We are very grateful for everyone’s patience throughout this trying and chilly week. We do not take the decision to close the school lightly, yet we must consider safety above all else.  This being said, we are currently aiming to open Fermor from 9.30am on Friday 2nd March.

We are aware that many schools across Sussex and Kent have already made the decision to close until Monday. We are reluctant to do the same at this stage.  Our decision to close today was based on numerous factors, one of which was the significant potential for more snow – snow that never came! We do not want to lose any more learning time, nor put pressure on working parents, any more than is absolutely necessary.

However, we must asses the conditions again in the morning. Many of our staff travel some distance, and we cannot ask them to put their professional responsibilities above their own personal safety.  In a similar way, we aware that families may feel a pressure to send their children to school if we are open, when their instinct would be that it was not really safe to do so. We ask parents and carers to make a judgement call depending on their individual circumstances.

What has made this week so frustrating has been the fact that the severity of weather has been extremely localised and there is still a huge amount of uncertainty around the accuracy of both local and national updates as the hours pass by.  The safety of our children and staff, as well as the security and accessibility of the school site, will remain our utmost priority when reaching a decision about opening tomorrow.  As always, please check the website by 7.30am for the latest updates. If the weather predictions worsen, as they are currently forecast to do, we may make a decision to close. However, for now, we anticipate a 9.30am start.

Anyone available from 8.30am to help Jesse clear the site would be warmly (!) welcomed.
Our very best wishes for staying safe and well in the snow.

Fermor Senior Leadership Team.


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