st April


We are so incredibly proud of all the children who represented the school wonderfully today during our Easter Service. They spoke so confidently and clearly and sang absolutely beautifully. The emotion they put into it was palpable. There must have been a little something in my eye at one point! Thank you to those who were able to come and watch the service. We hope that you all enjoyed it. It was such a fantastic way to end Term 4.


It is hard to believe that yet another term is over. Thank you to all the children who have worked hard this term. We have lots to look forward to next term. Please go to our curriculum page to find out more about what we will be doing.


Enjoy a well deserved rest over the Easter break. Hopefully the weather will warm up slightly!



Friday 25th March 2022


After the fun of our trip to Battle Abbey last week, this week has been different in other exciting ways. The week began with a day of Easter Activities where we retold the Easter Story, made palm crosses (out of paper) and created paper Easter Eggs. The children enjoyed learning about the story of Easter and look forward to sharing this with you at the Easter Service next week (more information at the end of this newsletter).


On Tuesday, our work concentrated on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) topic of Growth, which the whole school was considering from different perspectives. Year 5 looked at the Growth of Settlements where we investigated what causes people to settle in particular areas and the factors affecting whether settlements stay small or develop into large cities. The children particularly enjoyed using their knowledge to design their own settlements and were challenged to explain the decisions they had made in their designs.


Our work in English this week has included writing a recount of the Battle of Hastings and completing a selection of punctuation and grammar activities. The children found it particularly enjoyable to create their own imaginative and effective sentences based on our class reader, How to Train Your Dragon.


In maths, we have paused our work on Fractions and have started looking at Decimals. The children have focused well and show good understanding of tenths, hundredths and new terminology including decimal places. Next week we will continue work on rounding and ordering fractions before we then move to consider percentages.


5E had their first Forest School session this week. They worked hard as a team to create an obstacle course out of natural materials. 


Throughout the week, the children have also been working hard on preparations for the Easter Service which Year 5 will be leading. It has been wonderful to hear them embracing the challenges of learning new songs and to see the eagerness of many to read aloud at the service. We hope you are able to join us at Church on Friday morning.


As we look ahead to next week, it’s hard to believe that it will be the last week of Term 4!

Dates for your diaries:

Wednesday 30th March – Morning Practice in Church for the Easter Service – Please drop your child at church at 8:45 or as soon as you have dropped any siblings at school. There will be no Early Bird Handwriting group today.

Wednesday 30th March - 5F Forest School (please see your earlier email about the times that each house group will be having their session.

Thursday 31st March – FOFs Dress Down Day

Friday 1st April – Easter Service in Church – Children are to register in Church at 8:45am and Year 5 parents and carers are welcome to attend. There will be no Early Bird Reading group today.

Friday 18th March


It was a beautiful day for our school trip and what a fantastic setting!

After learning about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings this term, it was great to bring our topic to a ‘fantastic finish’ by seeing where the 1066 Battle of Hastings took place. In the museum, the children could join a debate and decide whether they though Harold or William should be king of England. After climbing some slightly precarious and narrow staircase, the children enjoyed a fantastic 360⁰ view around Battle town. The highlight was using their fabulous shields to help re-enact the battle right next to where it actually took place over 950 year ago.

Next week:

Maths – we will be starting our new topic of decimals.

STEM week – we will be linking the growth of settlements to our learning across the curriculum.

Next week, we will start our rehearsals for our Easter service. If your child comes home with lines, please can you help them to read these lines clearly using expression.

Dates for the diary:

Friday 1st April – Year 5 Easter Service.

Friday 11th March

It is hard to believe that another week has flown by. As we head towards Easter, it has been great that the children have been taking a keen interest in our Easter service and are eager to have a role. 



We have been very impressed with the narrative writing the children have produced based on the book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker. This is a book with no words. Each time the children looked at the book, it was great to hear their discussions and discoveries. Next week, English will focus on our learning in History in preparation for our trip. 

JOURNEY by Aaron Becker


We moved onto subtracting fractions this week. We looked at proper fractions, different denominators and mixed numbers. Next week, we will be learning about how to multiply fractions.



In preparation for our trip, we learnt about the English rule after Danelaw up to Edward the Confessor. 


We are very much looking forward to our trip next Thursday and learning about what happened after Edward the Confessor. 



Whilst some of the girls took part in the biggest girls football event, we put the rest of the year group through their paces with a fitness circuit challenge. We were very impressed with their skipping skills!

Dates for the diary:

Monday 14th March - Let's Dance competition

Thursday 17th March - Year 5 trip to Battle Abbey

Friday 1st April - Easter church service


Friday 4th March 2022


What a great start week 2 got off to - it was fantastic to see the range of imaginative costumes the children chose to wear for our celebration of World Book Day! From "Where's Wally" to the "Wimpey Kid", "Harry Potter" to "Gangsta Granny" and everything in between, it was amazing bumping into different characters all day.  For all the detail of what we got up to during the day (or should we say week) please click here to see our World Book Day page. 


Of course reading has taken a leading role in our learning this week, but we've also been busy with lots of other activities too.  In Maths, our study of fractions has including adding fractions with common denominators, converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and finding common denominators so that fractions can be added.  The children's concentration and perseverance with this complicated topic has been brilliant to see, we'll look forward to embedding our understanding even further next week when we move on to subtracting fractions.


In English we have been looking at the book "Journey" by Aaron Becker, as the rest of the school have been doing.  This beautiful picture book explores creativity and imagination and has led us to an interesting balanced argument and debate about graffiti and whether it should be thought of as art or vandalism.  The children very much impressed us with their considered opinions on the topic.  Next week we will be looking further at the book, considering more about the feelings of the main character as she begins drawing with her red pencil.


We've been busy as usual in other subjects including:

  • Children leading our PE lesson - they did really well!
  • Investigating the growth of plants in Science - we're currently investigating the conditions that cress grows best in.  It's great being able to encourage the children to make their own predictions before we then test them in practical ways. We're looking forward to finding out whether our predictions are correct.
  • In History we moved on to learning about King Alfred and the development of Danelaw. Of course our study of the Vikings is moving us closer to the events of 1066 which we're looking forward to finding out more about during our visit to Battle Abbey on 17th March.
  • Our focus in Music and RE has been on preparation for the Easter Service which Year 5 will be leading on 1st April - we look forward to seeing many of you there.

Friday 25th February

It was lovely to see you this week during the parent consultations. Thank you for your positive comments. 

We hope that you all had a great half-term. Well done to the children who attended the coding camp during the week, it sounds like you had a fantastic time. 


This week in maths, we have been comparing fractions. We learnt that if:

* The denominators are the same, the bigger the numerator the bigger the fraction.

* The numerators are the same, the smaller the denominator the bigger the fraction.

We then went onto learn what we should do if the numerators and denominators are both different. 



We have been learning about diary writing this week. The children had some in depth discussions during our guided reading sessions where we looked at Anne Frank's diary.

We started our new class reader: How to train your dragon.

The children wrote detailed diary entries as one of the characters from the story.



In science this week, we started our new topic - growth.

We recapped on what every living thing has in common using the acronym - MRS NERG.

We went on to discuss the growth of trees and the habitats around trees. The children enjoyed exploring these habitats in our wooded area.



We looked at the Vikings and answer the questions:

Who were they?

When did they raid Great Britain?

Where did they come from?

What did they do?

Why did they raid the monastery and Lindisfarne?


World Book Day

On Monday, we will be celebrating World Book Day. Your child is encouraged to dress up as their favourite character from a book. If they can bring in a copy of the book, that would be great as there will be opportunities to 'stop, drop and read' throughout the day. 

Thursday 10th February 2022


Well done everybody, you made it! That brings Term 3 to a close.

It might have only been 6 weeks long, but we all packed a lot in to it.


This week some of the children enjoyed the opportunity to play football on the Astroturf pitch at Beacon.  

During Safer Internet Day on Tuesday, the children enjoyed teaching us all about how to stay safe online when gaming. We talked about how the internet has allowed everyone to be connected, but in making the world such an accessible place we have to be careful.

Our Art work this term has consisted of creating our own version of "The Great Wave" by Japanese artist Hokusai. This week the children enjoyed painting backgrounds with tea and adding colour to their wave in the style Hokusai used.

We have lots more fun activities to look forward to next term, including our topic of Earthquakes in Geography and "How to Train Your Dragon" in English. Until then, we hope you all have a wonderful, well deserved break!


During the break, you may like to take a look at our "take home task" to make an Anglo Saxon shield! Just click on the file below for all the details:

Friday 4th February

What a way to end another busy week in Year 5 - today it's Number Day and we've enjoyed the opportunity to be Rock Stars for the day (in reference to the children's avatars on Timestables Rockstars).



We've been busy learning about fractions in maths this week.  We began by learning about the vocabulary of fractions (numerator and denominator) and investigating equivalent fractions and have now moved on to look at improper fractions and mixed numbers.  Next week we will continue to develop our fractions knowledge by placing them in order.


In our English learning we have focussed on the features of a non-chronological text by writing about the impact of ocean pollution.  The children have engaged well with discussions about writing for your audience and were exited to hear that their non-chronological texts were to be aimed at convincing university students to stop using single-use plastics.



Our study of the oceans has continued in Geography where we learnt about the Pacific ring of fire off the west coast of America and the hurricanes that occur off the east (Atlantic) coast of America.  Whilst we're studying the Anglo Saxons in History, the children were also interested to make a watery link this week when they heard about Offa's Dyke and the discovery of an Anglo Saxon boat at Sutton Hoo. We will continue to find out more about this next week.



In RE we have been focusing on the teaching of Jesus this term. Last week we enjoyed considering how Jesus taught through stories (parables) and we even brought our learning to life by building on sand and "rocks" and seeing what was most effective and why. Today, we moved on to considering another of the ways that Jesus taught - through miracles.  The children have had some very interesting insights to share whilst we have been studying this part of the big story of the Bible.

Friday 28th January 



Earlier in the week, we looked at the features of a newspaper report. On Thursday, the children wrote their own newspaper report about the Evergreen ship which got stuck across the Suez Canal. Next week in English, we will be writing a non-chronological report about ways to protect our oceans and why they need protecting. Any research that children can carry out at home about this would be great.


At the beginning of week, we continued to work on using a formal written method to solve division problems. On Wednesday, we moved onto our new topic of fractions. The children used fraction walls to help them investigate equivalent fractions. 


In science this week, the children investigated what methods could be used to separate a range of mixtures. They looked at filtration, sieving, magnetism and evaporation. 



This week, we looked at ocean currents and the impact that these have on our climate. We carried out an experiment to see how hot water currents move through cold water. 



We started our sketch this week which is based on Hokusai's painting - The Great Wave. Next week, we will start to add some colour to our wave. 

Dates for the diary:

Number Day - Friday 4th February - The children can come dressed up as a rock star!

Friday 21st January 


This week, we’ve been fully immersed in the action of our class reader, Beowulf, with its vivid descriptions and larger-than-life characters. The children wrote some fabulous (and slightly terrifying) descriptions of Grendel’s lair.

Next week, our English will be linked to our Geography topic (Oceans). We will be writing a newspaper report about the Boxing Day tsunami.


This week, we moved onto using the formal written method for division (more commonly known as the ‘bus stop’ method). The children have persevered well with this and are discovering the benefit of having a good knowledge of their times tables. 

Next week, we will move onto a new topic of fractions.


The children enjoyed working in groups to investigate whether a range of solutes (salt, coffee, flour, oil, sand) dissolved in a solvent (water) to form a solution. Over the coming weeks we will be moving on to discover how we can separate materials in a mixture.


After looking at where lots of their belongings come from, the children learned about why the oceans are so important for trading goods with other countries. The children looked at the Suez Canal and it has improved trade between Asia and Europe and what happens when the Suez Canal is out of action!


Due to unexpected rainfall, the children were unable to do football this week. They were very excited to get the ‘big equipment’ out in the hall and refine their climbing, balancing and jumping skills.



Have a lovely weekend

Friday 14th January 

We have enjoyed another busy week in Year 5, filled with lots of learning and its fair share of practical activities.


In English, we have been immersing ourselves in the story of Beowulf.  The children have been engrossed in Michael Morpurgo’s version. On Thursday, the children wrote their own openings to the story based on their choice of three key scenes.  We have also focussed on recognising and understanding modal verbs, fronted adverbials and relative clauses.


We have been developing our knowledge and practice with multiplication. At the start of the week, we were multiplying by single digits and have progressed to multiplying by 2-digit numbers. The children have been taught a range of methods to solve these problems. Most recently, we moved on to learning about the formal method of long multiplication.  We will be continuing to practice this tricky method next week and have prepared this video to help illustrate the technique.




We continued learning about the properties of different materials. The children enjoyed devising fair tests to compare a range of different materials and learn about their properties including their hardness, transparency, magnetism and conductivity. 



The focus on practical learning continued in Art. We introduced the work of Japanese artist, Hokusai. Over the next few weeks, we will be producing our own versions of “The Great Wave”. This week, the children enjoyed investigating complimentary colours by mixing primary colour paints.


It has been busy across the school this week as we have taken part in our Bible Week.  We have focussed on learning about a different element of the Big Bible Story each day.  This fits well with our work in RE lessons, in which we are considering the life and teachings of Jesus - beginning with looking at his authority.


We hope the children all have a good rest over the weekend and look forward to joining us for Term 3 Week 3 where we’ll be starting to learn about division in maths, dissolving materials in Science, reading legends in English and much more!

Friday 7th January


Happy New Year to you all. We hope that you all had an enjoyable Christmas break.

What a start to the term, with our church service on the second day back! We are so proud of all the children, especially those who stepped up and covered for children who were away. They all did really well. 



This week, we introduced the children to Beowulf. We discussed the background of this epic poem which originated from the Anglo-Saxons. Next week, we will be looking at Michael Morpurgo's version of Beowulf. 



We have been recapping on the short written method for multiplication this week. Below is a tutorial from Oak Academy. It would be really useful if the children continue to practice this method at home. 


This week, we introduced the children to our new topic - The Anglo-Saxons. We discussed what happened when the Romans left Great Britain. Without the protection from the Romans, this left the Britons open to attack. We used an atlas to see where these new invaders came from. We then looked at the different kingdoms where these tribes settled. Many of these kingdoms are why our counties have the names they do. For example, the South Saxons settled in Sussex. 


Our new topic is Materials and their Properties. The children discussed a range of materials, their properties and what these materials are used for and why. 


Our new topic is "Understanding the Gospel".  We began our work this week by discovering what the gospels are and who they were written by.  We also considered different perspectives and approaches to a variety of scenarios, which led us to consider why Christians may approach circumstances with the question in their mind: "What Would Jesus Do?"

Friday 17th December 2021


All of a sudden, week 7 is complete and we’ve reached the Christmas holidays!


A huge well done to everyone for their hard work over this term. This week has been no exception, even with some Christmas-focussed activities, there has been lots of learning going on in Year 5.  There’s no doubt you all deserve a really good rest now.


  • In English, we began our week with an “elf focussed” reading task.
  • Our maths also continued with the elf theme as we spent a lesson unravelling the “mystery of the mince pie thief” where we solved various mathematical clues to work out which naughty elf (from a list of 30) had stolen the last of Father Christmas’ mince pies!
  • During our Design and Technology work, we completed our cam toys to great effect – we hope you enjoyed seeing these first-hand when they were brought home earlier in the week.
  • We’ve been busy completing work in History (making Maya calendars) and Geography (annotating maps of the rivers of South America) so that we’re ready to embark work on our new topics in Term 3.


Of course, one of our main highlights of this week was the Key Stage 2 Carol Service.  It was wonderful to be able to hold this event in All Saints Church and for several children from Year 5 to join us for the evening.  The children who took part in the service were a real credit to the school and they sang our year group song, Child in a Manger Born, with great feeling and expression. A big well done as well to Lily and Jasper for their confidence and clear voices in delivering the Year 5 Reading and Prayer.


The term ended with an enjoyable last day – there’s nothing quite like watching a classic Christmas film and enjoying a hot chocolate with marshmallows! 

Thank you so much for your generous and thoughtful gifts, we really appreciate them. It has been a pleasure to work with your children this term – we look forward to continuing our learning journey together in 2022!


So, as 2021 draws to a close, we wish you all a peaceful and merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. We hope you all keep safe and well and we look forward to seeing you again in January.


Please note - there will be no Early Bird Groups in the first week of term. We will be in touch early in the term with details of the Early Bird groups for Term 3.

Friday 10th December 2021


Time is continuing to fly past as we inch closer to Christmas and a well-earned rest for the children who’ve carried on working hard this week.

As we get closer to the end of term we inevitably spend some of our time finishing things off and assessing progress, as well as continuing learning new things, so everyone’s been kept very busy. Here is a quick summary of some of the learning we’ve been doing this week.


  • In English, we started the week by working on a Reading Comprehension based on our Mayan topic.  We then switched focus to space and carried out a creative writing exercise in which the children wrote powerful descriptions of what it might be like to set foot on a new, fictional planet called Pandora.
  • In Maths, we continued our work on areas of shapes by investigating counting squares in irregular shapes. We also completed an arithmetic paper with a focus on the 4 operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Our science work this week has focused on finding out about our solar system and the planets within it. The children enjoyed considering the relative sizes of the different planets when they were represented as various different fruits (just imagine the football is really a watermelon).



  • The children have also enjoyed finishing their rainforest art collages.  Their imaginative use of colour and different media including oil pastels and collage materials has resulted in a great range of pictures. They’ll be coming home soon so you can see for yourselves!




Today, we look forward to seeing Father Christmas in the Forest and then next week the festivities will continue!


Alongside some festive Maths and English activities we look forward to rounding off our work on our Hot Chocolate topic by learning more about the Mayan Calendar and considering the importance of the stars for them. We also hope that many of the children are able to join us for the Key Stage Two Christmas Carol Service on Tuesday evening and of course, we’ll round off the term with a Christmas Service in church on Thursday morning.


Early Bird Groups will resume again next week – Thank you very much for your understanding whilst they had to pause recently.

Friday 3rd December 2021


Just like that, Term 2 week 5 is over!

As we get ever closer to the Christmas holidays I wonder if anyone else feels like the weeks are flying by?

This week has certainly been a busy one with a few extra challenges as we’ve had a number of staff off, but the children have coped amazingly and have achieved so much! We were disappointed to have to postpone our church service but we look forward to sharing it with you in the New Year.

Monday started with a visit from our local STEM Ambassador, Kerry, who shared her amazing photos and stories of visiting Mayan ruins including Chichen Itza.  The children listened intently and asked some very thoughtful questions showing their real interest in this History topic.


In Maths, we finished our work on Perimeter and moved to considering what we mean by the area of a shape and how we can calculate it.

In English, we’ve continued working on our space theme whilst investigating the features of newspaper reports and writing our own news articles about the story of Laika the dog. The children have been fascinated to learn about the story of the stray Russian dog who was sent up to space in the 1950s. They particularly enjoyed exploring different opinions about this mission.

Of course there’s also been some Christmas craft and we’ve enjoyed working on our practical project to build Cam toys in our Design and Technology lessons.

Next week is set to be similarly busy.  In History and English we will be shifting our focus to consider Mayan daily life, whilst in Maths we will continue our work on Area and then begin to recap our learning from this term.  We will do more work on our Cam toys and of course we are looking forward to the festivities of Christmas Jumper Day, Christmas Lunch and Father Christmas in the Forest (don’t forget to book your ticket)!

Friday 26th November

It is hard to believe that we are heading into December next week. Thank you for your patience whilst we figure out what is the best way to share our church service with you. We will be in touch on Monday when a final decision will be made. 


Entering the Astrodome, the children experienced a star filled sky. They learned about the different constellations and plants in our universe. We were really impressed with the fascinating questions that the children asked.  

In English, the children enjoyed sharing the information about the astronaut that they had researched at home. They used this information to create a biography. As a class, we also researched Stephen Hawking. During shared reading, the children enjoyed reading a book written by Stephen Hawking which was written by him to help children learn about space. 

In maths, the children have been finding the perimeter of rectangles and compound shapes. They investigated how to find missing lengths on compound shapes. 

Next week:

First thing on Monday morning, we have a lady visiting us to talk about her experience when she visited Central America and saw the temples that the Maya built.


In maths, we will be finding the area of rectangles and compound shapes.


During our English lessons, we are going to be writing a newspaper report about Laika, who was the first dog to go into space.


In science, we will be learning about the different planets and our solar system. 


After the children created some imaginative designs for their cam toys this week, they will be using their plan to make their com toy. We are really looking forward to seeing these. 


We hope that you all have a lovely weekend. 


Friday 19th November

Another busy week has flown by. Well done to all the children who have been committed to the gala training.

This week, the children have enjoyed looking at the Hero Twins myth in more detail. During guided reading, they read the comic strip version together.  They have worked incredibly hard to write part of the Hero Twins myth. We were incredibly impressed by the imaginative ideas the children had for 'The House of the Beast'. 



In Maths this week, the children used a place value chart to help them multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000. 

In science, the children learned about solar and lunar eclipses.



In Geography, the children have started to create an informative poster about the Amazon River. Did you know that there is a section of the Amazon River that is 10 miles wide and it floods a forest the size of England each year!


Next week:

We will spend time practising our church service next week. This will be on the Wednesday 1st December.


In maths, we will be measuring and calculating perimeters.


In English, we will be looking at biographies. In order to support your child's learning, please could they research an astronaut of their choice so that they can write a biography about them.


We are really looking forward to our marvellous middle next week with a visit from the Astrodome on Tuesday afternoon. This will support lots of our learning in science.


Dates for the diary:

Tuesday 23rd November: the photographer is in, swimming gala, Astrodome visit.

Wednesday 1st December: Year 5 church service.

Saturday 4th December: Christmas Fayre

Friday 12th November

Well that week seems to have disappeared in a flash, but has been jammed packed.

We all really enjoyed the Year 6 church service on Wednesday on gentleness and self-control.

We were all so proud of Jasper who played the drums during the service. He did a fantastic job.

It will be Year 5’s church service next! This will take place on Wednesday 1st December and will be based on our class values of goodness and faithfulness.

The children demonstrated respect and empathy during our thought-provoking Remembrance Service on Thursday.


This week: 

The children enjoyed investigating square and cube numbers.


In English, the children have continued to look at the myth of the Hero Twins which links to our history topic of the Maya. During History, we looked at another Maya story about the creation of the world.

In science, the children learned about the rotation of the Earth and the Earth orbiting the sun which causes seasons

Next week:

Maths: We will be dividing and multiplying by multiples of 10 (10/100 and 1000).

English: The children will be writing a section of an adventure story based on The Hero Twins.

Science: Next week, we will be making sun dials to investigate how the position of the sun changes over the course of the day.

Geography – the children will be investigating the Amazon River.


Shoe box contributions

Thank you so much for all of those who have offered or brought in shoe box contributions. We will be putting the shoeboxes together on Monday. Any additional contributions would be greatly appreciated.


Kindness Week

Next week is kindness week, we will be taking opportunities throughout this week to discuss the importance of kindness. On Monday, children are invited to wear their own choice of odd socks to promote individuality.


School council stationary shop

The school council stationery shop will be running again on Tuesday.  There will be a range of stationery items available. If children wish to buy anything, it would help with change if they could bring 50 pence pieces – thank you.


Dates for the diary:

November 23rd – Astrodome – if you have not already, please could you pay for this via parent pay.

November 23rd – Swimming Gala

November 23rd – Individual photographs

December 1st – Year 5 church service

December 4th  - Christmas Fair




Friday 5th November

We hope that you enjoyed a lovely half-term break and the autumnal sunshine.


This week, the children did an excellent job of performing their poems which they wrote about a storm in a rainforest.


In maths, we have been looking at multiples and how we can identify multiples of different numbers.


It has been excellent to hear some of the fascinating questions that the children came up with whilst discussing our new science topic – Earth and Space.


In Geography, the children learned about the different layers of the rainforest: the forest floor, understory, canopy and emergent layer.


The children found out about some of the Maya Gods and worked in groups to create information cards about each of these. 


Next week:



We will be investigating square and cube number.



During guided reading this week, the children have read one example of ‘The Hero Twins’ myth which is one of the most famous Mayan myths. Next week, we will be reading other examples of this myth.



Next week, we will be making sun dials to investigate the movement of the earth. For homework, the children will have a moon diary. Each evening, they will need to observe the shape of the moon and sketch this on their template. This will support the children’s learning about the phases of the moon.



We will be researching different climate zones in South America and why the climate is changing.


Date for the diary:

Wednesday 10th November - church

Tuesday 23rd November am - photographs

Tuesday 23rd November pm - Planetarium visit – excitingly, we have the Astronomy Roadshow coming to visit us. A letter will come out about this next week.



Friday 22nd October

It was lovely to meet many of you this week and discuss how well the children have settled into Year 5. 


It is hard to believe that Term 1 is already over. Thank you for the hard work that the children have put in this term. We have been impressed with the progress that the children have made. 


It was very exciting this week to see all of our butterflies hatching. The children have really enjoyed watching the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly. They are all wondering what our next class pet is going to be!



Next Term:

This term in Geography, we have focused on the human geography of South America; looking at mega-cities and favelas. Next term, we will focus on the physical geography, looking at the rainforest, mountains and natural hazards that occur there.


In history, our Mayan topic will continue, we will continue to learn about how the Mayans have shaped our society today.


In science, we will start our exciting new topic of 'Space and beyond'. We are very much looking forward to the Astrodome visiting our school on Tuesday 23rd November (a letter will come out about this at the beginning of the term). 


Have a fabulous half-term and enjoy a well-deserved rest. 

Friday 15th October

Well done to all of the children who competed in the cross country competition at Beacon School this week. You did really well in representing our school.

In Maths, the children used a range of tables, charts and graphs to answer a variety of questions.

We learned about poetic language this week including: similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, personification and alliteration. The children came up with some fantastic examples of each of these.

In Geography, the children continued to learn about the favelas in Rio de Janeiro. They compared this to life in the more affluent areas of this mega-city.

In History, the children started to learn about some of the Gods that the Maya worshiped.

The children have also been working on some Rainforest Artwork. They have been finishing off their backgrounds with oil pastels and are now beginning to create their collage animals. It is exciting to see their creations coming to life!



Next week…


The children will be drawing their own line graph to plot data on.


We will be using the poetic language that we came up with this week to write our own poems based on the rainforest. Later in the week, the children will perform their poems.


After learning about a range of life cycles of different animal types, we will move onto considering how animals are adapted to live in particular environments by investigating the work of some important scientists.


The children will learn about the temples that the Maya built and why these were so important.


Dates to remember:

October 19th – Parents’ evening

October 21st – Parents’ evening

October 22nd – Break up for half-term

November 1st – INSET day





Friday 8th October

Another week seems to have flown by.

The children have worked really hard using their storyboard to create a narrative based on the ‘Ride of passage’ animation.



In maths, the children have been using a formal written method to solve addition and subtraction problems.


In History, we have been discussing why farming was so important to the Maya. We described the different types of farming used; raised fields, terrace and slash and burn.


In Geography, we watched a video with children explaining what it is like to live in the favelas in the mega-cities of Brazil.



What we will be doing next week:


We will be moving onto statistics. This learning will be linked to our Geography learning – migration in South America.


Next week, we will investigate the features of a poem and write a poem about rainforests.


We will be comparing the range of life-cycles that we have been looking at this term.


The children will learn about the Maya Gods and their religious beliefs.


After learning about some of the problems faced in favelas this week, next week we will be challenging the stereotypes of favelas.

Friday 1st October

We have had lots of excitement this week as our caterpillars have transformed into chrysalises. The children have really enjoyed observing them to keep track of their progress.

During our science lesson, the children learned about the process of metamorphosis by hunting for clues around the classroom.

In English, the children watched a short film about a young tribal boy called Toki. The children will be able to tell you all about his mission. They were able to order the key points of the animation and created a storyboard.

Using the designs by Henri Rousseau and Oenone Hammersley, the children used oil based pastels to create a background for their rainforest picture.

Our learning next week: 


We will be using a formal written method to solve subtraction problems and using the inverse to check our answers.


Using their storyboards from this week, the children will write a narrative based on the short animation ‘Ride of Passage’.


We will continue to track the progress of our caterpillars/butterflies during their metamorphosis. In addition, we will learn about the life-cycle of birds.


The children will learn about the Maya Gods and their religious beliefs.


After learning about Mega-cities in Brazil, we will look more closely at the impact the constantly increasing population has on these cities. We will be learning about favelas and what living conditions are like in these areas.


Following on from our celebrations in the church next week, the children will be learning about Harvest Festival and why this is an important time for Christians.

Friday 24th September

On Tuesday, we took to the skies! With their tickets in hand, the children listened intently to the safety instructions. Miss Fuller expertly wheeled her hostess trolley down the aisle, serving out biscuits and squash. Once we arrived in South America, the children enjoyed learning about the twelve countries.



The children worked really hard researching their South American country. Working collaboratively, they created an informative and colourful poster. They then used their research to individually create a persuasive brochure about their country.


In maths this week, we looked at six-digit numbers, reading and writing numbers up to 1 million. We then moved onto negative numbers and using a number line to help us count across the zero. Next week, we are going to be using a written method for addition.


Excitingly, we have five new additions to each year 5 class! Our new classmates are growing extremely quickly. Next week, we are going to be learning about metamorphosis and the lifecycle of a butterfly.




We looked at the hierarchy of Mayan society from the slaves to the Priest in a city-state. The children used descriptions to identify each role and then placed them in order on a line that reached from those seen as being the least important to those being the most important.

Well-being workshop

On Wednesday, the children attended a well-being workshop run by OpenView Education. We discussed the steps to well-being. The children really enjoyed acting out scenarios which involved supporting friends and talking when something is upsetting them.

Friday 17th September

This week seems to have flown by. Speaking of flying, next week, as part of our ‘stunning start’ we will be ‘flying to South America’. The children will be provided with a flight ticket, but they may like to bring their sunhat and sunglasses!


Your child should now have received their user name and password for Timestables Rockstars. This programme is a great way for the children to practise their times tables (press the icon below for the website). If you have any problems accessing it, please get in touch.

This week, we continued to look at place value, rounding and ordering numbers in both ascending and descending order. Next week, we will be looking at negative numbers and Roman Numerals.   


This week, we read the texts ‘The Vanishing Rainforest’ and ‘The Great Kapok Tree’. The children used the information from these texts to write a non-chronological text about deforestation and why the rainforest is so important.

Next week, the children will be researching a particular country in South America. This country should be written in their contact books. If they can complete research at home, this will support them with their learning next week. They could find out about the food, the flag, tourist attractions and land marks.


This week, the children learnt about the different ways that plants reproduce. They enjoyed taking cuttings from geraniums. We are hoping that the geranium cuttings will start to sprout roots and we will have lots of new plants to brighten up our classroom. Next week, we will learn about the life cycle of mammals.


This week, we met Flavius Cerialis and his family.

Here is the vocabulary that we learnt:   

quis es? – Who are you?                               

sum – I am

mater – mother

pater – father

filia – daughter

filius – son

infans – little child

mus - mouse


Dates for the diary:

Wednesday 22nd September – Mental health and well-being workshop

Friday 1st October – tie ceremony for Year 6. After this date, the children may wear their winter uniform if they would like. The children can continue to wear their summer uniform until October half-term if they would prefer.

Tuesday 19th October – Parents’ Evening

Thursday 21st October – Parents’ Evening

Please find below, the presentation used for "Meet the Teachers" on Monday 13th September 2021:

Friday 10th September

It has been fantastic to see all of the children back in the classroom. They have settled into Year 5 with their new classes really quickly and have done incredibly well in this hot weather.


This week, we were focusing on place value. The children were learning to read 7-digit numbers. They then partitioned 4-digit numbers and identified the value of different digits in a number. On Wednesday, the children completed an assessment. We have used this to identify the areas that the children need additional support in. This will help us to plan appropriate lessons. In order to help your child at home, please encourage and support them in learning their times tables. Having a quick recall of their times tables will help them in many aspects of their maths.


The children used their senses and similes and metaphors to describe a rainforest scene. With the support of extracts from ‘The Explorer’ (our class reader) and Journey to River Sea, the children came up with powerful descriptive phrases. In order to support your child at home, please make sure that they are reading every day. If your child is a reluctant reader, you could choose an exciting book to read to them. If you are struggling to find appropriate books, there are suggested reading lists on our website that you can look at.


The children really enjoyed dissecting flowers this week and investigating the different parts. We discussed the scientific names for these. This term, we will be looking at life cycles. Next week, the children will look at the life cycles of a flowering and non-flowing plant.


This week, we travelled back over 2000 years in a time machine (with a few stops along the way) to the time when the Maya Civilization were thriving. The children labelled a map of Mesoamerica (or Central America) where the Maya civilization lived.


Our topic this term is North and South America. On Wednesday, we discussed the country and continent that we live in. We then recalled the seven continents using the continent song (which the children remembered from last year). With the help of atlases, the children worked hard to label all of the countries in North and South America.



We braved the scorching weather and ventured out to play netball. We practiced the chest-pass and the children took it in turns to defend and mark. P.E. in Year 5 will be on a Monday and Wednesday.


Dates for the diary:

Monday 13th September – Meet the teacher session