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Year 2 – 2J and 2K

Welcome to our Year 2 information page


2J are taught by Mrs Jeffs and Mr Novkovic

2K are taught by Mrs King

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Oram and Mrs Cashmore


Moving from Year 1 into Year 2 can be a daunting moment, but we make the transition as smooth as possible. During the summer term the new teachers meet their new classes, and the children will experience their new classrooms. This helps aid the moving on process.

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By the beginning of Year 2 children are expected to be able to read all common graphemes and should be using these to decode unknown words. In Year 2 we build on this knowledge and develop speedy word-reading skills, increase the vocabulary the children use, work on developing comprehension skills and encourage the children to discuss a wide range of books including fiction, non-fiction and poetry. At the end of Year 2 the children will take part in a Reading SATS paper (which we call quizzes). This helps to support the overall assessment of the children at the end of the academic year.


For the beginning of Year 2 the children should be confidently using their phonic knowledge to spell unknown words. Words can still be phonetically plausible during Year 2, but we work hard on teaching correct spellings for more tricky words and especially homophones; such as be, bee; by, bye. We also start to look at the importance of prefixes and suffixes and how these can be used in everyday reading and writing. Handwriting is another key focus, with our children being expected to use the cursive style and show knowledge of how the diagonal strokes in and out of letters help to aid the joining of words.



The principal focus of mathematics teaching in key stage 1 is to ensure that pupils develop confidence and mental fluency with whole numbers, counting and place value. In Year 2 we develop these skills by using resources to support counting and we begin to teach the children how to represent their calculations in written form. As our confidence develops we cover larger numbers and we work on all 4 key operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction and between multiplication and division. We also work on developing skills of reasoning and discussing how we know we have calculated accurately. All of this teaching accumulates in 2 Mathematics SATS papers in the summer term.

In terms 5 and 6 we are exploring the world and learning all about the continents and oceans around us. This will then lead into learning about and exploring the country, people and traditions of India and finally we be learning about others who have explored the wonderful world we live in and thinking about how to make an exploration vehicle in DT.