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Physical Education

Physical Education 

Physical education is an essential component of our school curriculum. It helps develop the child as a whole, teaches important life skills and can really improve the well-being of our pupils.

Curriculum Physical Education

P.E. is taught for two hours each week. We ensure that the children are exposed to a range of sports which all encourage the progression of a range of skills, fitness, flexibility, team work as well as developing a good understanding of why it is so important to keep fit and healthy. Where possible, we try to link P.E. to the topics that are being taught. So, for example, in Year 5 when they are teaching the children about South America, they also teach Salsa dancing. 

Whole School Physical Education Curriculum



We are extremely fortunate at Sir Henry Fermor to have our own swimming pool and two swimming teachers. It is our aim to get every child under the age of ten confidently swimming 25 metres. This year, we will be introducing a passport system. Each child will receive a swimming passport where they can record their progress in the pool. They will have the opportunity to earn awards when certain milestones are reached.

Daily Mile

Each day, every year group goes out to run a ‘daily mile’, either in the morning or the afternoon. This gives the children a well-deserved brain break. Since taking part in the Daily Mile, we have seen a great improvement in fitness. In order to keep track of each child’s progress, they record the number of laps they run each day and are rewarded when they reach certain milestones (depending on which year group they are in).