The curriculum has been designed to give the children at Sir Henry Fermor a broad and progressive learning opportunity.

The National curriculum comprises of three core subjects: English, Mathematics, and Science

Our discovery Learning Journey topics are driven by a range of foundation subjects.

Foundation Subjects: History, Geography, Design and Technology, Art, Music, Physical Education, Computing, Religious Education and MFL (Modern Foreign Language) which is currently French.

Curriculum Statement

We aim to provide the children at Sir Henry Fermor with a curriculum which is broad, progressive through the year groups and creative in its approach. We aim to stimulate the children to learn using acquired skills and gaining further skills and knowledge through discovery and experience.

The Discovery topics often give the stimuli for our core English work and wherever possible we make links with all other subjects including Mathematics.

The curriculum is reviewed regularly to ensure its compatibility with any new national directives.

When children leave Sir Henry Fermor School at the end of Year 6, our intention is that they should have the skills for becoming lifelong learners.

Threaded throughout or curriculum and lesson plans is a focus on British values, whilst embracing our own Christian beliefs and accepting other faiths, opinions and cultures.  We provide clear themes of learning for different age groups in order that British values are given the high profile needed in our current society.

The Core and Foundation Subject Areas

Here is a helpful guide for parents and carers.  These contain details of each subject area covered by the new National Curriculum, for Key Stages 1 and 2 and the Learning and Development milestones for Early Years Foundation Stage children.

  • Click here for EYFS guide for parents.   
  • Click here for KS 1 & 2 guide for parents.


For further details about our KS1 reading and phonics schemes, please view the Statutory Information page.

Maths at Sir Henry Fermor School

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English at Sir Henry Fermor School

The new English curriculum places emphasis on developing pupils’ skills in speaking and listening, reading, grammar, punctuation and writing and is taught throughout the school daily across the curriculum.  Each class has regular English lessons which give all pupils the opportunity to express themselves creatively and imaginatively and to be able to communicate with others effectively in all contexts.

Children are encouraged to become enthusiastic and critical of stories, poetry and drama as well as non-fiction and media texts.  Every child is encouraged to read throughout the school day and is taught to read in guided reading sessions. We encourage a love of books, something that will stay with the children forever.

Learning to write is a complex skill that is taught progressively throughout the school. The children are taught the importance of writing in cursive script and are given the opportunity to practice this skill regularly. Spelling and punctuation are fundamental skills that allow the children to give meaning through their writing. These skills are taught through dedicated sessions and by the children having the opportunity to write in a variety of contexts. The features of each genre are taught across each year group with the children using their understanding to complete pieces of writing across the curriculum. As part of the process of writing, children are encouraged to draft and improve their work.

Creativity, understanding and enjoyment is the key!



Links to external websites which support the curriculum, can be found on the Useful Websites page.

 To read about our link with a school in Chapsinja, Malawi please click here.

If you have any further queries regarding Sir Henry Fermor CE Primary School’s curriculum, please email [email protected] who will forward your enquiry to the relevant member of staff.