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Year 5 – 5E and 5F

Welcome to our Year 5 information page


5E are taught by Mrs Eames:


5F are taught by Miss Fuller:



Our Teaching Assistants are: Mrs Garner, Mrs Levett and Miss Keats

In Year 5, we aim to make each day an enjoyable learning experience, and guide the children to have high expectations of themselves, their peers and the teachers. We reinforce and extend the learning and develop a growth mind-set. The children in year 5 are given every possible opportunity to reflect on their learning and will become more positive about what they know and what they need to do, in order to succeed. There is a real emphasis on being independent learners and children who feel very proud about their achievements.

We aim for every child to have a positive attitude to school and go home full of enthusiasm about what they have learnt that day.


We have planned an exciting curriculum for the year:

During the Year, a carefully planned Curriculum (using Government objectives) gives children the opportunity to enjoy their favourite subjects through history or geography, which then drives the literacy and other cross-curricular learning.

TERM 1 & 2: "Hot Chocolate" (Geography and History based)

Location of South America and physical geography of South America, including the understanding of: biomes (rainforest); rivers and the water cycle; mountains; volcanoes and earthquakes.  Living things and their life cycles and movement of the earth and moon (Science) to explain day and night, seasons and the tropics. The History aspect for this term will focus on the Mayan civilisation, who inhabited the South American continent approximately four thousand years ago. 

TERM 3 & 4: Invasion! (History based)

The Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for England to the time of Edward the Confessor. Looking at the initial raids and invasions by the Vikings and the resistance by the Anglo Saxons; further Viking invasions and the Danegeld; Edward the Confessor and his death in 1066; Battle Abbey and the final fight with the Normans.

TERM 5 & 6: Give us a Clue

Further information to follow.