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Project for Term 1

Big Task for Term 1 – Design an Island Home

This is an extended task that lasts for the entire term which is not compulsory but we would like the children to be excited by their learning at home as well as school so would encourage them to get involved.  It will need to be handed in by Monday 19th October if possible so that we have time to share and display it in school.

This task can take the form of a drawing on paper by hand or using a computer, or it could be a piece of writing describing the design or alternatively they could make a 3d model using paper mache or lego, plasticine etc

Your Island Home must include:

  • A place for people to buy their groceries.                 
  • A place for people to do sport.                                               
  • A place for animals to graze (don’t let them escape).
  • A place for children to learn.                                                             
  • A holy building
  • Three distinct physical features which you can choose from such as mountains, a harbour, a forest, a hill, a river, cliffs, a sandy bay etc

Happy creating!