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Friday 1st July 2022


Wow! We cannot believe it is July already! This term is flying by, and like the children, we do not want it to end, even though we are all looking forward to the summer. 


With transition next week, we have been carrying out end of year assessments this week to see how ready they are for Y5. My gosh, the children have excelled themselves, particularly in reading where all have shown excellent progress in their comprehension skills. We are so proud of all the children for their hard work and high expectations they have of themselves for their learning. Their new class teachers will be lucky to have them. 


In Science, we have continued to work on food chains and food webs, building onto next week's learning where were will be looking at the question; what if a part of the food chain becomes extinct, linking to the environment. English will also link as the children will be writing non chronological reports on animals living in each polar region which we are studying in Geography. 


In maths this week, we have begun Time. This has proved tricky for quite a few; Am to PM,12 hr to 24 hour, analogue and digital. It would be great of you could find opportunities to look at time to support their learning as they look ahead to Y5. The rhyme about the days of each month would be good to practise too so the facts are known.  


Good news; the home work has been extended for another week so we can share their work in the last week of term. Thank you so much for the fabulous work we have received already; the quality and knowledge is outstanding! 


Can we remind you that all PE kit needs to be in school at all times as we run up to sports day; there will be plenty of practises and it would be good for them all to be in their house PE top as we get ready to celebrate teamwork and competition in a positive fun-filled afternoon. 


Enjoy your weekend. Fingers crossed for some hot weather!


The Year 4 Team


Friday 24th June 2022

It has been another full week of learning in Year 4.


Particular highlights were an interactive retelling of the Muslim story of 'Muhammad and the Camel' in RE and creating a poster to attract potential scholars to the 'House of Wisdom' in our History learning about Persia. We also created our very own Fermor DVD and book shop in the hall so that the children could put their learning about money in maths into practice. There were certain stalls which gave better deals than others depending on how correct the seller was in giving out the change!


Next week among other learning, we will be moving onto the topic of time in maths and continuing to look at our new topic in science which is 'Food Chains'.


Have a relaxing weekend,

The Year 4 Team 

At the end of a baking hot week we are wilting slightly but have used the lovely weather to safely engage in some outdoor learning. This took the form of measuring the amount of force needed to pull a tray across of a range of different surfaces, with and without the presence of an object in it. This of course, allowed us to see the effect the differing amounts of friction found in the different surfaces had on the results.

At the start of our RE learning on Islam we discussed and thought about the idea of ‘prophethood’ and why Muhammad was called ‘the Seal of the Prophets’ and we moved from the heat of Persia in History to the cold of Antarctica in English as the children used the story of Shacklelton’s Expedition in 1914 as the basis for letter writing. They used empathy and imagination to put themselves into the ‘shoes’ of a potential crew member and write persuasively to Ernest Shackleton in order to win a place on the ship.

In RHE, the children have learnt about the NSPCC initiative; PANTS. This also included consent when it comes to hugs and holding hands so children know they have a choice and understand it is okay to say, ‘I don’t want to hold hands,’ etc and respect each other’s person space.  If you wish to find out more, please look at the NSPCC link below. As always, we are available at an arranged time to speak with you if you have any questions or concerns.  

Next week we will be learning about learning through the Persian ‘Books of Wisdom’ and using our creative skills as we consider the landscape of the Polar Regions.

The children will be planning their own investigation about friction, using what they have learnt on the subject and about scientific enquiry.

A quick reminder that with the hot weather, could the children make sure they have hats especially on the field as there is minimal shade. If the children do bring in sun cream, can you remind them they will need to put the cream on themselves and also not to share with their friends. Thank you for making sure they all have their water bottles. It is important they stay hydrated and we constantly remind them throughout the day to drink and refill their bottles.

Have a super weekend

The Year 4 Team



Friday 10th June 2022


Welcome back to Term 6. I'm sure you're questioning and wondering where on earth the time has gone this year? Term 6 is a busy time for the school with whole events coming up such as sports day and of course the Y6 production of which we will see at some stage. It's a lovely time of year especially when the sun joins us. It's also a time of change where we are preparing our classes for the next stage of their Fermor journey. Part of this will be Circle Time where the children will have opportunities to share and discuss feelings and top tips for the positive change to come. 


This week, the children have been involved in Jubilee preparations for the Great Jubilee picnic and afternoon of song. The performance of Making Your Mind Up by Y4 was fantastic; they knew all the words, sang with pride and performed their dance routine with confidence. The added bonus was dressing up whihc really made the routine. Thank you so much for your support with this. There are videos which you can access on the link below. 


In English, the children used their previous learning to create wonderful Jubilee poetry which will be performed as a year group next week. I love how one poet has used his love of the Ning, Nang, Nong to base his poem on. Next week, we will be focusing on persuasive letters linking in with Geography and the Polar regions, focusing on Ernest Shackleton's journey. 


In  maths we have continued to look at decimals; adding to make a whole. Next week, we will be ordering decimals, recognising place value. We will also be focusing on Times Tables. Please continue to practise at home as it really does make a huge difference. A tournament has been set up on TT Rockstars to help; the children love the competitive nature of this. 


In Science, we are focusing on the force of Friction as revision from Y3, preparing for Y5 learning. They need to understand how friction works and what can affect friction. This then will go towards helping them with a scientific enquiry. 


We are focusing on Islam in RE which links nicely with our History topic of Ancient Arabia and the Ancient Islamic civilisation. 

PE this term is Athletics and sports day preparation. There is no swimming this term. Please can we make sure all have their PE kits in.


Enjoy this week's photos and videos: 

Link to Year 4 Jubilee Celebration videos

Have a good weekend,


The Year 4 Team 



Friday 27th May 2022

Despite the downpours, the children have been able to enjoy some outside learning and activities this week. In preparation for the times table test after half term we used chalks on the playground to write out calculations and it was 4B's turn to enjoy marsh mellows toasted on the fire in Forest School. On our final day both classes enjoyed some games outside in the sunshine.


Children have very much enjoyed finishing their Power Points on Greece as part of our Geography learning and we hope to be able to share them in classes during the first week back.


A highlight of this week has also been creating musical instruments out of various materials as a culmination of our science learning on sound. The children industriously engaged with cardboard, plastic and many rubber bands to produce amazing instruments!


With the celebrations of the Queen's platinum Jubilee next weekend, we wish you much enjoyment as families whatever you are doing and don't forget to fit in some times tables practice!!


The year 4 Team

Friday 20th May 2022

 What a damp end to the week! Luckily, the weather turned around so the children could get outside. Very different from Monday's sunny weather when 4K had forest school and enjoyed singing around the campfire and making and eating smores!


In RE, the children have continued with Hinduism, learning about the festival of Divali and its importance to Hindus. The children made comparisons of the festival of Divali to the Christian celebration of Christmas; the food, family, presents and prayer. 


Next week in science, the children will be making a musical instrument they spent time designing this week, including materials they will need to bring in from home. Their designs include how to create pitch. Amelie and Rowan had their musical instruments in and were happy to demonstrate creating pitch as they played us a tune. Very inspiring. 


Writing in English has focused on creating atmosphere and tension, using what they have learnt from last week. Next weeks focus will be commas in lists when using adjectives in a sentence and using a relative clause. 


In maths, the children have finished their unit on decimals. It will be revisited next term in the form of money. Next week, will be a times table focus, preparing for the Multiplication Tables check in early June. We ask that you continue to encourage your children to practise particularly 6, 7, 8 and their square number of each table. Knowing these facts will make a huge difference to their confidence as well as their table knowledge. Websites are on the Homework page. 


Next week, 4B will be at Forest School and swimming whilst 4K will continue with Cricket. Forest School will be in the afternoon for the whole class so they do not need to come in already changed. They will, however, need wellies as it may be a bit soggy over there especially if there's more rain. 


Have a super weekend.

Best wishes,

The Year 4 Team



Friday 13th May 2022


This week, the children have carried out an investigation into pitch by making their own straw kazoos. Their challenge was to create a melody by making changes to their original straw. They loved the following website which showed sound waves in action which supported their learning of Sound and pitch:

As long as your device has a microphone, they can enjoy watching the sound waves in response to any noise they make. 


In English, the children have been focusing on vocabulary choices to make their sentences powerful and to create atmosphere. Next week, they will be writing independently an atmospheric piece using what they have learnt.  


Maths has focused on hundredths as a decimal, recognising place values and the use of zero. Next term, we will be looking at money which will put tenths and hundreths into context. Discovery Espresso is a good place to go to support their learning.


In RE, the children have been looking at the story of Rama and Sita and what this story means to Hindus. They had great fun recreating the story as a drama. 


This week, the children began their Geography research on aspects of Greece of which they will create a PowerPoint presentation over the coming weeks to share with the class. Creating a presentation is part of their Computing learning for this term. They were extremely excited and engaged with the topics they had to research. If they wish, they can research at home and bring in any information to help with their PowerPoint presentation.  


Next week, 4K will be doing Forest school on Monday. If they are in the morning group, they will need to come in dressed for Forest School and change after. 4K are also swimming next week whilst 4B continue with cricket skills by playing Diamond (quick) Cricket, a super fast but fun way of learning the skills needed for cricket.   


We hope you all have a lovely weekend,


Best wishes


The Tear 4 Team


Friday 6th may 2022

Despite the short week, there has been a tremendous amount of learning taking place in Y4 this week. 


In maths, the children have continued with decimals by dividing a single-digit and a double-digit number by 10. They are continuing their Times Table practise, highlighting the ones they need to focus on this week. 


In English, we have started to look at how to use speech within our writing and it's purpose. Next week, we will build on this as they write a short story based on Perseus and Medusa.


We have continued our virtual visit to Athens, Greece in Geography where the children looked at the Acropolis and Parthenon as examples of Greek architecture and tourism. Linked to Art, the children then drew the Parthenon. Next week, our Geography will take us to Mount Olympus. 


In Science, the children have been fascinated by the parts of the ear and how these parts enable us to hear sound. Next week, we will be investigating pitch through a practical activity. 


PE continues next week with 4B swimming on Wednesday. It is also 4Bs turn at Forest School on Monday.  


We hope you all have a super weekend. The weather is, at last, looking very good!


The Y4 team 




Friday 29th April 2022

Well, what a fun week we have had! The children have enjoyed experimenting with paper cups and string in order to investigate sound and enjoyed being on the field in the lovely sunshine at lunch times.


They have also been transported to the British Museum to look at the Cyrus Cylinder as part of our learning about Ancient Persia. Persia has featured highly in our English writing this week as the children have shown off their excellent writing skills and use of exciting and powerful language, not forgetting to punctuate of course!


In Maths we have ventured further into our learning about decimals which has included referring back to our knowledge of Place Value. Next week we will be looking at dividing a 1 and 2 digit number by 10.


Hinduism is our R.E. learning this term and this week the children thought about the idea of 'duty' as they looked at the Hindu celebration of Raksha Bandhan.


An exciting Geography lesson was had as we used Google Earth to journey from Crowborough to Greece!


We would like to wish you all a very relaxing and fun Bank Holiday weekend and look forward to hearing about any travels and trips when we return on Tuesday.


The Year 4 Team

Friday 22nd April 2022


Welcome back to Term 5 and a fabulous term of learning, and fingers crossed with the summer sunshine now here to stay . . . 


This week, the children have settled back into their routine with ease and have begun their exciting learning journeys. Our History topic is Persia and Ancient Greece which we have linked with English, creating descriptive pieces of writing about The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven ancient wonders of the world. 


In maths, the children have been working on tenths and hundredths where they have used pictorial representations in a hundred square to work out the value in hundredths and tenths. They have also been practising their times tables. 


Sound is our learning for Ancient this term and the children had a stunning start where they lay on the field and listened to the world around them. They then recorded this into a chart and a living bar chart. 


In Geography, we are learning about Greece. This week, the children have used atlases to find out facts about Greece including being part of the European Union, and comparing the climate to the UK. 


PE this term is cricket which we are hoping to do on the field. The filed will also be in use for lunchtimes from next week. Swimming will continue with 4B next week. 


Forest School starts up again on Monday with 4K. 

Early morning groups will be continuing as last term unless you are told otherwise.


We hope you have a lovely weekend and are able to enjoy the gorgeous weather. 


The Year 4 Team



Friday 1st April 2022


The end of a very bust term 4 is now here and the children are ready for a rest after all their hard work. They have begun to look at digestion in science which will continue next term before we introduce sound. This linked in with RHE where they shared their food diaries and discussed food groups, nutrients and their benefits. We learnt a new word; moderation where no food is a bad food. 


We have now finished our geography unit on Tourism with a Geographical Enquiry into Eco tourism where the children created a poster and learnt about initiatives around the world for a better tourist industry.


Next term, the children will be looking at decimals in maths, moving on but using their knowledge of fractions to support.


In English, we will be focusing on descriptive writing and creating atmosphere. We are hoping to use two short clips from the 1981 Clash of the Titans film to support their work. However, this film is a PG so if you do not wish your child to see these clips, then please let a member of the Y4 team know via the office or in person. The clips have been chosen with care and will support their learning in English as well as History where we will be studying Greece. 


Enjoy your Easter break and we will see you back here on Tuesday 19th April for another fantastic term of learning. In the meantime, enjoy the photos from our wonderful trip to Bexhill-On-Sea which was just fantastic. The weather was perfect for a day on the beach.      

Thursday 24th march 2022


We are nearing the end of another creative week of learning, ending with our much anticipated trip to Bexhill-On-Sea! And the weather is being very kind to us too! Next week's newsletter will include the trip and photos from the day.


This week, the children have been extremely busy with STEM week (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths). The theme was Growth and Y4 had Personal Growth where we looked at characteristics, personality and team work. Their task was to build a person from newspaper which could stand unaided, with the extension to create a circuit for the eyes and make them blink. It was amazing to see their ideas take shape and their full engagement for this activity. It was also incredible to see their successful creations all looking very different and standing unaided! They should be very proud of their achievement. 


Another reason to be proud was for the fantastic dancers who took part in the dance festival last week. We were treated to their exciting routine this week in Worship and in class. They oozed confidence and talent with their challenging and inspiring choreography. I'm sure they will be asked to perform again before the term is finished as it was a truly breathtaking performance. 


Next week is 4Bs turn at Forest School with Forest and Brook going first thing so they will need to turn up at school in their forest school clothes with their uniform in their bag to change into. It is also 4Bs turn for swimming. 


Have a lovely weekend, and we hope the children are looking forward to their trip tomorrow, and are eager to tell you all about it over the weekend. 


Best wishes,


The Year 4 team 







Friday 18th March 2022

This week the children have been using their imaginations to create narratives based on a picture stimulus which has linked to our learning in history about life in Roman Britain. Our RE learning about the Easter Week story also involved creativity and imagination as the children created ‘freeze frames’ depicting Peter’s denial of Jesus and explored works of art depicting this event.


The children enjoyed setting up their science experiments exploring the effect of different liquids on the shell of an egg to simulate the effects of the same liquids on human tooth enamel. They observed their eggs at hourly intervals throughout the day and their findings stimulated lots of discussion!


In maths we continued to look at fractions, particularly adding and counting in fractions Next week we will be learning how to subtract fractions.


Our Geography learning was preparing us for our exciting trip to Bexhill next Friday. The children had to compare Bexhill in the early 1900’s to Bexhill today and think about the changes in tourism and why.


Next week is STEM week at Fermor. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We are having a STEM day on Tuesday and will be making a model out of newspaper. Please could the children bring in newspapers for this purpose by next Tuesday. Thank you.


Next week 4K will be swimming.

It is Y4s turn at Forest school, starting next week with 4K. Please make sure 4K have the appropriate clothing so they can take part; old clothes and wellies. Forest and Brook are first so they can come to school in their forest school clothing and change into their uniform afterwards. Ghyll and warren are going second so will be expected to be in school in their full uniform and change before they go. Full details can be found on the letter which was emailed out on the 23rd February 2022.    


We continue to play Rugby in P.E. outside, so it is a good idea for the children to have joggers or leggings to keep them warmer.


If you haven’t paid for our trip to Bexhill yet on Parent Pay, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible. Thank you.


Have a lovely weekend,

The year 4 Team

Friday 11th March 2022

We are now halfway through Term 4 which is hard to believe, and we are already planning some Easter activities for nearer the end of term as well as looking ahead to Term 5. How quickly this term is flying by!

Back to this week where the children have enjoyed another busy week of learning. 

In science, the children have continued their learning about teeth by discussing what foods and drinks can harm our teeth. They have planned their own scientific enquiry where they will be carrying out a fair test next week, exploring the effects of drinks on teeth using eggs! 


In English, the children have planned their own story set in a Celtic village during Roman Britain. It's so lovely to see them all fired up and excited to write their story. We have written the start and build up today and next week, will be writing the thrilling part of the story where their character encounters the problem which will then need to be solved. 


Maths focus this week has continued with fractions. We  introduced improper fractions or mixed number fractions and it has proved quite tricky for some. If you want to support their learning with this, click on the link below. It is on discovery Espresso so make sure you have your login details.


In geography, we have continued to look at tourism's disadvantages and advantages as well as the different types of tourism, including Space tourism! It's been great to see their enthusiasm and knowledge beginning to show through their Bexhill homework.


History has looked at Boudicca/ Boudica's revolt against the Romans, quite apt as it was International Women's day this week, and in Celtic times, it was unheard of for a woman to rule. The children enjoyed learning about her and the various battles that took place. We also looked at a photo of the statue of Boudicca which is at Westminster Bridge (if you want to see it the next time you visit London.)  


Next week, 4B will be swimming and 4K will continue with tag rugby.


Have a super weekend,


The Year 4 Team   



Friday 4th March 2022

     World Book Week is one of our favourite weeks of the year, and this year has been the best! Starting off on Monday with our dress up day, the children really showed their enthusiasm for reading with their fantastic costumes. Thank you parents and cares for supporting your children with their wonderful outfits, from Diary of a Wimpy Kid to Grandpa's Great Escape and Malory Towers and Mary Poppins to The Descendants. 

      Throughout the week, the children have been using The Journey as inspiration for a piece of writing. In y4, the children were asked to create a new and exciting land on the other side of the red door and to write a story. It was lovely to see their enthusiasm for this task and how they applied themselves to create very imaginative stories! Also, this week, a four-legged visitor arrived in school called Max to share his adventures, read to us by the author; Bridget Greenwood. 

    In maths, we have worked on equivalent fractions using number lines and amounts. Next week, we will develop this further with a fraction wall and fraction families. 

    Science has provided the children the opportunity to share their vast knowledge of the animal kingdom as we looked at various animals and their teeth to sort them through what they eat; leading on to food chains. 

    The Pancake flip was a huge success; thank you for all your sponsorship. 

   Next week, 4K will be swimming. Please make sure all kit is in including swimming hats. 4B will continue with tag Rugby. Due to the unpredictable weather, please make sure they have outdoor PE kit such as jogging bottoms. 

   Once again, thank you for all the hard work and preparation in making World Book Day a huge success. 

Have a super weekend.

The Year 4 Team 

Friday 25th February 2022

Welcome back! it has been good to be back at school this week and see the children enjoying their learning.


Thank you for the fabulous half term homework of food diaries and presentations of the different places the children visited. It sounds like many of you had some fun times in your holiday.


This week in English we have been focusing on grammar skills in writing. The children have been using descriptive language to write expanded noun phrases and prepositional phrases based on a picture of a Roman village. Next week is World Book Week and we will be using the book by Aaron Becker 'Journey' to inspire story writing and art work.


In Maths we have begun to explore fractions. We ended the week with a fun activity involving chocolate, where the children had to decide which bar/bars of chocolate to stand behind in order to receive the largest fraction if that bar were to be split into the same number of equal parts as there were children standing behind it! As you might guess, a little chocolate had to be consumed at the end of the investigation!


Our Science learning on Digestion started this week with the children looking at their teeth and learning the names and functions of them. In RE we are exploring the topic 'Salvation' this term in preparation for Easter. Our History learning is 'Roman Britain' and our Geography topic is 'Tourism'.


As part of World Book Week next week we are looking forward to dressing up as book characters on Monday and seeing the children in their costumes with their books!


Next Wednesday, 2nd March 4B will be swimming.


If possible, please remember to pack a pair of leggings or jogging trousers in your child's P.E. kit bag this term as we are doing Rugby outside.


Have a lovely weekend,


The Year 4 Team

Thursday 10th February 2022

We cannot believe we are at the end of another fantastic term. Although Christmas seems a very distant memory, this term has flown by with wonderful learning across all subjects. This week, the children have consolidated their topic learning, thinking about what they have learnt and enjoyed most.


Tuesday was Internet Safety Day. The children thoroughly enjoyed the activities planned for the day which involved plenty of discussion. Lots of misconceptions were unpicked as the children discussed going online safely. They then generated an online safety leaflet to advise others on how to enjoy the internet in a safe way.   


In English, the children wrote some very powerful newspaper reports about Pompeii using the features of a newspaper to great effect. Next term, we will be looking at writing a narrative based on our History topic of Roman Britain. 


In maths, the children have been introduced to dividing and multiplying a 2-digit/3-digit number by a single digit, using various strategies to find the answer. They are continuing to progress in their times tables which is evident from their speed test practise. Big shoutout to 4K for winning the Times Table Rockstars year group challenge on Maths Day. 


Next term, swimming will continue with 4B going first. Please ensure all PE kits are in, ready for Tag Rugby on Wednesday's and Friday. 

We are also hoping to plan a Y4 school trip to the seaside in week 5. we will give details as soon as possible next term. 


Have a fantastic half term break, enjoy the rest and let's hope the weather is kind to us. 


Thank you for your support


The Year 4 Team.  




Friday 4th February 2022


It's been a very creative week for Year 4 this week across many subjects. In DT, the children built their fantastic lighthouses with the objective that it was a free standing structure and, incorporating their science learning on circuits, included a working circuit. The challenge was to build a switch so the light could switch on and off easily without dismantling the circuit as well as thinking about the best materials to show the light from the bulb. 


In English, the children have been introduced to features of a newspaper linked in with hour History learning on Pompeii. They brainstormed headlines that grabbed the attention, were short and snappy and some even included alliteration, showing their creativity with language. We can't wait to see their newspaper reports next week based on the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii. 


Maths has provided plenty of challenge and problem solving this week as we have moved on to multiplying a 2-digit number by a single digit, thinking about the different strategies involved. The following website will be useful to support their learning: 


The week has ended with a Rockin' vibe thanks to their wonderful outfits and hair. It's been great to see them all enjoying their times tables with such enthusiasm! Thank you for supporting this very popular day. 


Next week is the last week of term. On Wednesday, 4K will be swimming whilst 4B finish Gymnastics. A reminder that Thursday 10th February is the last day of term. 

Have a super weekend


The Year 4 Team 



Friday 28th January 2022


This week the children have immersed themselves in their writing where they have used empathy to write a diary about a difficult journey. On Monday, the children experienced having to suddenly leave the classroom without a reason. Using the feelings evoked from this experience, the children were able to create an emotive piece of diary writing. Their work in Geography has supported their understanding of migration by following the mother's journey across borders to the sea by plotting on a map and discussing the Geographical enquiry questions. 


In RE, we have been thinking about the qualities of Jesus and how he is an example for Christians to follow. We thought about the various activities Christians do to show their love for God. 


In Science, the children have developed and expanded their understanding of circuits following the story of Hamish and the lighthouses. They were able to create a circuit with three bulbs, explaining and recognising the components needed. Next week, they will be building their own lighthouses with a working circuit.


4B are swimming next week whilst 4K continue to work on balancing and using the apparatus in Gymnastics. 

It is Number day next Friday , 4th February, where your child can dress up as a Rock Star. 


Have a super weekend.

The Year 4 Team  

Friday 21st January

We have had another busy week in Year 4, the highlight of which was our Year Group worship at All Saints on Wednesday. The children led with poise and enthusiasm as they used creative ways to share reflections on our value of 'Kindness'. They showed thoughtfulness and understanding through their sketches and prayers, and sung with confidence and great gusto! We were extremely proud of them all.


Our Science learning this week furthered the children's understanding of electrical circuits through an investigative activity where they had to explore how to create a switch that turns the light on and off. Much discussion was had and the children soon realised that they needed to use materials made of metal in order for the electricity to be conducted. Next week through the story of Hamish and the lighthouses, we will be thinking about creating a circuit that could turn three lighthouse lamps on.


In P.E. we continued our Gymnastics skills through using using 2, 3 and 4 point balances on the frame and exploring how we could use different levels of balancing incorporating various equipment.


Next week, 4K will be swimming whilst 4B do Gymnastics. Please make sure full PE kit is in, including outdoor wear (joggers) in case the hall is not in use and we have to go outside.


We do hope that you have a relaxing weekend.


The Year 4 team

Friday 14th January 2022


This week was 'Bible Week' at Fermor and we were able to remember our learning about 'Covenant' in the first session. The children were captivated by Revd Mark's interactions with his puppet and loved watching the cartoons which helped us to think about all the 'Big Bible Story' themes. On Tuesday we had our 'live' session and all other days we were able to engage through videos.


In Science we had an exciting investigation into how to light up a bulb. The children decided how to use the different equipment and there was much discussion about how electricity travels and what is needed to make a good circuit. 


Next week we are looking forward to presenting our Year group Church worship on Wednesday. Please put this date in your diaries and come along to watch, it promises to be very engaging! 


We have now finished our topic of Perimeter in maths and are moving on to multiplication and division next week. Please do continue to encourage your children to persevere with practicing their times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars. We are pleased to see that they are progressing.


Next week, 4B will be swimming whilst 4K do Gymnastics. Please make sure full PE kit is in, including outdoor wear (joggers) in case the hall is not in use and we have to go outside.


All that remains is to wish you all a lovely weekend 


The Year 4 team

Friday 7th January 2022


Welcome back to a new year and a new term of learning. It's great to be back and see the children are enthusiastic about their learning. This week we have all settled back quickly into the routine of the class and school as well as a visit to church to see the Y5 worship which has given us a challenge but we are rising to that challenge for our worship on Wednesday 19th January 2022. We hope to see as many of there as possible. 


This week, the children have reflected on the past year and set targets for the year ahead as they wrote their own New year's Resolutions. they also wrote a recount of an event over the Christmas Holiday. it's been lovely reading about some of your traditions, days out and of course the presents!


In maths, we have continued with perimeter, using our knowledge of times tables to work out the perimeter of a given rectangle and continued with our Times tables practise. Seeing how much time the children have spent on Times Table Rock Stars over the Christmas break is fantastic. Thank you so much for all your support. 


In Science, the children have been introduced to Electrical safety to support our learning on electricity. Homework has been set on the Homework page regarding this. 


Next week, 4K will be swimming whilst 4B do Gymnastics. Please make sure full PE kit is in, including outdoor wear (joggers) in case the hall is not in use and we have to go outside.


All that remains is to wish you all a healthy, safe and restful weekend. 


The Year 4 team







Friday 10th December 2021


Hopefully, you would have already seen the photos for this week which has been all about the visit to see father Christmas in the Forest. The children were super excited and extremely well behaved despite the encouragement to be otherwise from the Naughty Elves, Boris and Doris. There were a few frozen toes but that was soon forgotten after their visit which was then followed by playtime. We hope they all enjoy their gifts from father Christmas. 


The children have been busy creating flyers for the Christmas carol Service at All Saints on Tuesday 14th December at 6PM where they will be singing their song during the service. We hope you can all make it as it is a very special occasion and the first time for our Year 4's to partake in this very magical Key Stage 2 event. Make sure you pin the flyer on your fridge and lock the date in your diary.


We hope you have a lovely weekend full of Christmas spirit as we enter the final week of term. Next week, well, we can't share much otherwise it'll spoil the surprise, but rest assured it is Chrismassy. Just a reminder that 4K will be swimming on Wednesday so make sure kits with hats are in that day. 


Thank you for all your support. 

The year 4 Team





Friday 3rd December 2021


This week we have had a blast! Thank you so much for making our Roman day so successful with the wonderful costumes the children wore. They really excelled in their speeches using all the features we have learnt about. Most enjoyed the food tasting, and all tried something, in our Roman Banquet and all created some very colourful and unique shields. 


Please sign up for Father Christmas in the Grotto on Wednesday the 8th. It is also our school Christmas dinner day where no pack lunches are proved. It is also Christmas Jumper day on Wednesday. If you wish to contribute to to the save the Children Fund please bring in a donation on Friday 10th December which is Christmas jumper day nationally but NOT for us as we are having our Christmas celebration on Wednesday.  


We hope you have fun at the Christmas fair tomorrow which I'm sure will be a huge success whatever the weather. 


Swimming next week is cancelled due to all the events taking place on Wednesday. However, on the last week of term, could 4K make sure they have their swimming kits as it is their turn. 4B will be swimming the first week back. 


All that remains is to say enjoy the photos from our wonderful week of learning and have a super weekend with whatever you are doing. 


The Year 4 team 

Friday 26th November 2021

This week in Y4, the children have been continuing to show enthusiasm and engagement in their learning. In all lessons, children are contributing their thoughts, questions and suggestions. This has been apparent in Science where the children have given reasons for the different temperatures within the classroom and offering explanations. They have a also been asking their own questions in History. Questioning is a valuable skill; not only in showing understanding when they answer a question but in forming their own questions too. 

In Geography, the children have been using laptops to search for facts about the River Rhine. The lesson has included internet safety as well as general computer skills such as copy and paste as well as how to search.  This also supported our RHE (Relationships and Health Education) lesson in staying safe online. 

In English, the children have been editing and improving their speeches, ready to write up and present for next Tuesday on our Roman day. We have planned in some exciting activities and are extremely excited about the day. 

The day will include food. If your child suffers with allergies to particular foods, please let a member of the Y4 team know as soon as possible so we can avoid any potential illnesses or upsets on the day. If your child could bring in a plastic reusable cup and plate for our food, this would be very much appreciated. 

Please remember to dress up for Roman Day on Tuesday 30th November so we can fully immerse ourselves into Ancient Rome. 


4B will be swimming on Wednesday. Please remember hats for this lesson as well as kit. Over the past few weeks, some children across both classes are forgetting swimming kits and PE kits. Both are statutory subjects of which all need to take part and dress appropriately.


Well done for all those who have taken part in the Swimming Gala and the Times Table Rock Stars tournaments.

Have a super weekend, and stay warm and safe. 


The Year 4 Team


PS, your child now has a login and password unique to them so they can access Discovery Espresso. It will be in their Contact Books. They can use this at home to support learning in school, and for next term when we will be learning about coding. 

Discovery espresso











Friday 19th November 2021

What a fantastic week of colour from the children. Kindness Week started with a variety of odd socks to celebrate being different and unique. We reflected on our differences and that our differences are a positive thing. 

For Kindness Week, we celebrated positive friendships and being kind, creating a ripple effect of kindness. Like smiling, kindness is infectious and we want people to feel how we feel when someone is kind to us; warm, fuzzy and squishy.   


In English this week, the children have been working on planning their speeches as either Romulus or Remus, focusing on pronouns and fronted adverbials. 

In Maths, we have continued to work on addition and subtraction with one exchange. This coming week, we will be introducing more than one exchange. On Times table RockStars, a tournament is underway between 4K and 4B, running to Thursday afternoon where we will look at the results. Please keep practising those tables and using Rockstars. it really is an engaging way to learn. Also, the children can challenge their teachers too! We will be keeping a close eye on RockStars so to accept their challenges. 

The woodlands have been a favourite place to play this week. Take a look at the pictures where you'll see their creativity with leaves and a see-saw!


The week has ended with a colourful display of spots! Thank you for all your creativity with their dots and spots as well as your very generous donation towards Children In Need.    


Next week, 4K will be going swimming. Please make sure that on your day for swimming, your child has a swim hat as well as a towel and a costume. As the weather is getting noticeable colder, you might want to pack in jogging bottoms for PE this term as we are outside learning hockey skills. 


We hope you enjoy all the photos from this week and have celebrated the silver cards that have been given out. Have a super weekend, and we hope you have a restful weekend.  


Friday 12th November 2021

The children have had another successful week of learning where they have shown engagement, enthusiasm and have been asking questions to further their understanding. 


In Science this week, we continued our learning into States of matter, looking closely at properties of gases through practical activities using plastic bottles and balloons. The discussions and conversations that followed showed a deep interest in all children for this subject as they made predictions and used scientific language. We have been very impressed with their knowledge and enthusiasm for this topic.   


In English, the children listened to Martin Luther King's 'I Have A Dream' speech to inspire them to write their own 'I Have A Dream' speech, using the features of speech as well as writing passionately about their topic from climate change to food banks to school uniform. We enjoyed reading every single one and can't wait now for next week when we will be writing speeches to become King of Rome of which they will be writing on tea stained card.   

In Maths, we are continuing to build on addition and subtraction using exchanging. the children have been introduced to different methods to allow them to successfully work out calculations; formal column method, number line and using images and counters to support.


The week has ended with a colourful array of onsies and PJs in return for a bottle of something. Again, thank you for your generosity. The children also sat in the hall to listen to a story read by Mrs. Strand. With the miserable weather, the children had Wet Play and it was lovely seeing them all playing so beautifully as they sat in little groups in their PJs. it did remind me of Christmas morning. I hope you enjoy the photos. 


Thank you to those of you who have given generously to our shoe box appeal. They are all wrapped and ready to go which wouldn't have been possible without your kindness. 


Next week, 4B will be going swimming. Please make sure that on your day for swimming, your child has a swim hat as well as a towel and a costume. As the weather is getting noticeable colder, you might want to pack in jogging bottoms for PE this term as we are outside learning hockey skills. 

Also, those children who successfully made the swimming gala will need to make sure they have swimming kit in every day next week. 


We hope you enjoy all the photos from this week and have celebrated the silver cards that have been given out. Have a super weekend, and we hope you have a restful weekend.  


The Year 4 Team



Friday 5th November 2021

Welcome back to an exciting start to Term 2. The children have fully immersed themselves into the learning this week with much enthusiasm and plenty of opportunity to share their ideas. 

In English, the children have been introduced to making speeches by watching a selection of powerful speeches from various films. From the videos, they were able to come up with a list of features for speeches. They are already excited about writing and giving a speech. 

Our science has been practical as we begin our learning on States of Matter- solids, liquids and gases. They have discussed and sorted different materials into the three categories, made predictions with toothpaste and shaving foam based on the properties of solids, liquids and gases, and investigated corn flour mixed with water which elicited plenty of discussion and use of scientific language. 


In Geography, the children have begun learning about the Rhine, using an atlas to find the six countries it passes through, it's start point and where it goes into the sea. Again, their enthusiasm for using atlases and finding out about different countries is tangible.   


Thank you to those of you who have brought in your items to go towards the shoebox appeal. There is still time for you to donate; one for elderly and one for family. Details can be found here: Shoebox Appeal


Swimming started this term with 4B. next week, 4K will be going. Please make sure that on your day for swimming, your child has a swim hat as well as a towel and a costume. As the weather is getting noticeable colder, you might want to pack in jogging bottoms for PE this term as we are outside learning hockey skills. 

We hope you enjoy the photos from this week and have celebrated the silver cards that have been given out. Have a super weekend, and we hope you have a safe but fun November 5th Fireworks night.  


The Year 4 Team




Friday 22nd October 2021

This week, the children have had a fantastic finish to their Geography and History learning. In geography, the children had the most creative time building their biomes. it started with their plan, then the big build and then the exciting evaluation which took the form of an exhibition. Both classes displayed their biomes for all to see. On visiting, they were encourage to leave a comment. The children were thrilled with the amount of comments they received from their peers. It was fantastic seeing all the wonderful creations. They worked so hard and showed their knowledge of their chosen biome in great detail. Super well done to all.  


In History, we finished the week with a whole year group re-enactment of the Battle of Gaugamela which involved lots of charging, cheering and a well fought victory. 


The children have absolutely loved this term and have immersed themselves fully into all the topics. We couldn't be prouder.  


Before we sign off for a lovely half term, could you ask your child about this year's Shoebox appeal as it is slightly different from previous years. We are gathering items to fill two class shoeboxes; one for elderly and one for family. Details can be found here: Shoebox Appeal


Over half term, could you check that your child has brought home the correct school jumper as a named new jumper has been misplaced. If you do find your child has brought home an extra jumper by mistake, please could they return it to their class teacher at the beginning of the new term; Tuesday 2nd November 2021. 


Have a super half term, rest well and we will see you on the 2/11/21, raring to go on the next part of our Battles and Biomes learning journey.  

Best wishes 



The Year 4 Team


PS A huge thank you to all of you who joined us for a parent consultation. It was lovely to meet you properly and discuss you child/children. If you were unable to book or missed your appointment, please either contact the office to book a new one or write in the contact book so we can arrange a convenient time. 





Friday 15th October 2021

The children have had another week of exciting learning. In science this week, we had some very in depth conversations (almost debate like) about animals in their habitats and the impact of humans on these habitats. They are beginning to think of small changes they can make to help. In Geography, we have been doing plenty of atlas work, looking at the Mediterranean climate and finding out that other parts of the world share this climate. It's been lovely to see their enthusiasm in finding out facts in their atlas. 


Next week, we are looking forward to Art, using all we have learnt in Geography and Science to help construct a biome of their choice. If you have not brought in your box, please make sure it is in school for Monday. We have gathered plenty of different resources to make sure the biomes have what they need. If you do have any old newspapers you're wanting to get rid of, then we would love to take these off your hands as the children may be painting. 


We will also be re-enacting the Battle of Gaugamela of which the children have been learning about in History. We are very much looking forward to our creative week of learning after what has been a long but very successful term.  


We are also looking forward to seeing you all at parents evening on Tuesday and Thursday. If you have not already signed up, there is still time.         


Swimming is as follows:


20th October 4K

Please remember to pack a swim hat for your child, without it they will not be able to swim.


Thank you for continuing to supporting your child. 


Have a good weekend,


The Year 4 Team