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Curriculum Rationale at Sir Henry Fermor

At Sir Henry Fermor our broad, knowledge-rich and well sequenced curriculum develops from when the children first start school in Reception.  The scaffolding is put into place from the very beginning, as they learn through discovery and play. Foundations are built upon to develop the children in all areas of the curriculum and links are continually made throughout the child's journey with us.


Our ethos at Sir Henry Fermor is that no child is left behind, and in response to their own starting point, every child is inspired to always give their best and believe in all they do.  Happy children, with a growth mind-set, achieve.

    Following school closures in 2020 and 2021, we are committed to continuing to plan and deliver a broad and balanced, knowledge rich curriculum this year, but one which also focuses on what is necessary to ensure:

    • Our pupils are safe and feel safe
    • Positive mental health and well being of our pupils is promoted and supported
    • Our pupils are engaged and motivated to learn
    • Any significant learning gaps are identified with specific learning sequences and catch up opportunities provided to address them
    • Our curriculum content is prioritised and re-visited where necessary

    Whole School Curriculum Overview


    At Sir Henry Fermor CE Primary, we value a knowledge rich curriculum underpinned within a carefully planned and sequenced framework to enable cumulative knowledge and effective learning. Our curriculum is rooted in a strong belief of equity for all pupils therefore our approach is successfully designed to be ambitious – ensuring also that pupils with SEND and those who are disadvantaged apply what they know and can do so with increasing fluency and therefore gain confidence in learning and thereby overcome any barriers to successful learning.  At Sir Henry Fermor, no child is left behind, no hand left un-held, from the individual's starting point.  Our curriculum ensures excellent coverage of the National Curriculum (Years 1-6) and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We have fully embraced the higher expectations set out in both curricula and have devised our own units of work for each subject area, so that we can ensure a sound progression of learning. We also have a core team of specialist teachers who are passionate about their curriculum area. Our curriculum is broad and balanced and offers a wide range of curricular activities including visits out of school, speakers in school and themed days, these enhance learning and extend our pupils’ cultural capital, giving them real experiences upon which they can draw, in all areas of their learning and development.


    On this page, you can search our school’s curriculum:

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    • by year group

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