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Year 3 – 3B and 3L

Welcome to our Year 3 information page


3B are taught by Mrs Burton

3L are taught by Mrs Luxford and Mrs Sills

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Missen, Mrs Bikby and Mr Gilbert


Year 3 is the first year in key stage 2 we encourage the children to become more independent both in their work and organising themselves.


Our Learning Journey Topics

Term 3 – Desert Adventure (looking at different types of deserts, hot and cold).

Term 4 – Green Fingers (looking at where our food comes from and how plants grow).

In Term 3 our Learning Journey is geography based and links to our story writing development and information texts on deserts. Our Science topic will be forces and magnets. In Maths we will be focusing on multiplication and division. The expectations for year 3 are that children should know their 2,3,4,5,8 and 10 times tables, including related division facts.


In Term 4 our texts are 'The Secret Garden' and 'Tin Forest' which link in with our Science on flowering plants. In Geography we will be looking at biomes and where our food comes from.


Below are the Beacon dance students and some year 3 children thoroughly enjoying the movement workshop at the end of Term 2.