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Year 5 – Chaffinches and Woodpeckers

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Parent Information Summary for Year 5



In Year 5, we aim to make each day an enjoyable learning experience, and guide the children to have high expectations of themselves, their peers and the teachers. We reinforce and extend the learning and develop a growth mind-set. The children in year 5 are given every possible opportunity to reflect on their learning and will become more positive about what they know and what they need to do, in order to succeed. There is a real emphasis on being independent learners and children who feel very proud about their achievements. We aim for every child to have a positive attitude to school and go home full of enthusiasm about what they have learnt that day.


Term 1.


Fight for England!


Term 2.


Let’s Samba!


Term 3.


Out of this world


Term 4.

Use Your Loaf


Term 5.

Who were the Maya?


Term 6.

Roaming Rivers


During the Year, a carefully planned Curriculum (using government objectives) gives children the opportunity to enjoy their favourite subjects, which then drives the literacy and other cross-curricular learning.


Term 5 in Year 5, began with a trip back in time to the Ancient Civilisation of the Maya and discovery of an ancient jade necklace. The children now daily enter their ancient City States of Chaffin Inchez and Pecker Inchez (see photos). However, City States were known for trading, challenging each other, as well as making sacrifices to the Gods. The children will soon become a Maya themselves and will return home dressed as a Maya. Beware! At the end of term we will welcome all adults to visit our interactive museum where they can learn more about the ways of the Maya (courtesy of the children!)

Term 6 in Year 5, begins closer to home, with the discovery of roaming rivers in UK. In literacy, they will have an introduction to Shakespeare – The Tempest – where they can learn more about the intricacies of writing and tell the story of river to sea using narrative prose. They will take a virtual trip from the source of a river to the sea, create their own 3D models of a typical river and visit Horton Kirby for field study work. (In the river!)

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