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Project for Term 5

Big Task for Term 5 


Big Task for Term 5 and 6 

We are really excited to see the growth diary they have been working on and hear all about the beans (or other plants) that have been growing over the past few weeks.

We are very aware that we have asked a lot of the children with the SATs booklets they had over the Easter holidays and understand that they are also working on the timestables rock stars in addition to the growth diary.

So the big task for Term 5 will continue into Term 6 and it supports their learning in the classroom.  We are teaching the skills of making a fact file during the next few weeks about African animals and Mark Beaumont



They need to create a fact file about an explorer in any way they wish.  This could take the form of a poster, a booklet, a power point or a presentation to the class. They will need to have these completed by week beginning:

Monday 4th July.

There are many places to research explorers such as the local library as well as the internet.  The following websites are good examples: 

sites such as: /all-about-ernest-shackleton story/islam/ibn_battuta.php lass-clips-video/ks2-ibnbattuta/zmqgnrd biography/explorers/captain _cook_first_voyage.gif






Big Task for Term 3 – A research project about Mary Seacole.

Thank you for your engagement in the previous terms’ home learning tasks.  We were so impressed with the 17th Century house models!  Similarly, this is an extended task that lasts for the entire term which is not compulsory but we would like them to be excited by their learning at home as well as school so would encourage them to get involved. 

We would ask you to help your child research and find out about Mary Seacole as she worked alongside Florence Nightingale whose life and work is our main focus for this term.  They could make a fact sheet, produce a short play, create a story board or power point telling her story or any other idea.  Please can these be returned to school by Friday 4th February.

There are some helpful sites to look at:

It was Martin Luther King Jr Day this week and the children enjoyed learning a little about his life and the events that included Rosa Parks asserting her rights within society. We enjoyed a discussion about equality and how these significant individuals have changed history with their acts of courage.  If the children would like to research either of these individuals rather than or in addition to Mary Seacole, we would be pleased to share their research.  Some useful information for this is as follows, but due to the nature of the content, it would be necessary to watch it alongside your child to support their understanding: