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Term 4

Learning words by sight

We are focusing on learning our phase 2 and 3 tricky words. Remember, these are the words attached to your book bag to just know as you cannot sound them out using your phonic knowledge. You just need to know them!


You also have blue words - high frequency words attached to your book bag. These are words that you will see frequently in books and environmental print around you e.g. on posters, packaging etc. You will need to learn them so you can recognise them by sight.


School reading books

Keep practicing to read your school reading book at home (your teacher has given you a school reading book that is at your level for your phonic learning) and ask your parent/carer to make a note in your reading record to tell us you have read. Make sure you discuss the book together to secure understanding about what is being read, What is this book about? What might happen next? How do you know?

Reading books must come to school in your book bag everyday as you could be taking part in Reading club at school and you wouldn't want to miss that! 


Have fun reading!