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Year 1 - 1H & 1M

Welcome to Year One

Week ending Thursday 17th December 2020


Well it's been a very full on week from cooking, to seeing Father Christmas.  We have far too many pictures to put up on our website by here is a sample of the fun things we've been up to.

Newsletter week ending 11th December 2020

You will be pleased to know the Nativity recording went really well this week and the DVD will be coming your way sometime before the end of term.


The children have worked so hard this term and we couldn't be more proud of how they have adapted to the Year One way of things, especially after a prolonged period of lockdown home schooling. Next week we will be celebrating their hard work with a week of fun which will include cooking, watching The Snowman, partying and meeting Father Christmas.


This week in Maths they have been consolidating their learning and practising writing subtraction sentences. They had fun subtracting baubles from a Christmas tree and writing the calculation down.


In English this week we have introduced a new book 'The Snowman' by Michael Morpurgo. The pupils predicted what they thought the story was about just from looking at the front cover. The pupils then used their detective ears to hear new words that they did not know. We then used google and dictionaries to find out what these words mean. 


In Religious Education this term we have been learning about the nativity story.  This week we used our knowledge to organise the Nativity story in the right order.  


We hope you have a lovely weekend, see you next week for the final push!


Best wishes

The Year One Team

Newsletter - weekending Friday 4th December 2020


It's full on tinsel and nativity practise this week.  The children are doing so well with their singing practise.  If they could practise once more over the weekend we would really appreciate it as we will be recording on Monday.  Thank you for all those parents who donated some tinsel, it really has made us feel festive!


We are still continuing with the Year One curriculum; in Maths we have been looking at addition and reversing the two numbers to see if we have been getting the same results.  We have also been making paperchains and seeing how we can use that in addition situations.  The children have also continued with telling the time making their own clocks with hands that move.


In English this week we have been writing our letters to Father Christmas. We introduced the children to letter writing and how we set them out with the date, address and Dear at the top and from at the bottom. We made sure we used our please and thank you's to ask Father Christmas for what we would like. We also remembered to use capital letters and full stops. 


In art we have made some amazing silhouette nativity scenes some of which will be going toward the Crowborough civic carol service video from Sir Henry Fermor School.  We have put these on our display in the middle area so please look at the photos below.


In Geography we have continued our knowledge of the four countries in the United Kingdom with England, next week will be be recapping by reading the story of The Queen's Handbag which takes us on a journey of well knows places in the UK.  On the final week we will be making some food related to the four countries of the UK.  Further details will follow in an email where we will be asking you for a voluntary donation of £1 towards the cost of the food.


We hope you have a lovely weekend, wrap up warm and see you next week.


Warmest regards

The Year One Team

Newsletter: week ending Friday 27th November 2020

The children have been busy this week as we begin our preparations for the Nativity performance. We would really appreciate your help as they learn the word for the songs, details of which you can find in the homework section of this page.  Our lessons are also starting to have that Christmas vibe about them and we've had lots of conversations about who has already put their Christmas trees up!  With this in mind some of the children are talking about Christmas cards.  This is certainly not something that is necessary but many of them enjoy doing them so the Year 1 post box will be available from Tuesday 1st December.  Due to these extraordinary times we request that children only do cards for their own class and not for any other year groups.


Maths this week has been about measurement.  We have been experimenting with rulers and looking at things we can measure in centimetres, we then moved on to measuring time by telling the time to o'clock using an analogue clock. The children were drawing hands to show the hour (short) hand and minute (long) hand.  Next week they will attempt to make their own clock with movable hands.  We will also be looking at addition sentences in reverse.


 In English this week we have been learning about speech marks. We looked at examples of speech marks in the story we are reading 'The three horrid pigs and the big friendly wolf.' We then used them to write what we thought the characters might be saying at different parts of the book. Next week we will be writing a letter to Father Christmas.


With Phonics we are moving along into Phase 5, the children are doing really well with this and we encourage you to practise with them at home if you can, details of some video links which would help you with this can be found on the homework page.


In Science this week we have continued to learn about the weather in Winter. This week was all about snow. As a group we measured the amount of snow fall in different containers with a ruler. We then put our data into a table. Afterwards we compared the level of snow in each pot to find out which one had the most amount of snow in it. 


Finally, we would like to remind you that the children have a big homework project this term of making their own Nativity.  We have done this in the past and the children have loved making their own versions.  We would like these in by the beginning of the last week of term but please feel free to send them in earlier if you have completed them as they will be lovely additions to our classrooms as they become more "Christmassy" as the days and weeks go by.


Have a wonderful weekend (enjoy putting up your decorations if this is what you are planning).

Kindest regards

The Year One Team.

Newsletter: week ending Friday 20th November 2020

This week has whizzed by despite the dark nights drawing in. This has prompted a lot of discussions in the classrooms regarding winter and of course Christmas.  You will be pleased to know that despite the current situation we really want the children to experience all the fun and rituals that normally occur in school at this time of year.  We will therefore still be producing our Nativity play with Year 2 but as you will not be able to come in to see them we will be recording them in separate bubbles and using the magic of video editing to produce a performance that you will all be able to see. Further details of how this will manifest will be forwarded to you next week.  We will not require you to provide any costumes although if you, or anyone you know, has access to tinsel (silver or gold preferably) then could you please let your class teacher know.


Maths this week has been all about measurement. We have been looking a what is higher/taller or smaller and then using non-metric objects like bricks and squares to measure different objects and pictures from Traditional Tales.  Next week we will begin to look at millimetres and centimetres and how to measure using a ruler.


It has been a busy week in English this week. We began the week with a recap of capital letters when we use them for peoples names. We have also been exploring what an adjectives is and using them describe characters in Traditional Tales. We ended the week by writing the story of 'The Three Horrid pigs and the big friendly wolf' in order. We sequenced the story writing what happened at the beginning middle and end. 


In Science this week we continued our learning about the seasons, this week was all about Winter. We investigated what weather we have in winter and what happens to water when it freezes. The children then worked in groups to find out what melts ice the fastest and what snow feels like. 


You should all have received a Krispy Kreme order form this week, if you have not please let us know and we can send another one home in your child's contact book.


We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you again next Monday.


Best  wishes

The Year One Team

Newsletter: week ending Friday 13th November 2020


Well it's been another full week in Year 1:

We have been exploring the book "The Three Horrid Pigs and the Big Friendly Wolf" acting out some of the scenes in a freeze frame then creating our own story maps retelling the story.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed listening to a different take on the Traditional Tale they all know and love.


In Maths we have been looking at our number bonds to numbers up to 10, the children have had fun working out different numbers using giant tweezers and cotton wool balls! We have also investigated subtraction to 10 using a number line leaping backwards from a different number. 


We have also continued our exploration of the United Kingdom, looking at the Principality of Wales and talking about a lot of unique features of this land.  In History we looked at who A A Milne is and his connection to our local area. The children loved discovering that Winnie the Pooh was named after a real bear from Canada and was named after Winnipeg.


The main theme for this week was Remembrance and Courage.  The children were read the book "Where the Poppies now grow" which helped them related to the story of two boys who played in a poppy field only to then fight in the First World War, the story ended with the boys as old men remembering the fallen. On the 11th at 11am (just after morning breaktime) they all stood in silence for two minutes. They were amazing and every single one of them stood silently and respectfully, it really brought a lump to our throats.


Thank you again for those of you who have supported all the charity requests we put upon you, we really do appreciate it, especially in these extraordinary times. The children looked amazing today in their dotty outfits.


Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week.  PLEASE REMEMBER FOREST SCHOOL AND SWIMMING WILL BE FOR 1M NEXT WEEK.


Kindest regards

The Year One Team


Newsletter: week ending Friday 6th November 2020

We have had a fantastic first week back in year 1! What a very busy week it has been with swimming and forest school for 1M and with pyjama day thrown in on top! Thank you for all of the kind donations this week to support fundraising for our school.


English: This week we have introduced a new book: The Three Horrid Pigs and the Big friendly wolf. We did not read the story to the pupils as instead we asked them to predict what they thought the story was about. The pupils came up with lots of imaginative ideas about what the story could be about, for example: ‘I predict the story is about naughty pigs because one of them is sticking his tongue out’ and ‘I predict the pigs are wolves because the pigs have wolf ears.’


Maths has been all about understanding how many tens and ones there are in numbers up to 20, we practised how to draw this as a one ten and a number of ones, we will be revisiting this during the week.  We also looked at subtraction with numbers up to 10 and then 20 with the help of the Gingerbread man, going forward we will be looking at different methods of calculating subtraction.


In Science this week the pupils have been investigating the sun. Looking at the position of the sun at different times of the day and how hot the sun is in different seasons. The pupils used torches to draw the shadow produced of an orange when the sun hits it at different times of the day. Next week the pupils will be investigating the hours of daylight in different seasons.


In History and Geography we have started our termly topic of the United Kingdom.  We identified the four countries in the UK and discussed who our monarch is.  We also discussed Remembrance Sunday and what it commemorates, the children created some fantastic Remembrance Sunday silhouettes as part of Beacon Academy's virtual Remembrance Day. We are sure you will agree what fantastic artists they all are (please see the photo section.)


If you can show the children some of the footage of Remembrance Day that may occur on Sunday that would be lovely as we will all be participating in the two minutes silence in School on Wednesday.


We all hope you have a lovely (lockdown 2) weekend!

The Year One team. 


Newsletter: week ending Friday 23rd October 2020


Well done everyone, we've made it to the end of a very busy and full on first term in Year One.  The children have adjusted so well to the changes in routine and teaching staff, we are proud of each and every one of them who have all overcome their own individual challenges.


This week, as with all of this term, we have continued recapping on their Early Years learning and introducing parts of the Year One curriculum.  Next term we will be moving ahead and concentrating on the Year One curriculum in all subjects.


In Maths this week we have introduced the "Greater than" and "Less than" crocodile comparing them to numbers to 20.  We have also explored the idea of number bonds to 10.


In English this week we have continued to look at the story of 'The town mouse and Country mouse.' We used the story maps we had created last week to write sentences about what we could: hear, see, touch, smell and taste. The children came up with some really imaginative sentences. 


In History we have completed the "family and history" topic by sequencing family members by age. We have linked our Geography to our English topic of the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse by comparing and contrasting what we find in towns and the country.  We debated whether we could consider Crowborough as town or countryside...what do you think?


In Science this week we learnt about temperature, what it means and how we measure it. The children discussed the different adjectives to describe temperature, they then used them to rank 4 jars of water in order from hottest to coldest. Afterwards the children made their own thermometer to measure the temperature at home. 


We all wish you a restful and fun half term and look forward to seeing you again on 2nd November 2020.


Best wishes

The Year One Team



We have loved PE this term, from throwing and catching skills to listening and following instructions. - Well done!

Fabulous Science - continuing with our topic of the seasons and weather we experimented with temperature using a thermometer. Thank you also for the fantastic Autumn bottles they look amazing!

Newsletter: Week ending Friday 16th October 2020


Reminder - for those of you who have not brought in your Autumn bottle we would love to see these in our final week next week, hopefully you will be able to get out and about over the weekend and see what Autumn has delivered over the past few weeks!


It has been such a busy week in Year 1 that we thought we could tell you all about it in pictures rather than words.  Have a lovely weekend.


Kindest regards

The Year 1 team

What a varied week in Year 1!

Newsletter: Week Commencing Friday 9th October 2020


It has been a lovely sunny day in school today matched by the children's yellow clothes, they really did lift us up after a very productive week.  Thank you to all of you who contributed your £1 towards World Mental Health day, it really does make a difference.


We have covered a lot this week, below is a sample of what the children have achieved.


Maths: We have been looking at number lines and how they can help us counting numbers to 20 and beyond. We explored more than and less than numbers and established that when we count something more we are adding and when we count less we are subtracting.  We introducing the adding and subtracting symbol and will from next week be practising addition questions.


English: This week in English we were continuing with our Winnie the Pooh theme as we read and listened to poems about Winnie the Pooh. We used our detective ears to listen out for rhyming words and our detective eyes to help us think of adjectives to describe different poems. The children even had a go at writing their own Winnie the pooh poem.  


History: Tuesday we had the big Show and Tell! We have been amazed by the artefacts and photos that the children have brought in and we have learnt a lot about their grandparent, great grandparents, great great grandparent and for some their 3x great grandparents.  In particular it has been fascinating to hear about family members experience in the two World Wars. The children were extremely articulate and proud of their family. We have included as many photos as we can.


In Art the children have been introduced to the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy. Last week we created our own leaf sculptures out of clay and this week we painted them in Autumn colours. The children had lots of fun painting their sculptures and have produced some amazing artwork.  


In Science  we have been investigating the different weather we have in Autumn. This week we began to learn about wind and how we can measure wind. The children had lots of fun investigating the direction of wind and taking part in different experiments where they could see wind happening. The children have taken their windsocks home so that they can measure the wind where they live.


We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing the children again on Monday.


Mrs Miller and Miss Heilbron

Newsletter: Week Ending Friday 2nd October 2020


It's been another busy week in Year One.  We started the week looking at maps of our local area and using our detective skills we compared a traditional map, google maps and a map of A Hundred Acre Wood. We have also used our scientific investigation to examine Autumnal weather and discuss how we could measure and record rainfall. The children really enjoyed being a weather reporter as they looked at weather symbols.  We ended the week with a fun art session making clay sculptures inspired by the natural artist Andy Goldsworthy.  Next week they will be painting their creations in Autumnal colours.



We have been exploring the properties of 3D shapes and making our own 3D shapes, we have discussed how many edges and faces these shapes have as well as exploring 3D shapes in the real world and classroom.



This week we have been focusing on how to correctly punctuate a sentence including our capital letter and full stops. The children have really enjoyed using their detective eye to spot errors in sentences.


Other matters:

As you may have noticed at pick up time on Friday we have a number of wellington boots left over from last year. Please could you collect these if you think they are yours.  If these are not claimed we will keep some back for Early Years and donate the rest to charity.


Thank you again for all your support with homework, we are really impressed with what the children are producing. Please note that we would like your History homework in by Monday 5th October to give us time to sort through them for our History lesson on Tuesday 6th.


We hope you have a lovely weekend, despite the weather.


Kindest regards

Mrs Miller and Miss Heilbron

It's been a busy week in 1M & 1H

Newsletter week ending Friday 25th September 2020


It has been another very busy week in Year One.  We started with glorious sunshine and finish with rain.  This was rather fitting as we are continued in Science to look at the theme of the Seasons and weather.  This week the children talked about what the weather is like in each season. As a class we looked at a series of pictures, we then used our detective skills to look for clues to tell us what picture was from what season and what in particular we were likely to see in Autumn.  Some of the children were inspired by the beautiful rainbow seen in Crowborough on Thursday and drew rainbow pictures.


In English this week we introduced the story of the ‘Detective dog’ by Julia Donaldson. At the beginning of the week we predicted what we thought the story was about by only looking at the front cover. The story ‘detective dog’ is full of rhyming words, as a class we used our detective ears to listen out for any rhyming words. We spotted, log, dog, frog and many more. With the rhyming words we created our own rhyming booklets. 


Maths has been a continuation from last week where we have been recalling our numbers to 10 and then 20 and identifying one more and one less. Some of the children challenged themselves to go beyond 20 and see if they could calculate one more and one less of these.  We also began to see if we could count our numbers backwards and will be continuing to practise this throughout the year.  We then moved on to identifying the properties of simple 2D shapes and recognising them in a pattern.  Next week we will be looking at 3D shapes.


In History we were looking at who is in our family and who lives at home with us.  Next week we will be looking at our family beyond who lives in our house and identifying who is the oldest. We will discuss whether the oldest in the family will know more about family history.  Please look at the homework page this week regarding History as we will be doing a show and tell in a few weeks time.


In Geography we continued to look at our local area and landmarks in Crowborough, many of the children enjoyed making Crowborough railway station. Next week we will look at our local area in the context of maps. We will discuss what people use if they do not have a sat nav or their phones to hand. We will be comparing maps of Crowborough to a map of A Hundred Acre Wood.


Thank you again for all your support at dropping off and picking up. Have a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing you all next week.


The Year One Team.

Newsletter week ending Friday 18th September 2020


This term we are exploring our local area by being Location Detectives. This week we investigated where we live and what is in our local area including our school environment.  This started by drawing our local area and then creating familiar buildings in Crowborough in 3D using different materials we could find.  Familiar landmarks included our school, All Saints Church, Morrison's supermarket, the war memorial, the railway station and their home.


In English we began the week with a tour Key Stage One area including the dining hall where we were investigating what posters we could find and what things are written on posters. We talked about the kinds of things they were telling us. We then practised writing sentences beginning with "I saw" and "I can see".


In Maths we recapped writing and ordering our numbers to 10 and then for some children beyond this number. The children enjoyed making number towers to represent the number 1-10 and some enjoyed the challenge of going beyond this. One of the Year 1 objectives is to be able to spell these numbers in words which we have also demonstrated to the children and will continue to work on throughout the year.


In Phonics we are revisiting the Phase 2 sounds and will continue to recap these as we move on to revising the Phase 3 sounds next week. Please check our Homework section for the phonics play links so that you can practise these at home.


We have started our Science topic this week looking at the season and what weather is associated with them. We have also been practising the months of the year and which months you are likely to find in each season. Year One will be going on more nature walks in the coming weeks to reinforce their science learning.


Thank you again for all of you who are reading at home, it really does make a difference even if it is only for 10 minutes the children really reap the rewards.


Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Miller and Miss Heilbron

Newsletter - week ending Friday 11th September 2020


It has been so wonderful to have the children back in class and they have settled in extremely well considering many of them have not been in a school environment since March.  We have really enjoyed getting to know them this week and we hope they have enjoyed all the activities that we prepared for them.  Their first week has all been about introducing them to Year One and settling them into the new routine including the numerous hand washing and sanitising pit stops!


From next week we will be starting our "normal" timetable covering all of the Year Once curriculum.  Although this will still include a lot of play and learn opportunities we will be introducing traditional subjects like History, Geography, English and Maths for example.


Thank you for all your support with the new way of doing things, especially your punctuality during pick up and drop off which has made things run smoothly at our end.  We hope you all have a lovely restful weekend and look forward to seeing you all again on Monday.


Kindest regards

The Year One Team

(Mrs Miller, Mrs Garner & Miss Cashmore - 1M)

(Miss Heilbron & Miss Chalkley - 1H)



Water bottles


Gentle reminder could the children please all bring their own water bottles in each day as they will be using this during lunch times as well as any other times of the day. Please DO NOT place the water bottles in book bags as we are finding a number of children coming into school in the morning with wet books.  Thank you for your cooperation.




Week One - settling in to our new environment

We have been on an Autumnal Scavenger Hunt


Thank you for understanding that we are only able to offer a school packed lunch at the moment in Key Stage 1.  The children all enjoyed eating their baguettes, vegetable sticks, and fruit today as well as their dessert option. Please be aware that you will need to click on the biscuit/cake option when ordering on Parent Pay as there isn't the choice of yoghurt at the moment. We will be reviewing the lunch options at the end of September.  Please speak to your class teacher if you have concerns about this at pick up.

Many thanks.

Mrs Miller and Miss Heilbron

Welcome to Year 1

Autumn Term 2020


Thank you for visiting the year group page. We are really looking forward to welcoming your child back into Key Stage One and want to share with you some information to help support your child’s transition back into the classroom.

As outlined in Mrs Strand’s communications, following government guidelines the children have been sectioned into pods and your child will be a member of pod C. For more information from Mrs Stand on what the pods are and how they work, please follow this link.


Drop Off Arrangements

Your child will start school on Monday 7th September and will enter the building through the red gate entrance. There will be a one-way system operating whereby you enter the school site via the gate beside the carpark and after drop off, please leave via the alley way.

The gate will be open from 8:50am for the arrival of Year 2 and remain open for the arrival of Year 1 at 8.55am.  This is to minimise the risk of too many children and adults in the small space in front of the gate at the same time.  The gate will be closed promptly at 9.05am. Once inside the gate, your child will be greeted by staff from their pod and shown straight to their new classroom where they will be supervised with handwashing and unpacking their belongings.

What to Wear and What to Bring

Children are expected to attend school in full summer school uniform, please see our uniform page for further details. Children are asked not to bring in a rucksack or other school bag but should only bring in their PE kit in a named red school drawstring bag, a named water bottle and an SHF school book bag containing only the following items:

  • A pack of disposable tissues;
  • Their reading book (these will be given to your child on the first day).
  • Yellow reading record book (these will be given to your child on the first day).
  • A contact book (these will be given to your child on the first day).

Your child must not bring any other items into school unless authorised by your child’s teacher to meet their specific needs this includes any toys.

Hygiene and Safety Measures

During the first day and on an ongoing basis, your child will be reminded of the good hygiene practices that we will be enforcing in school and we will explain the safety measures we have put in place to help keep your child safe, such as staggered break times, regular hand washing and limiting the areas of the school each pod can access.

It would be really helpful if you could talk to your child about why it is so important that we maintain good hygiene to help keep everyone safe and encourage your child to speak to a member of their teaching team if they have any questions or concerns.

Collection Arrangements

Year1 will finish school at 3:10pm and will exit the building through the red gate where you will need to wait for them. The class teacher or teaching assistant will bring the children to the gate and ensure they are released to the designated adult following the Collections Arrangement Form that you will have filled in previously. Please ensure that these forms are updated with any changes for this year. Please contact the school office if you need a digital copy of this form or if you need to collect a printed version. 

Home -  School Communication

Due to the current situation, parents and carers will not be able to come into the school building at the start, the end or throughout the school day. For most forms of communication, we would ask that you use your child’s contact book or email the school office who will forward the message on. If there is anything of a more confidential or sensitive nature, you can email the safeguarding team direct on