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Sir Henry Fermor

Church of England Primary School

Tel: 01892 652405

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Why should I choose Sir Henry Fermor school over other schools in the area?

We have an inspiring and creative curriculum and as our Christian Vision explains:  no one is left behind - we are inclusive and go the extra mile to ensure all of our children's individual needs are met, through differentiated support and challenge, as required.


How long has Sir Henry Fermor School be in existence?

Sir Henry Fermor declared in his will, in 1732, that he would like a school to be set up in Crowborough, to educate the children of Crowborough.  Since 1744, SHF has been educating the local children.  We are very proud of our extensive history and welcome you to come and browse our History Wall at any time.


Will my child learn to swim at SHF?

Yes.  We feel that the skill of swimming, in order to keep children safe in and around water is essential, and it is a National Curriculum requirement that all children can swim 25 metres by the time they leave primary school. Children swim from their very first year in SHF and having a fabulous pool on site, with our own swim teachers is a great asset.


Does our family need to go to church to apply for a place at Sir Henry Fermor School?

No. We are an inclusive school and celebrate that we have many families of many faiths, and families with no religious beliefs, at our school.  


Does my child have to attend church?

We have very strong links with our linked church - All Saints, Crowborough and we attend church once a month.  These services are led by a different year group each month and celebrate the class values.  If your own family beliefs make it difficult to attend church, we can meet to discuss your individual requirements.


Are the class values Christian values?

Our class values are values that we can all identify with and values that we would like to see our children develop in themselves and in their learning. Many are rooted in biblical teachings but are all values adopted by modern society as a good way to live.


Do the children study Religious Education?

Yes.  All schools study RE as part of the National Curriculum and the programme of study includes Christianity and other religions.


Do children attend assemblies/worship?

Yes. As with all schools, all children have the opportunity to attend an assembly or worship daily.  This forms part of the National Curriculum standard in faith and non-faith schools.


Do you accept children transferring from other schools?

Yes.  If we have space in your child's year group, we are very happy to welcome children into our Fermor family.


Can we come and visit at any time?

Yes, we would be delighted to meet you.  Please contact our school office to arrange a tour.


If you would like to ask further questions or speak in more depth about any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us. 01892 652405.