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Tuesday introduction

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Learning for Tuesday 12th January 2021

Welcome to our learning for today. Please work your way through the videos and resources on this page. Remember, you can record your learning in your green home learning book.

Remember to take brain breaks and time for lunch at the appropriate points during the day. Don't forget to stay well hydrated too!



Please log on to the Year 5 Microsoft Teams page and come and say hello to the teacher monitoring it. That way we know who is 'at school' for the day, and we will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have with the work provided in the lessons. 


In school we start the day learning our times tables, please spend ten minutes practicing your times tables. You could chant them, write them out or find a song on YouTube to help you commit them to memory. This week the focus is the 6 x table.


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Go and have a snack and a drink and a break from using your brains! You may want to get some fresh air too!


Maths lesson for 12/01/21

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Multiplication problems

Multiplication problems: Answers



Take a good break now and have something healthy to eat and some water to drink in order to refuel your body. Fresh air is great for you too, maybe you could go outside for a bit and get some exercise?


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Our topic in Science this term is materials and their properties.  We will also be learning about how materials can change.

Please start by writing the date and WALT (on the screen below) in your book. Then watch the following video clip and write down as many different materials as you can see.

Remember, a material is a substance which something is made from.

When you have completed this, work through the videos labelled part 1 and part 2 below. There is lots included here, so see how you get on!

Properties of Materials Part 1

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Properties of Materials Part 2

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Additional Science Resources

You may find the following links helpful for today's science


Beowulf 2.mp3