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Tuesday 23rd February

Please try to record your work in your home learning book, writing the date and  WALT as a title, for each lesson e.g.


Wednesday 6th January 

WALT: Describe the water cycle


You may be working from home but we still expect you to work just like the superstars you are in school, so keep that handwriting neat!


Don't forget to do some exercise at some point in your day. We have put links for Joe Wicks Workouts and Go Noodle websites at the bottom of the Remote Education Provision page.


Miss Rose, Mrs Burton, Mr Gilbert and Mr Russell

Good Morning!!

Today’s timetable


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In today's Math lesson there are no worksheets as this is a new concept. Just have a go at some of the questions from the video and record them in your home learning book. Listen out for when the narrator says 'pause the video here and have a go'.

Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit (no exchange) activity



Tuesday 23rd February

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Guided Reading

Re-read the text about David Walliams. Draw the table in your book and complete the Clarify and Questioner sections. Under Clarify you should be writing the words you wrote down or underlined yesterday along with their meanings. Remember there is a small glossary at the end of the text which may help you, if not use a dictionary. 


End of unit Forces and Magnet Quiz and start of Plants unit

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Dr Dread and the Chair of a Thousand Farts Part 2

End of day prayer

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