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Year 1 - 1H & 1M

Welcome to Year One

Newsletter week ending Friday 18th September 2020


This term we are exploring our local area by being Location Detectives. This week we investigated where we live and what is in our local area including our school environment.  This started by drawing our local area and then creating familiar buildings in Crowborough in 3D using different materials we could find.  Familiar landmarks included our school, All Saints Church, Morrison's supermarket, the war memorial, the railway station and their home.


In English we began the week with a tour Key Stage One area including the dining hall where we were investigating what posters we could find and what things are written on posters. We talked about the kinds of things they were telling us. We then practised writing sentences beginning with "I saw" and "I can see".


In Maths we recapped writing and ordering our numbers to 10 and then for some children beyond this number. The children enjoyed making number towers to represent the number 1-10 and some enjoyed the challenge of going beyond this. One of the Year 1 objectives is to be able to spell these numbers in words which we have also demonstrated to the children and will continue to work on throughout the year.


In Phonics we are revisiting the Phase 2 sounds and will continue to recap these as we move on to revising the Phase 3 sounds next week. Please check our Homework section for the phonics play links so that you can practise these at home.


We have started our Science topic this week looking at the season and what weather is associated with them. We have also been practising the months of the year and which months you are likely to find in each season. Year One will be going on more nature walks in the coming weeks to reinforce their science learning.


Thank you again for all of you who are reading at home, it really does make a difference even if it is only for 10 minutes the children really reap the rewards.


Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Miller and Miss Heilbron

Newsletter - week ending Friday 11th September 2020


It has been so wonderful to have the children back in class and they have settled in extremely well considering many of them have not been in a school environment since March.  We have really enjoyed getting to know them this week and we hope they have enjoyed all the activities that we prepared for them.  Their first week has all been about introducing them to Year One and settling them into the new routine including the numerous hand washing and sanitising pit stops!


From next week we will be starting our "normal" timetable covering all of the Year Once curriculum.  Although this will still include a lot of play and learn opportunities we will be introducing traditional subjects like History, Geography, English and Maths for example.


Thank you for all your support with the new way of doing things, especially your punctuality during pick up and drop off which has made things run smoothly at our end.  We hope you all have a lovely restful weekend and look forward to seeing you all again on Monday.


Kindest regards

The Year One Team

(Mrs Miller, Mrs Garner & Miss Cashmore - 1M)

(Miss Heilbron & Miss Chalkley - 1H)



Water bottles


Gentle reminder could the children please all bring their own water bottles in each day as they will be using this during lunch times as well as any other times of the day. Please DO NOT place the water bottles in book bags as we are finding a number of children coming into school in the morning with wet books.  Thank you for your cooperation.




Week One - settling in to our new environment

We have been on an Autumnal Scavenger Hunt


Thank you for understanding that we are only able to offer a school packed lunch at the moment in Key Stage 1.  The children all enjoyed eating their baguettes, vegetable sticks, and fruit today as well as their dessert option. Please be aware that you will need to click on the biscuit/cake option when ordering on Parent Pay as there isn't the choice of yoghurt at the moment. We will be reviewing the lunch options at the end of September.  Please speak to your class teacher if you have concerns about this at pick up.

Many thanks.

Mrs Miller and Miss Heilbron

Welcome to Year 1

Autumn Term 2020


Thank you for visiting the year group page. We are really looking forward to welcoming your child back into Key Stage One and want to share with you some information to help support your child’s transition back into the classroom.

As outlined in Mrs Strand’s communications, following government guidelines the children have been sectioned into pods and your child will be a member of pod C. For more information from Mrs Stand on what the pods are and how they work, please follow this link.


Drop Off Arrangements

Your child will start school on Monday 7th September and will enter the building through the red gate entrance. There will be a one-way system operating whereby you enter the school site via the gate beside the carpark and after drop off, please leave via the alley way.

The gate will be open from 8:50am for the arrival of Year 2 and remain open for the arrival of Year 1 at 8.55am.  This is to minimise the risk of too many children and adults in the small space in front of the gate at the same time.  The gate will be closed promptly at 9.05am. Once inside the gate, your child will be greeted by staff from their pod and shown straight to their new classroom where they will be supervised with handwashing and unpacking their belongings.

What to Wear and What to Bring

Children are expected to attend school in full summer school uniform, please see our uniform page for further details. Children are asked not to bring in a rucksack or other school bag but should only bring in their PE kit in a named red school drawstring bag, a named water bottle and an SHF school book bag containing only the following items:

  • A pack of disposable tissues;
  • Their reading book (these will be given to your child on the first day).
  • Yellow reading record book (these will be given to your child on the first day).
  • A contact book (these will be given to your child on the first day).

Your child must not bring any other items into school unless authorised by your child’s teacher to meet their specific needs this includes any toys.

Hygiene and Safety Measures

During the first day and on an ongoing basis, your child will be reminded of the good hygiene practices that we will be enforcing in school and we will explain the safety measures we have put in place to help keep your child safe, such as staggered break times, regular hand washing and limiting the areas of the school each pod can access.

It would be really helpful if you could talk to your child about why it is so important that we maintain good hygiene to help keep everyone safe and encourage your child to speak to a member of their teaching team if they have any questions or concerns.

Collection Arrangements

Year1 will finish school at 3:10pm and will exit the building through the red gate where you will need to wait for them. The class teacher or teaching assistant will bring the children to the gate and ensure they are released to the designated adult following the Collections Arrangement Form that you will have filled in previously. Please ensure that these forms are updated with any changes for this year. Please contact the school office if you need a digital copy of this form or if you need to collect a printed version. 

Home -  School Communication

Due to the current situation, parents and carers will not be able to come into the school building at the start, the end or throughout the school day. For most forms of communication, we would ask that you use your child’s contact book or email the school office who will forward the message on. If there is anything of a more confidential or sensitive nature, you can email the safeguarding team direct on