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Year 5 5PN & 5S

Newsletter Week 3

16 - 23 September 2019



This week we focused on the 'nitty gritty' of language and writing. Ask your children about adverbs and fronted adverbials, when to start a new paragraph using the acronym TOPTIPS, and how to use varied opening sentences in our paragraphs remembering ISPACE! Goodness me, we have learnt so much this week; our brains are full! Next week we write an independent piece of writing where we show off all that we have learnt this term so far.


Please could you encourage your child to write down fabulous words or phrases they particularly enjoyed in their reading books. They could then incorporate these 'magpied' ideas in their own writing next week.



This week’s focus has been on counting forwards and backwards in 10, 100, or 1,000 and rounding numbers up and down to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand. Some children managed to round to the nearest ten thousand and hundred thousand which is excellent!


If you would like to do more with your child at home in order to prepare them for next week, then a refresher on Roman Numerals would be fantastic.



Both classes learnt about the structure of non flowering plants and their life cycle this week.  Don't be surprised if your children are a little obsessed with looking for spores on the back of ferns!


If your child is keen to do Science at home, it would be beneficial for them to research mammals as this is our next focus.



This week we looked at the work of jungle artists such as Rousseau and Oenone Hammersley, and verbalised our opinions on a variety of paintings. We expressed our likes and dislikes using terminology such as colour, shades, shape, content and opinion.


Maybe you could make a family collage on a jungle animal? We will be completing our collages next Thursday afternoon.

Newsletter Week 2

9 - 13 September 2019


Thank you so much to those parents who made it to the ‘Meet the Teachers’ morning on Thursday. It was lovely to see you all and to be able to relay to you the exciting curriculum that the children will be accessing this year. For those of you who were unable to make it, all the information can be found on the Year Five page on this website. If you have any queries, please feel free to write a note in the Contact Book (these are checked daily) or make an appointment to see Mrs Seal, Mr Nokovic or myself.



This week we have journeyed further into the Amazon rainforest and have met a character called Toki, who is being sent on a mission by the chief and elders of his village. Our writing has been based on Toki’s feelings and his dialogue with the chief.


Please could you encourage your child to find examples of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs in the sentences that they read. Being able to break down sentences into their components is a skill necessary for the SATS tests they will take next year.



This week’s focus has been on understanding the value of a digit in a number. Once this had been consolidated, then ordering numbers, comparing numbers, and being able to count forwards and backwards in 10, 100, or 1,000 from any number was next on the cards.


If you would like to do more with your child at home, please can you explore the make up of numbers, and what the value of their digits is. For example, in the number 47 086, the 8 is worth 80 or 8 tens.



Both classes learnt about the structure of flowering plants and their life cycle.  I am pretty sure that most of the children will be able to show you the following parts of a flowering plant: petal, sepal, stamen, stigma, ovule, stem and pollen.


If your child is keen to do Science at home, it would be beneficial to allow the children to research these important processes: germination, flowering, pollination, fertilisation and seed dispersal.

Friday 6th September

Learning Journey

Our new Learning Journey topic – ‘Let’s Fly, South America’ - launched with a stunning start. The children enjoyed discussing the flight to South America, where they got to sample some South American in-flight snacks and musical entertainment. The children learnt about the different countries within South America and some of the World’s oceans that they would fly over to get there. Once we ‘landed’ we delved deeper into the rainforest and learnt about different species there. The children were very excited to learn about carnivorous plants and created their own venus flytrap.

Please encourage your children to carry out research at home about South America. They could do this using the internet or by visiting the library.


Linked to our Learning Journey, this week the children have been looking at a text called ‘Vanishing Rainforests’ by Richard Platt. We discussed what impact deforestation has on tribes and species that live within this habitat. Next week we will be looking at climates in South American countries.

Please keep encouraging your child to write down powerful descriptive vocabulary that they find whilst they are reading. We will display these words in the classroom so that the children can use them to enrich their writing.


This week we have been looking at reading, writing and saying five and six digit numbers and understanding their place value. We have been comparing these large numbers and ordering them to further develop our understanding.

Whenever possible, in a real life context, like a shop or on signposts or on a till receipt, please encourage your child to read out numbers to you and ask them to explain the value of the digits.


Dates for the diary:

Wednesday 11th September – Church Service