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Year 4 - 4K & 4SL

As we come to the end of another late Summer sunny and busy week, your children should have come home with their Reading Record Book and Contact Book.  Please continue your amazing work reading with your children and use the Contact Book for any information you need to pass on.

We are continuing to make the most of the kind weather in PE so we have been practising Athletics skills on the field.  It is wonderful to see the children working on their throwing, running, movement and team skills.

In English, the children are working very hard building their own detective character in preparation for writing their own detective stories.  We have many imaginative writers so we are looking forward to reading some real thrillers!

For our History this week, the children have been looking at different primary and secondary resources to discover what life was like in a Victorian school.  You may like to ask them whether school today is really so bad!  The Year 5 and classrooms are part of the old Fermor School dating back to Victorian times.  What can your child remember learning when we visited them last week?

In a couple of weeks time, we are planning a Victorian Day for the children here in school.  More details will follow when we have finalised a date but in preparation, please encourage the children to complete the Home Learning Task which will come back with them in their Contact Books on Monday.  

We hope you can enjoy the last throes of the Indian Summer we are promised again this weekend!

The Year 4 team


Please find below, the Home Learning for next week.  We appreciate that pieces of paper don't always find their way home so you can also find it here on the Class Page.


Year 4 Home Learning Term 1 Week 2


Reading:  Please read for 10-15 minutes every day and record what you have read in your Reading Journal.


Spellings: Spellings will be given out on Friday, please learn them ready for the following Friday


Maths: We will be looking at more than > and less next < week, continuing to build on our learning of place value.  The more than symbol opens up to the largest number e.g.  15 > 12 (15 is greater than / more than 12). This week we have ordered numbers on a number line from smallest to largest and vice versa. To continue with this learning, could you practise drawing number lines with intervals going up in 100s, 1000s and as a challenge, 200, 250 or have a go at making up your own.


Activity:  This week we have been comparing the Victorian school to present day. But children also worked during the Victorian times. We would like your child to research child labour during the Victorian times. They can present their work how they wish; poster, story, diary, power point etc and be as creative as they wish. 

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