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Project for Term 6

Big Task for Term 6

We are still enjoying our world exploration of the continents and have loved seeing the research on different explorers that they have brought in during last term.  Please still do send in any research as the topic continues, remember that they can present it in any way they wish: power points, artworks, fact files etc

Alternatively if they would like to research Asia or more specifically the country and culture of India which we are studying this term we are always interested to see what they have found out - whether it be enjoying Indian food or recreating rangoli patterns with felt tips, paint or even coloured rice. 

Big Task for Term 5 – Research an explorer of your choice

Throughout terms 5 and 6 our history learning is about explorers.  We will be looking at many throughout history but specifically Ibn Battuta, Mary Kingsley and Amy Johnson.  The children can produce a fact file, written or electronic, a poster or power point presentation or any other type that they wish to.

They can choose to present it to the class if they feel confident enough. This needs to be done at any time before the end of June.

Don't forget they need to return their completed puppets before May 28th at the latest. If they have been unable to complete this, please pass the materials and needles back to their teacher.

Many thanks, we look forward to them sharing their research!

Big Task for Term 4 – Design Technology Project

Sew a glove puppet

In the next 2 weeks, the children will be exploring and designing a glove puppet to be completed at home.  This puppet will be planned at school and then we will be sending home the fabric, needle, thread and extra resources with which to make it.  We will be discussing the design brief beforehand - which is to create a fairy tale character puppet that a young child can use to tell a story.  We will also be introducing them to simple running stitch but because the skill of sewing would require 1:1 support and our Covid safety policy does not allow volunteers into school, we would like the children to learn how to sew them together with adult support at home. 

They will need to bring their models into school by after the Easter break, but before May 28th at the latest. If you are unable to support them in this task please speak to your child's teacher.

Many thanks and happy creating!