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Day 2

Welcome to day two of our Year 2 unscheduled home learning page. We have put together some more home learning for you below, don't forget to have fun in the snow and send us in your photos.


Any work you complete electronically (including any photos of your work) please ask your adult to send to us on one email to our dedicated Year 2 email address:


You can also complete your work on paper and bring it to school when you return.

Mrs Miller and Mrs Crumbie



Let’s continue to practise those year 2 common exception words. If you completed them all yesterday then today we’re challenging you to include them in some silly sentences. Here’s our effort:


We have it in mind that we should watch our behind as we climb the gold floor and beautiful door at Christmas.



This term we've been concentrating on addition and subtraction of two two digit numbers and we are now developing our confidence with these calculations. Today we want the children to demonstrate the strategies they have learnt when calculating addition and subtraction by comparing number sentences.  Attached you will see some questions to be completed, please attempt as many of these as you can and remember to show your working out. You do not need to print these off unless you wish to do so.


You may click on this video to remind yourself of the greater than and less than rules. 

Number Gators (Greater Than, Less Than Symbols Song)



We are learning to think about what I have read and write the end of the story


Let’s finish reading ‘Leaf’ by Sandra Dieckmann.

If you’d like to watch the whole story, ask an adult to click on this link for you:





Leaf by Sandra Dieckmann

A wonderful story with the most beautiful of illustrations.

So now we know what happens at the end of the story!

The thoughtful, helpful crows flew Leaf back to his snowy, Arctic home over the deep, blue ocean.


Look carefully at the picture. How did the crows pick Leaf up? What did he say? How did it feel to fly through the sky?


Pretend to be Leaf and write the end of the story in your neatest handwriting.

Use interesting vocabulary and verbs and write an expanded noun phrase too! 

Afternoon options



We will be performing “Don’t Worry Mary” during our church service on Thursday 15th December. Please could you practise the words in preparation. Here is a YouTube link to help:

Born in a Barn - Don't Worry Mary



This term we have been concentrating on the Christmas story and how Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. To finish off this unit of learning we would like the children to consider Christmas celebrations around the world.  Below you will find a text which we would like the children to read. At the end of the text there are some questions which we would like them to answer.  You do not need to print this off unless you wish to. The children can write the answers on paper and bring this in when they return to school or photograph them and send them to the Year 2 email address.  Most of the children should be able to access this and read it themselves but please support those who you feel will need some guidance with the reading.  (You will find the answers at the end of the document to help you but we would like the children to try to answer these before looking at the answers to help them develop their understanding and comprehension).