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Project for Term 2

Big Task for Term 2 – Create a 17th Century house

In keeping with our learning on the Great Fire of London, the children will need to create a model of a house from 1666 as we intend to build a set of Pudding Lane to give them an idea of what London would have looked like in the time of the Great Fire of London. We will then be having the fire service come in to talk about the events that took place all those years ago, why the fire spread so far and the damage it left behind. This is a really exciting event that the children love and it would be great to have as many houses as possible so they can all take part!

They will need to bring their models into school by Monday 14th December, at the latest, in order to have them all in ready to burn.

Many thanks and happy creating!


In addition:

In our English lessons during the next two weeks we are learning about how to write instructions. The children have already attempted to write instructions about how to wash their hands and make a craft, which they thoroughly enjoyed.  Please can you make the children aware of when and where instructions are used in everyday life, such as reading a recipe together, looking at the instructions of how to build a lego model, reading instructions about how to play a computer or board game etc.  If the instructions can be spared, please can they bring them into class to share with their learning partner when identifying the features of this type of text for example – can they see a subheading, are there diagrams, are bullet points used, what sort of vocabulary is included, is there a list?