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Year 4 - 4K & 4SL

It has certainly been apt to call it 'flaming June' this week and we hope you have managed to enjoy the beautiful weather without becoming too uncomfortable.  As tempting as it is to moan, let's remember that these heatwaves are very short-lived in the UK! 


If any of you have managed to listen to Mrs Strand's Celebration Worship this week, you will have heard her message told through the fable of the crow and the pitcher of water with its message about perseverance and ingenuity.  The crow was desperately thirsty but could not get his beak far enough into the pitcher to drink the water, so after much thought, he realised that if he dropped stones into the water then it would increase the level of the water until he was able to reach it and quench his thirst. 


While listening to it with the children in school today, I was thinking about all of you as the parents and carers of your amazing children we have the privilege to teach and how you have all had to demonstrate perseverance and ingenuity throughout this pandemic.  There will have been many occasions over the last three months when we have all felt we have needed to dig deep to keep going, but we have.  It may not always have been without support, we may have needed help but we have pulled ourselves up, dusted ourselves off and continued to learn so much about ourselves and our capabilities.  We should applaud ourselves and be thankful for everyone in our lives who has helped us to achieve what may appear to you to be the smallest and most insignificant thing.


So, as we approach the end of June and move ever closer to the end of the academic year, feeling tired and perhaps a little battle torn, remind yourselves of the fable of the crow and the pitcher of water; just when we might think it's time to give up there will be something or someone who will help us to find that little bit more perseverance and determination to see something through.


Wishing you an enjoyable and restful weekend


The Year 4 team

Well, we have certainly had enough rain this week so it's good to see that the weather is due to improve from the beginning of next week.  It is the summer solstice this weekend which does mean we will have reached the longest day of the year.  On the plus side, we still have plenty of lighter evenings to look forward to through the summer holidays, which seems a very strange concept after such an enforced absence from school.


I noticed this week that there have been a couple of programmes on BBC Four about Ancient Egypt.  Both were on last night (Thursday) at 9:00 then 10:00 so being that it's after the watershed, it might be worth checking them out if you think they will be suitable for your children and indeed not pitched over their heads.  The first was Tutankhamun in Colour; Carter's discovery of the burial chamber followed by a programme called Ancient Cities: Cairo, which used state of the art scanning to show the inside of the pyramids and where the burial chambers were located, all perfectly aligned; fascinating.


Thank you again for all the work you are continuing to send in and supporting your children with.  You will find next week's work available now on the Class Pages.


It remains for me to say, we hope, as always, you have an enjoyable and well deserved,  restful weekend.


With all good wishes from the Year 4 team 

Apologies, that you are receiving this a day later than you should.  I spent several hours versus the internet yesterday and finally the internet won at 9 p.m. last night, so having worked out the culprit this morning, offending tree branches are meeting their fate as we speak!


It should go without saying that we are very grateful for the work and updates you continue to send in.  We have enjoyed seeing the children's improving Maths skills, their enjoyment of Cleopatra and their own learning and achievements, whether it be Indian feasts, looking under the microscope or being selected by your team as players player; we are in awe of your resilience and perseverance.


The week after next, we will be moving on in English to look at stories from other cultures, including Africa and beginning to work towards concluding our Ancient Egypt learning journey.  To conclude the Summer Term, we will be asking the children to produce a project or presentation but more details will follow.


It looks like we are in for some sunnier spells and warmer weather so please find time to take a break from the demands of life as it is at the moment.  We hope some of you will also be able to take advantage of catching up with family in the newly approved 'bubbles'.


With our good wishes


The Year 4 Team

The Year 4 team, like many of you possibly, are in disbelief that we have now come to the end of the second week of term 6 and have at last been able to see some of the children coming back into school.


We know that for the majority of the children, you are still working with them at home and this is our opportunity to say another heartfelt thank you for all the wonderful work we are seeing and hearing about.  It is because of your support and encouragement that we are privileged to be a part of your amazing childrens' learning.  Rest assured, we continue to plan the Extraordinary Home Learning activities and are here to guide you should you need it.


This week, we wanted to share a photo of a 1000 piece Harry Potter jigsaw which Mrs Koch completed.  Understandably, she is extremely proud of her achievement and the rest of the team are frankly in awe of her patience!  We have also included some photos of the great work which has been taking place again this week.


Unfortunately, not quite the heatwave weather this weekend but we hope you will still be able to get out, switch off and enjoy some time of relaxation.


With all good wishes from the Year 4 team




It's quite difficult to imagine that we have reached the end of another term away from school.  Thinking back over the last nine weeks since we were all together in school is beginning to feel distant but what we must remember is that we have all found a new 'normal' that works for us. 


While that will look different for all our families, there is one constant for us; we have all tried to be the best we can be in the circumstances and we are beginning to emerge slowly.  We will have learned a lot about ourselves on many levels.


As we await further developments in relation to the wider opening of schools, we would like to wish you a peaceful and restful half-term break and to send you our most sincere gratitude and admiration for everything you and your families have achieved since lock down began.


We look forward to working with you all again in Term 6.


with our very best wishes


the Year 4 Team



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

This is now the penultimate week before half-term and we are beginning to experience the very first small steps in an easing of the lockdown measures.  You will also have heard and read a lot of thoughts and opinions regarding school re-opening.


Can we assure you that as and when any firm decisions are made that it may happen, Mrs Strand will keep us all well informed.  We don't know any more than you do so please do not not waste energy and anxiety on 'what ifs' at this stage.


This leads me on very easily to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all the wonderful work, photos and updates that you continue to send.  The wealth of enriching learning experiences which are taking place is enormous and ranges from our suggested work to baking, painting, gardening, pottery; the list is long!  What a great opportunity for us to remind you again that we know learning is taking place in all sorts of guises and it is therefore, perfectly acceptable to put your own interpretations on our suggested learning as well as sharing the other wonderful skills the children are building on.  Apart from putting yourselves under unnecessary pressure, we can only focus on so much as the work comes through the email.  This week, we had thirty-three attachments form one child in one email! 


We do want to see the children's work if you are able to photograph or scan it to us but a maximum of up to five pieces a week is more than enough, as is just an email to check-in and let us know how you and your families are each week.  You do not have to send us something every day.  The end of the week or fortnightly is fine.


It looks like a dry weekend so we hope everyone is able to get outside somewhere and find some time to relax. The brilliant sunshine returns in ernest next week by the looks of it.


We also hope you continue to keep well and safe.


The final week of learning for Term 5 will be ready for Monday here on the Class Page.


With all good wishes from the Year 4 team

We are now at the end of Week 3 and about to enjoy the first of the May Bank holiday weekends although of course this year, it will be very different not being able to spend it with friends and family. 


It is rather poignant then that we commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day tomorrow which marked Britain emerging from a dark, difficult and tragic time in its history.  Current times have been similar to this for many but there are signs now that we too are perhaps sensing a glimmer of light.  By the end of the weekend, we shall know more and begin our emergence from this difficult time.  So, if you are marking VE Day, please send in photos.  You may have read that Mrs Strand is planning to add a photo collage for our History Wall, depicting the time Sir Henry Fermor School was temporarily closed.  It would be great to have pictures of you as makers of history!


Thank you again for your ongoing support and tremendous efforts to send in the children's work.  We are fully aware that this doesn't always come easily so a reminder that we are extremely grateful for what you can send us.  There isn't an expected right or wrong; we just ask that you keep in touch.  We also hope that you know we are here to support you in any way we can so please talk to us if you need to.


There are many positive comments reaching us about the Egyptian learning journey topic which we love to hear.  Lots of you are supplementing your learning with video clips and hands on activities which you will see in the photos.

We are very happy to see you going 'off grid' with your learning too.  This will be a rare opportunity in life to discover and develop new interests so don't be shy to show us how your time is being enriched.


We hope you will all be able to enjoy a restful weekend. It would appear that we are in for some glorious weather for the next couple of days.....not so much as next week unfolds.  Therefore, as the saying goes, make hay while the sun shines!


With best wishes from the Year 4 team

Picture 1 Sophie's food chain mobile
Picture 2 Orla's Skee Ball design project
Picture 3 Florence's Nile description
Picture 4 Reuben's jigsaw puzzle

So, at the end of another week and now in May, I think we probably all feel we've seen all four seasons!!  As I sit here writing this on behalf of the whole Year 4 team, I am looking at the most vivid green trees in full leaf against a back drop of silver grey and foreboding but as we all know, after the rain comes sunshine and we sincerely hope you are all finding positives at a time when nothing is certain.


We have seen from all your wonderful photos that many new skills are being developed, as well as the huge amount of effort that is being put in to the work we have put together for you.  Thank you all so much for all you are doing.


Hopefully, you will have seen the amateur production of the staff and the loo roll on its journey.  Again, watch the website for more staff snippets.  It is lovely for us to share what we have been doing too; contrary to popular belief, we don't sleep under our desks, we are real!


Mr Woods has come up with some fun word searches, mazes and crosswords for the children to do perhaps in a break time or when they would just like to try something different. You will find Mr Woods' activities on the Extraordinary Home Learning page and he will be updating it weekly.  If any of your children would like to have something added to Mr Woods' page for other children to try out, please send it to the Year 4 parents email address, preferably as a pdf but a Word document is fine. Things like riddles, spot the difference or similar teasers are just what Mr Woods is looking for.  Please don't forget to include the answers!


For those children who are missing a competition challenge, East Sussex have launched a Summer writing competition.  All the details are below.  It is very easy and straight forward to enter and is based around some illustrations drawn by a Harris Burdick who mysteriously left them at the office of a Peter Wender, promising to return with the stories he had written to accompany them...but he never returned...

The competition invites the children to write either a graphic novel story, a picture story or a short story.  


We all hope you will enjoy a restful weekend.  Life continues to be very full without leaving the house so it is just as important to find time to recharge.


Next week's work will be available on the Class Page for Monday morning but remember that next Friday is a Bank Holiday to commemorate 75 years since VE Day so activities will be set for four sessions.


With all good wishes from the 

Year 4 Team

We are already at the end of the first week of the new Term and we hope you have all managed to find a routine that works for you and your families. 


The ways in which we are all being asked to work is strange to say the least and brings its own anxieties.  Thank you for the many, many messages of support and encouragement which we cannot stress enough, are the boosts we need.  I think the team agree that it is a lot easier being in the classroom!  Equally, thank you for the wonderful work and photos we are seeing from the children and to you all who are working with them while juggling your own work and home life.


On that note, from all our points of view, if you are sending work or photos, please only send up to five pieces A WEEK.  The expectation for you to keep up with something to evidence every day is an unrealistic pressure and with sixty families in the year group, we can't keep up with the volume either!


We hope you will all have an opportunity to enjoy the weekend weather which may not be quite as hot but will certainly bring plenty of sunshine.


Remember, next weeks learning will be available on the Extraordinary Home Learning 'Star' for Monday.


We are all missing seeing the children so please make sure they know we are thinking about them.


Coming soon, and to give you all a smile we hope, look out for some staff appearances and messages on the website!


The Year 4 Team


Picture 1

A very warm welcome back to Term 5!


We sincerely hope you are as rested as you can be in these times of finding a new 'normal' and for as long as it has to last.  


Click on the Extraordinary Home Learning star to access the learning for each subject.  We will continue to update the Class Page with news and photos on a Friday with all the fabulous learning which has been, and we know will be, taking place.  On a Monday, you will be able to access that weeks Extraordinary Home Learning. You will also receive an email, first thing Monday morning, outlining the learning we have planned with a guide, overview and the resources you will need.


Please don't hesitate to contact us via the Year 4 parent email address if you have any questions or need further support.


With our best wishes to you all.  We hope you are keeping safe and well,


The Year 4 team