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Choir Prom Praise 12th March 2024

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The Lord my shepherd

There's nothing that you can't do

Sing to God new songs of worship

Once in Royal David's city

Our God is for us

All about Jesus

Music at Sir Henry Fermor School


We offer a high quality music education to engage and inspire pupils so that they develop a love of music and their talent as musicians, which increases their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement.


The music curriculum for all year groups is made up of the following strands:

Understanding pulse, duration, rhythm, pitch, speed ( tempo ) loudness (dynamics ), timbre, texture, structure, expression and sound quality through singing, body sounds and a variety of tuned and untuned percussion instruments.

Learning a range of cross-curricular songs and hymns, as part of the termly topics in class and in preparation for the various seasonal Christian festivals and monthly church services, as well as for the Key stage productions throughout the year.

Learning to play melodic instruments and experience of playing some orchestral instruments in class, such as the violin, clarinet, flute and trumpet as well as the guitar and drums. The following are studied in more depth, paying attention to technique and quality of sound produced and as a way of developing an understanding of staff notation:

*Year 3 and 4 ( Descant recorder )

*Year 5 (Ukulele )

*Year 6 ( Keyboard )

 • Performing music to a wide variety of audiences with expression and confidence.

Composing and improvising new music to demonstrate an understanding of musical skills and themes.

Listening to and discussing a wide variety of musical performances from different genres, both live and recorded

In addition to the weekly class lessons, we are supported by Create Music (the county music hub) and Red Butler teachers, who offer individual and small group lessons at school on the following instruments: guitar, flute, ukulele, drums, recorder,clarinet, violin, piano, keyboard, trumpet and singing. We also offer iRock lessons where the child rehearse and perform in small bands.


There are various events throughout the year when the children get the chance to perform live in front of an audience, such as school worships, church festivals, the carol service and the end of year summer concert.


We are looking into attending and hosting vocal and instrumental workshops in the future.


We have a flourishing school choir, presently open to all children in Year 3-6, and soon to be introducing  an orchestra, again open to children from Year 3-6. The choir performs regularly in school and in the wider community at events, such as the Christmas Fair, carol singing at local Nursing Homes and at the Summer Fair.


Highlights have included the choir performing at the Proms4Praise concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London and with the world renowned African children's choir at All Saints Church, Crowborough.


Aims for the future are to further expand the musical opportunities available, including at competition level where appropriate, and to collaborate with other schools, where possible, in order to promote music and the performing arts at Fermor School. 


                The school choir singing at the Royal Albert Hall at Proms4Praise





        Year 5 children attending the Choral Day at Christ's Hospital School 

 Members of the school choir getting ready to sing at the Christmas Fair 2021


        Members of the choir performing at the Platinum Jubilee "Big Lunch" in 

                                       Crowborough on Sunday 5th June





                                 Music Technology Club




    Using the keyboard, drumming and vocal record functions of "Garage Band" 






       Accompanying "Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" and "Happy Birthday"



                  Playing instruments in connection with our topic of Animals

                          It's never too soon to learn to play an instrument



   Playing musical chairs using our song "The Animals Went in Two by Two"



                     So this is what the inside of a piano looks like?




                     Playing along with the "Top Gear " car show theme                   

                                                  Year 1



                    Playing instruments heard at the "Trooping of the Colour"


  Playing instruments heard in the "Dance of the Knights" from the ballet "Romeo and Juliet"


                                     Jousting "Fermor Style"



                             Playing the "gittern" at a Medieval banquet




                Playing the descant recorder in the Medieval minstrel gallery





               Learning a Medieval "round" tune on the bells and keyboards  

                                                    Year 2


         Playing the trumpet and drum in time with "God Save the Queen"




                  Playing the drums along with our Native American song



                      Performing Native American chants-"Hayno and Niho wayo"

                                                     Year 3



           Playing instruments from the Stone Age, including the "bull roarer"


                       Playing the "We Will Rock You" drum rhythm


                                        Playing the descant recorder


    Exploring the sounds of the instruments for their Stone Age sound scores



                      Playing instruments first heard in Ancient Egypt



                            Composing their own Greek gods melodies

                                                    Year 4



                     Playing along with "Alexander the Great" by Iron Maiden



        Dancing along with a song describing Alexander the Great, Greek style




                 Playing instruments that were first heard in Roman times

Tuba ( trumpet )           Tibia   ( clarinet /oboe )       Panpipes  ( flute / recorder )


                              Composing our own "S.P.Q.R" chants


                           Year 4 Playing the Descant Recorder



                                 Roman Chariot racing Fermor style




               Playing the "Can Can" tune and composing our own versions





    Performing "Mamma Mia" in connection with the Eurovision Song Contest



 Playing instruments heard in the Raiders of the Last Crusade theme filmed in Petra in Arabia

                                                        Year 5



                                 Playing the C chord on the ukulele






          Playing card games to help remember the History of Classical Music

                                                    Year 6


                     Learning to play the "Eye of the Tiger" on the keyboard


     Playing the trumpet and violin, for which concertos were written in Baroque music 



   Composing our own Pachelbel's Canon melodies using the Ground Bass chord sequence



         Performing our own variations to "Twinkle Little Star" in Ternary form