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Friday 18th May 2024


***Important Dates for your Diary***

Friday 17th May - 1P swimming

Tuesday 18th May- Fairy Tale Day

Wednesday 22nd May - Numeracy Day

Friday 24th May - Church service for Founders Day

Friday 24th May - swimming 1K

Friday 24th May - Last day of term

Monday 3rd June - First day of Term 6

Friday 7th June - 1P swimming

WK beginning 10th - 14th May Phonics Screening Check

Monday 10th June - Class photos

Wednesday 12th June - EYFS church service

Friday 14th June - 1K swimming

Next Tuesday is our Fairy Tale Afternoon Tea, a celebration of our fairy tale work in English, where the children will be making smoothies as part of the Year 1 DT curriculum. Children can come dressed up as their favourite fairy tale character. We do have plenty of dressing up clothes so please don't feel you have to go out and buy a costume. 

The fairy tale writing is fabulous! At present, we are working on a tale set in India called Cinnamon, a beautifully illustrated story about a a girl - Cinnamon - and a tiger who came to help . . .    



In Maths, we have introduced the concept of equal groups and arrays with repeated addition calculations; the first stepping stone to multiplication. It is important the children know how to count in multiples of twos, fives and tens to support the learning. Please look at our Maths Homework Page where you will find materials to support. 

As the end of term approaches, the Phonics Screening grows ever closer. It is important to keep up the momentum over the next few weeks in reading and other activities you may have been given as well as the links and games which can be accessed on our Phonics Homework Page .

Thank you for all the Royal Charters that have come in. We have all had fun listening to them. Quite a few have stirred some serious discussions and plenty of cheers!

Some of you have enquired into a school trip for Year One next term. We are in the process of locking in a date with the coach firm and the venue. All will be revealed as soon as all is confirmed. 

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers for swimming and reading. As you know, swimming couldn't go ahead without you, and we are seeing amazing progress in all of our children with reading and their sounds. 

Have a super weekend in all that you do. 

Best wishes,

The Year 1 Team 

Friday 10th May 2024

***Important Dates for your Diary***

Friday 17th May - 1P swimming

Wednesday 22nd May - Numeracy Day

Friday 24th May - Church service for Founders Day

Friday 24th May - swimming 1K

Friday 24th May - Last day of term

Monday 3rd June - First day of Term 6

Friday 7th June - 1P swimming

WK beginning 10th - 14th May Phonics Screening Check

Monday 10th June - Class photos

Wednesday 12th June - EYFS church service

Friday 14th June - 1K swimming


As you have seen from the photos, there has been plenty of opportunity to enjoy the glorious sunshine with some outdoor learning. In maths, the children have been introduced to counting in twos and fives. We used wellies to count in twos. The children had to sort them into their pairs first. There is a useful link to support counting in twos and fives on our maths homework page. 

In Science, the children planted seeds, flowers and veggies, discussing what we would all do to look after them. If you have any seeds/pots/compost/plants you would like to donate to our outside learning, we would love to make good use of them. 

Now the sun has joined us for spring, could we ask that your child brings in a sunhat as there is limited shade on the playground and field (when it opens). If you wish your child to wear sun cream, could you administer in the morning? And if they bring in sun cream, please explain that it is just for them and not to be shared and they will have to be able to put the cream on themselves. 

The KS1 children are now able to use the wooded area at lunchtime as this provides shade. However, they do need wellies in school to be able to go into the woods due to the amount of rain we have had recently. Thank you so much with all your support with reading and swimming. Some children have gone home with Phonics sheets of nonsense and real words to practise with. If you are unsure of anything regarding Phonics, please look at our Phonics Curriculum page for information and a how to video on saying the sounds. 

There is also Phonics homework on our Homework page which includes the current newsletter and a link to some free phonics games. 

Have a super weekend!

The Year 1 Team  


Friday 3rd May 2024

***Important Dates for Your Diary***

                                         Monday 6th May Bank Holiday

Friday 10th May 1K swimming

What a fabulous week!!! Thank you so much for attending the Year 1 church service. We are so pleased you all enjoyed it. Weren't the children amazing????? Despite a few nerves, we think they loved it and they performed brilliantly.  In English, they wrote a recount of the service. Words included; excited, proud, friends and favourite. We are definitely very proud of them all. 


As you can see from the photos, we have enjoyed the outdoors this week due to some warm and dry spells. In Science, we are exploring changing seasons, looking closely at spring. Last week, we looked for signs of spring. This week, we looked more closely at the roots of plants, exploring our woodland. 


In Maths, we have moved on to capacity and volume, exploring full, empty and overflowing. 


Our RHE this term is on Physical Activity and how it keeps us healthy, exploring the many ways we are all active including play times which was a surprise for some. 


Thank you to all of you who accompanied us to the Pocket Park and Beyond. We couldn't do it without you. Likewise with swimming. And thank you for our reading volunteers! The Phonics screening is looming; week of June 10th and reading at home is a huge part of this. Some of the children will be going home with reading sheets of real and nonsense words. If you are unsure of how to say any of the sounds, please visit our Curriculum Phonics Page where there is plenty of support including a video of how to say the sounds. You can also visit our  Phonics Homework page for some free Phonics Games which the children have enjoyed using. 


Have a super bank holiday weekend and we will see you on Tuesday 7th May.

Best wishes

The Year 1 Team

PS: As you know, we love a bit of Show and tell in year 1 where the children can talk about something special and /or show something special, usually a toy. Unfortunately, whilst we do allow toys for show and tell, they are not allowed on the playground. If you could remind your child, that would be fab. Thank you. 





Friday 26th April 2024


***Important dates for your Diary***

Wednesday 1st May Year 1 Church Service

Friday 3rd May 1P swimming

Monday 6th May Bank Holiday


Thank you to all our fabulous helpers on the walk to the Pocket Park and for helping 1K with their swimming. 

Thank you for all your support with reading and homework. There is new homework for Musicand Maths

The Phonics newsletter with all the sounds for week can be found here.

Please remember to visit Discovery Education for more learning in Phonics and maths. it also has some good gramma activities too. Login details can be fond in your Contact Books. 

There are also some free games on Phonics Play which will support their reading of real and nonsense words. 

Best wishes,

The Year 1 Team

Friday 19th April 2024

***Important Dates For Your Diary***

Friday 26th April - 1K swimming

Friday 26th April Dress Down Day - Olympic colours

Wednesday 1st May Year 1 Worship at All Saints

Monday 6th May Bank Holiday

Welcome back to Term 5!

Please look at our parent flyer for what's coming up. This week, the children were introduced to measure in Maths, using informal measures and then learning how to use and read a ruler in CM. Please look at our Maths Homework page for a fantastic measuring game they have enjoyed using this week. 

Please also take a look at the  Phonics Newsletter which shows the sounds the children have been learning. 

In English, our first traditional tale is Cinderella. Next week, they will be writing up their own version where the pumpkin turns into something much more exciting than a carriage!

Next week, we are hoping to visit the Pocket Park on Thursday afternoon, supporting our work in Science and RE. Once it has bene confirmed, it  be great if you are able to volunteer to support this little excursion. Please let a member of the Year 1 team know if you are free. 

Thank you to our wonderful helpers with reading and swimming. I know I say this every week but it really does make a huge difference and it is very much appreciated.  

Have a super weekend,

The year 1 Team


Thursday 28th March 2024


***Dates for your Diary***

Thursday 28th March last day of term

Monday 15th April First day of Term 5- Summer Uniform- form more information, click here.

Friday 19th April 1P swimming

Friday 26th April Dress Down Day

Friday 26th April 1K swimming

Wednesday 1st May Year 1 Church Service

Monday 6th May - Bank Holiday


Well, that was March that whizzed by in a rain filled frenzy! And now heading into Term 5. It's crazy (and a little scary) how quickly this year is going by. But hopefully much dryer and warmer weather will grace us with her presence. 

Term 5 (and 6) is where we begin to get Year 2 ready, and some of the children are definitely ready for it. We will be building stamina into writing as well as focusing on spellings. There will be more opportunities for writing and maths as we progress through the summer term. 

Our main focus this term will be Phonics. The Phonics screening date is June 10th which is the second week back after the May half term holiday. Please see this helpful video on how to say the sounds for when you are supporting at home. There is also plenty of useful information on the Phonics Curriculum Page which can be found here . 

The Maths homework page has been updated this week with problem solving as well as revisiting previous learning. 

In English on our first week back, we will be writing a recount of the Easter Holiday. it can be a day out, a visit to the park, a sleep over, meeting a friend. If your child wants to bring something in to help them with this like a journal, postcard, poster, photo etc that will be lovely. 

Thank you for all the wonderful support you have given us and the children this term with reading, swimming, and just seeing your welcoming faces at drop off and pick up; it really does make our day. 

Have a super Easter in whatever you get up to.

Best wishes

The Year 1 Team  

Friday 22nd March 2024

***Dates for your Diary***

 Monday 25th March House Competition Egg and Spoon Race 

Thursday 28th March - Year 5 Easter Church Service

Thursday 28th March last day of term



Thank you for the fantastic parent Consultation Evenings. Following on from some of the conversations, please look at our Maths homework page here where you will find examples of Maths investigations that require more than one possible answer. There is also a new Flashback 4, recapping previous and current learning. There is also a link to Top Marks where you will find a 100 square where you can practise number recognition. 

This week's phonics learning is on our Phonics homework page: here where you can practise some of the week's learning. There is also a link to Phonics Play were you can access some free word games. 

Thank you for your wonderful Make the Rules day contributions; the various PJs and snacks were a great success! Everyone looks so cosy!


Have a super weekend

Best wishes

The Year 1 Team

Friday 15th March 2024

***Important dates for your Diary***

Tuesday 19th March -  Parents Eve starting at 3.30

Thursday 21st March - Parents Eve starting at 4.30

Friday 22nd March - Make The Rules Day!!!!

Friday 22nd March - Swimming 1K

Thursday 28th March Year 5 Easter Church Service





This week, has seen Year 1 dive into the world of fantasy with our new text, The Bog Baby. They have produced the cutest images of what they think Bog baby is like as well as some descriptive phrases. We can't wait to see where the journey with Bog baby takes us next!


In Maths this week, we have been working on place value to 50. The children need to recognise that there are ten ones in ten as well as recognising how many tens there are in a given number. We have been using Dienes for the practical lessons to help them build their digits and recognise the value. This game on Top Marks will support the learning. 


We have had an amazing time with Science Day which was all about Time. We linked it to our Science: Senses. There were four activities; observing peeled banana and cut apple over the course of the day to see the changes, carrying out sound surveys at various times of the day, a drawing challenge where they  had to draw a specific house in 60 seconds, 30 seconds then 10 seconds. We then repeated this with our eyes closed! We discussed the importance of time when carrying out a task as well as linking to our senses. Finally, we finished with a game where someone had to steal the keys from under the chair and the person on the chair had to guess who. Hearing was the important sense. It was decided that the less time you took to steal the keys, the less noise you made. 


All that's left to say is have a super weekend, and see you all on Monday. 


The Year 1 Team





























































Friday 8th March 2024

***Important dates for Your Diary***


 Friday 15th March 1P swimming

Friday 22 March Make the Rules Day

Friday 22 March 1K swimming

Thursday 28th March Year 5 Easter Service at All Saints



We hope you enjoy the photos from WBD and RHE learning. There is Computing homework here. Also, we looked at four of the five senses this week in Science as practical activities. If you want to investigate 'taste,' you could have small cubes of food which your child could taste with their eyes closed or use a blindfold. 

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 1 Team 

Friday 1st March 2024


***Important Dates For Your Diary***

Wednesday 6th March Year 2 Church Service

Thursday 7th March World Book Day Dress Up

Friday 8th March 1K swimming

Please see last weeks class Newsletter for World Book Week activities. We look forward to all your outfits on Thursday 7th, as well as your pictures of your interesting places to read and your potato book characters! 


A fabulous week of learning ended on a high note as 1K won Reggie rabbit with 100% attendance! They are over the moon as you can see from the photo. At long last, the germs that plagued us last term have vanished! 

Thank you for the parent helpers for volunteering with swimming and reading this week. Next week, 1K will be swimming. 

The photos attached show the children making sliders in DT as practise for when they make their pop up picture book. It was also good practise for their fine motor skills too. 

We have been working on Traction Man, creating our own character and writing up a plan for our story next week. it's amazing how this book has captured their imagination especially when it comes to making innocent household objects evil! 

We have continued with numbers to 20 in Maths, using a number line and tens frame, working our greater than, less than, one more, one less and missing numbers. Please look at our Maths homework page to support here to support this. 

As usual, the Phonics newsletters to support for the week can be found here.

In RHE this week, we looked at what keeps us healthy from food to exercise to sleep and washing our hands. It was a really thoughtful discussion and they have produced some amazing work to support this. The RHE curriculum page is in the process of being updated to show some of the work Year 1 and the rest of the school have been doing. That's it for now.  

Have a super weekend!

The Year 1 Team 

Friday 23rd February 2024

***Important Dates For Your Diary***

Friday 1st March Swimming 1P

Wednesday 6th March Year 2 Church Service

Thursday 7th March World Book Day Dress Up

Friday 8th March 1K swimming


Welcome back to Term 4! We have hit the ground running this term with a new start to Worships which have allowed year 1 to complete both English AND Maths before lunch! They have all been amazing adapting to the new timetable. In English, the children are loving Traction Man! They have learnt to give an opinion about the book, ask questions and make links as well as sequence the story. Toys is also the subject of our Geography and history topics which they have enjoyed starting. They have been challenged to look at their toys at home to see if they can find that do NOT come from China!  

In Maths we are working with numbers to 20, recognising teen numbers and how to write them. They have been introduced to tens and ones to explain their ideas.

Swimming was cancelled today but should resume next week, staring with 1P who missed out this week. Thank you to the parents who have organised their own swimming group to support with swimming. This is an amazing idea which will make a huge difference to our Friday afternoons. 


World Book Week starts on Monday March 4th. Here is a heads up of activities:

Activities for the week 

Create a book character from a vegetable at home – probably a potato would be the best. They need to bring it in during this week but no later than Thursday to be judged by class teachers and the certificates will be given out in Worship on Friday 8th.


Send in a photo of themselves reading in the most interesting place – this will need to be displayed in classrooms if possible or emailed to the office if it is an electronic photo. This is not a competition.


Tuesday 5th March – 20 children from Year 3 to attend a collaborative reading session in Beacon library. We may have to borrow TAs to walk them there and back at 9.15 and again at 10.30.


Thursday 7th March – please dress up. Worship at 9.05 – 9.30 Best costume worn by the children to be judged and announced in worship. Please come and join me in “character” and be prepared to act up, come in unannounced and leave again or you are very welcome to stay.


Stop, drop and read will happen when the bell is rung.

Teacher class swaps for reading time tba between classes/year groups.


Thursday and Friday – Eco group to organise a book swap at lunchtime. Books are going to be brought in from Monday 4th - Karen will confirm where the drop off point is. They will be given paper vouchers for each book that they donate and will be able to take another one home when they give in the voucher at the lunchtime book swap.


Have a super weekend

The Year 1 Team





Friday 9th February 2024


***Important dates for Your Diary***

Monday 19th February - Start of term 4

Tuesday 20th February- Pancake Flip!

Friday 23rd February - 1P swimming

Wednesday 6th March - Church Y2 Service


It's finally here! The end of what has been a cold, dark and wet term. But spring is just around the corner with daffodils already starting to bud. 

Thank you to all our helpers this term with reading and swimming. it has made a huge difference especially swimming, as without you, it can't go ahead. 

Next term, 1P will be swimming on the first friday back and we will need parent volunteers for it to go ahead either as a whole class going over or as groups, depending on the number of helpers. Please let a member of the team know as soon as possible if you are able to hep with swimming on that first Friday back. 

Thank you to those parents who have already started the ball rolling on the DBS check. We are extremely grateful to you. 

Please look at the Homework Page where you will find all the terms Phonics to support with reading at home. You will also find some maths covering what we have learnt this term as well as fun websites to support learning. 

The sports homework this term has been fantastic, from interviews to power points to posters. We all learnt something from the information that was researched on sports personalities from swimming to football to Martial Arts. 


Have a super break and we will see you back on Monday 19th February for SPRING!!!!!!

Best wishes,

The Year 1 Team 

Friday 2nd February 2024

***Important dates For Your Diary***

Wednesday 7th February- Church service

Thursday 8th February FoFs school disco

Friday 9th February 1K swimming PM

Friday 9th February- end of term

Monday 19th February - start of term 4 

Tuesday 20th February- Pancake Flip


For 1Ps swimming, we had to borrow a member of staff from Y2 so the swimming could go ahead. This was a temporary arrangement so we really do need parent volunteers for swimming on Fridays. One has already volunteered for this coming Friday, for 1K, which is fab! But anymore volunteers would be greatly appreciated for this coming Friday.

If you can help with swimming on the first Friday back, with 1P, please talk to a member of staff. If we do not have enough helpers for swimming, it cannot go ahead. 

If you would like to volunteer but are not DBS checked, please see the office.

Big thanks to the volunteers who help with swimming and reading. 

The Year 1 Team 

Friday 19th January 2024

***Important Dates for your Diary***

Tuesday 23rd January 1K swimming


Thank you for coming along to the Phonics morning on Monday to observe how we teach Phonics across the Key Stage. We hope it helps with reading and any writing you do at home. Please remember to look at the Homework Page where you will find the week's Phonics newsletter of what has been taught. You could also visit Discovery Education for some Phonics games and learning. passwords are in your Contact Books. 

Thank you for supporting swimming, and a huge shout out to Thomas' mum in 1K who supported 1P this week. It really does make a huge difference between groups going over with parent support or whole class going over or worst case scenario, no swimming due to having to meet the Risk Assessment and keeping everyone safe. 

We hope you enjoy the photos! A busy week of investigation - musical instruments and how to play them, using chopsticks which aided fine motor skills and concentration, and finishing with looking at fruits and vegetables from Asia, linking in with our Geography about China. 

The weather forecast promises temps in low double figures but with rain. It will be difficult to dry off clothing, due to heating issue, so please make sure your children dress appropriately for the wet weather on the way to school and have spare clothing such as socks just in case. 

Have a super weekend,

The year 1 Team 

Friday 12th January 2024

***Important Dates for your Diary***

Tuesday 16th January- 1P swimming

It will be freezing this week. Please remember the extra layers for inside and out. 


If you are able to support with swimming, please speak to a member for the Year 1 Team. 


This week, the children have been introduced to their new History and Geography topics; Geography we are learning about China and in History, we are learning abut significant sporing events in their lifetime, including the Winter Olympics in Beijing, China. 

Already, the children have explore using Google Earth, the difference between Uk and China. They have also had the opportunity to use chopsticks which has been a fantastic activity for fine motor skills. 

we are continuing to add together in Maths using manipulatves, pictures and the abstract. 

In English, we are linking to sports with Three Cheers for Errol before moving on to Ruby's Chinese New year. 

Thank you for volunteering to listen to the children read and for helping out at swimming. We love having you. If you are DBS checked and would love to come in to listen with readers, please do not hesitate to speak to any one of us. 


Thank you,

The Year 1 Team



Friday 5th January 2024

***Dates for your Diary***

Tuesday 9th January- 1K Swimming  

Wednesday 10th January Year 4 Church Service

Thursday 11th January 9.05-9.25  Parents Phonics Visit



Welcome back and Happy New Year to you all. It has been lovely starting the day with broad smiles from the children. They have all settled back into their routine really well despite the early starts of the cold wet mornings. 


Please look at our homework pages for Phonics newsletters which supports the phonics learnt for that week. 


There will also be a homework project set linking into our History topic of sports. Please look at our homework pages here.


As you have seen, swimming starts next week. If you are able to support with swimming, please let a member of the Y1 team know as soon as possible as it really does make a huge difference. 


Finally, thank you all for your generosity last term with your time in supporting in school and your lovely Christmas gifts.


Have a super weekend,


The Year 1 Team 









Friday 15th December 2023

***Important dates***

Wednesday 3rd January 2024: back to school, Term 3 starts

Swimming Year 1: dates to follow


Have a super Christmas in all that you do, and have a fantastic New Year. We will see you back here on Wednesday 3rd January. 

Thank you for all your support. 

The Year 1 Team


Friday 8th December 2023

***Important Dates***

Monday 11th December Secret Shopping (children only)

Wednesday 13th December iRock Worship

Wednesday 13th December KS2 Carol Church Service 6PM

Friday 15th December Church Service 8.45AM

Friday 15th December last day of term

Wednesday 3rd January Start of Term 3



A fabulous week that saw the Year 2 and Year 1 classes perform their Nativity; Christmas with the Aliens. Thank you for all the costumes!


The Christmas School lunch was a huge success with the children; Year 1 sitting with Year 5, sharing their crackers, jokes and conversation!


The end of the festive week was a visit with  Father Christmas in the Forest.


Have a super weekend

The Year 1 team 

Friday 1st December 2023


***Important Dates***

Tuesday 5th December: PM performance for 2M and 1K parents

Wednesday 6th December AM performance for 2C and 1P parents

Nativity: PLEASE COME IN THROUGH THE YEAR 4 ENTRANCE (swimming pool entrance) 5th December (1K and 2M) and 6th December (1P and 2C) - due to health and safety we will be limited on the numbers per family. To confirm we are only able to accommodate 2 people per child. Please DO NOT bring any babies or toddlers. Thank you.


Thursday 7th December - Christmas Jumpers and School Christmas lunch

Friday 8th December - Father Christmas in the Forest and Christmas Jumper Day


We're in December; he most magical time of the year and we are gearing up towards a festive end of term starting with Nativity. The dress rehearsals in front of KS2 have been fantastic. We are so proud of the children with their enthusiastic singing and dancing! They are really throwing themselves into it!


Their costumes are brilliant! Thank you so much for all the effort and creativity  you have put in. we can't waif for you to come and see it! 


In class, the children have continued their work on writing number facts in Maths using cubes and the part, part, whole model. Some have even gone on to make up their own maths problems using related number facts!


In RHE, the children made up their own role plays to show what a positive friendship looks like and what to do when it doesn't quite work out. This supported their previous learning where we discussed friendships. 


In English, the children wrote a letter as Edgar the Dragon from the cute John Lewis ad a few years ago. They were inspired by watching a clip from the ad and reading the story from a gorgeous book about Edgar and what happens when he becomes excited!


In RE, we learnt the importance of the parable. 'The Lost Sheep, to Sir Henry Fermor. Below, you can read Sir Henry Fermor's Christian vision we shared with the class before reading the story of The Lost Sheep and sequencing. 


Sir Henry Fermor enables everyone to succeed; as Jesus teaches through the parable of The Lost Sheep: no one is left behind. Inspiring children and adults, believing in God at the heart of all we do, through Christ’s love and guidance; all in the Sir Henry Fermor family flourish, achieving fullness.


We hope you have a lovely weekend, getting into the festive spirit, and trying to stay warm! 


Best wishes,

The Year 1 Team


Friday 24th November 2023

***Important Dates***

Saturday 25th November - School Christmas Fair starting at 12PM

Monday 27th November - Nativity Costumes due in

Tuesday 28th November- Geography local area walk to St. Mary's and back. Please join us if you can; 11AM

Wednesday 29th November - Year 5 Church Service at All Saints

Tuesday 5th December: PM performance for 2M and 1K parents

Wednesday 6th December AM performance for 2C and 1P parents

You should have received the information about numbers/dates and times for tickets 

Thursday 7th December - Christmas Jumpers and School Christmas lunch

Friday 8th December - Father Christmas in the Forest and Christmas Jumper Day


Firstly, the singling. it is amazing! You are in for a rel treat when you come to see our Nativity; Christmas with the Aliens. Please keep practising at home; words can be found on our Homework page by clicking on Nativity.


In maths this week, the children have been using the part, part, whole model to form number sentences. This has proved tricky for some, whilst others can write the four number sentences for addition: 

 4 + 3 = 7

3+ 4 = 7

7 = 4 + 7

7 = 3 + 4

Please visit Top Marks by clicking here where you can explore the part part whole mode using digits, counters and cubes. 


In your Contact books, there are login details for Discovery Espresso where the children can explore their coding lessons for Computing. You can also search for phonics and maths as there are plenty of games and videos to support learning.


 Thank you to those of you who have already brought in your costumes for Nativity. Our dress rehearsals will be at the end of next week to the school before the performance the week after. 


Also, thank you to our volunteers for next week's local geography walk. We will see you at the office at 11am


Have a super weekend. The school Christmas fair is tomorrow, staring at 12 until 3. There will be plenty to do to get into the Christmas spirit and there will be an array of refreshments. 


Have a super weekend,

The year 1 Team

Friday 17th November 2023


***Important Dates***

Saturday 25th November - School Christmas Fair starting at 12PM

Monday 27th November - Nativity Costumes due in

Tuesday 28th November- Geography local area walk to St. Mary's and back. Please join us if you can; 11AM

Wednesday 29th November - Year 5 Church Service at All Saints

Tuesday 5th December: PM performance for 2M and 1K parents

Wednesday 6th December AM performance for 2C and 1P parents

We are limited by Health and safety on how many family members we can accommodate in the hall. More information will be out soon regarding this.  

Thursday 7th December - Christmas Jumpers and School Christmas lunch

Friday 8th December - Father Christmas in the Forest and Christmas Jumper Day

This week, we have been busy practising our dances for the Nativity as well as singing. The children are extremely confident with the singing already but if you do want to practise, the words can be found here by clicking on Nativity


In Maths, we have continued with the part, part, whole model which is an important step before moving on to abstract calculations for addition and subtraction. 

If you would like to practise more at home, then please visit Top Marks where you wil find this game: We have been using counters and cubes to help explore ppw models. 

There are plenty of other games to play on this sight to support the maths. ordering and sequencing are games the children are familiar with. 

In English, the children have been describing the Heffalump from Winnie the Pooh. Some children even built a Heffalump from recycled boxes etc  in our junk modelling. 

In RE, we asked the question; what do Christians believe God is like. The discussions we had were fantastic with links to the fruits of the spirits and bible stories. 

Thank you again for all your support with reading at home and any extra work you are doing. 

Have a super weekend,

The year 1 team 

Friday 10th November 2023

Welcome to week 2 of term 2. We are busy practising songs and dance routines for the Nativity. More information will follow shortly. 

In Maths, the children have been introduced to addition by using the Part, Part, Whole model. This is an important visual and practical step in recognising that different parts when put together, make one whole. The parts have been children, counters and fruits.  

In Art, the children have been busy using different mediums to create their artwork. For sketching, the children used charcoals and sketched a pine cone, looking closely at pattern and texture. For Remembrance, the children tore paper into small pieces to create their poppies. This linked in with History where we talked about the poppy and why it is worn which also was a recap of Worship earlier in the week. There artwork is beautiful.

In English, the children described a character from a picture. They then made up their own character to describe. Some dressed up to support their learning. Next week, we will be describing a character from Winnie the Pooh. 

Science has been exciting this week as we explore materials. They enjoyed grouping materials by their properties, exploring what the material could do, how it felt and what it would be used for. New vocabulary included transparent and opaque. 

For History, we are learning about generations. They have begun by drawing their family which will link in with their family tree work and comparisons in the coming weeks. 

Thank you for supporting with swimming over the past term and this final week. The next time we will be swimming is in Term 3. There is also no Forest School this term. 


Please look at our homework pages to support Phonics at home. You can find all Phonics learning for the week, and previous weeks, here.


For our termly homework, please look here.


Thank you for all your support,

Have a super weekend,

The Year 1 Team

Monday 6th November 2023

Apologies for the late newsletter; Gremlins were at play on Friday so wasn't able to access website. 

Important dates for your Diary

Tuesday 7th November; 1K swimming. This is the last swimming session for this term, making up for last term. The next swimming sessions for Year 1 are in Term 3. 


Wednesday 8th November: Year 6 Church Service. Please go straight to church for register.


Welcome back to Term 2.  This is a very busy term for Year 1 but we're all very excited about the events coming up. We have begun the process of practising for our key stage Nativity and will shortly be forwarding to you your child's costume requirements. We will also, from next week, publish the Nativity song words on this webpage so that your child can practise them at home as much as they can.  






Friday 20th October 23

Dates for your Diary


Monday 30th October- Inset

Tuesday 31st October - start of term

Tuesday 31st October Swimming 1P/PE 1K

Tuesday 5th November Swimming 1K - last session/PE 1P

Wednesday 6th November 2023 - Year 6 Church Service

That's flown by in the blink of an eye! Thank you for all the volunteering this term; reading, swimming and Forest School, and not forgetting our All Saints Church visit.

Thank you for a fantastic turn out on both Parent Evenings. 

Have a super relaxing half term and we will see you all on Tuesday 31st October for Term 2 and Nativity! 

Best wishes,

The Year 1 Team

Friday 13th October

Dates for your Diary

Tuesday 17th: 1K swimming. Please can children bring in a dressing gown and flip flops/crocs to make transition between class and pool easier and it also means more time in the pool.


Tuesday 17th: 1P PE


Tuesday 17th; Parents Eve. Please make sure you have signed up.


Thursday 19th; Forest School all day for both classes. Please read information that was emailed out earlier this week.  


Thurs 19th: Parents Eve. Please sign up if you have not already done so. 


Friday 20th: Dress Down Day, celebrating Be Yourself


Friday 20th: All Saints Church visit PM. 


Friday 20th: Last day of term.  



Week six and despite the tiredness felt by some children, they have all worked really hard this week. The focus on maths has been comparing and matching groups and using vocabulary 'fewer. more, same' to compare amounts. Next week, they will be introduced to less than and more than. 


In English, the children have been looking at character, describing the character and why he acted the way he did, using Detective Dog. Next week, we will be writing a book review about Detective Dog. We're sure they have all enjoyed the story and rhyme and we can't wait to hear what they think about it.  


Forest School has been amazing! The artwork the children have produced using natural materials is stunning. Please take time to look through the attached photos. 


Forest School next week will be linked to DT as they will participate in cooking. Please check email for letter regarding allergies. 


Thank you to all of you who have brought in fantastic homework of your Autumn walks. The sunny weather certainly helped inspire the different mediums of work we have seen; a three sculpture, videos, collages, photos. They are all amazing!


Enjoy the weekend. Lets hope for some dry weather. Autumn is definitely here!

Please remember to make sure your child has a coat as we o go out to play when it is light rain. 


Best wishes

The Year 1 Team





Friday 6th October 2023


Dates for your Diary

Tuesday 10th October - Swimming 1P. Please could the children bring in a dressing gown and flip flops/crocks for transition between classroom and pool

Tuesday 10th October - PE 1K- please ensure all kits are in school

Thursday 12th October 1K Forest School- please make sure uniform is in a bag ready to change into if at Forest School in the morning. 


Welcome to WK 5! The children have had a fantastic week full of engaging activities to stimulate, participate and learn. Our Continuous Provision supplements the classroom learning and has produced some wonderful reasoning and problem solving in Maths. They have been working on counting back and one less. Next week, the children will be using this language to compare groups. 


In English, we are continuing with detective Dog where some children have had a go at writing their own story! Some of the handwriting being produced is fantastic, earning some Gold Book awards too. 


Talking of awards, 1K were absolutely over the moon in winning Reggie Rabbit for the best attendance. The children have enjoyed sharing Reggie rabbit on their tables as he supports their learning. 


As you may have seen, for swimming, we would like the children to bring in a dressing gown and flip flops/crocks for transition to the pool. This will make the swimming sessions easier to manage and more swim time. If you would like to help with swimming please let a member of the Y1 team know. Thank you for your support in helping with reading in school. It is very much appreciated and makes a huge difference with early reading. 


All that remains is to wish you a happy, and sunny, weekend. 


The Year 1 Team




Friday 29th September 2023

Dates for your Diary

Tuesday 3rd October - Swimming Am this week 1K

Wednesday 4th October Harvest festival Church Service. Please bring your child to church for registration at 8.45 

Wednesday 4th October - PE- please ensure correct PE is in school

Thursday 5th October - Forest School for 1P. Please ensure your child either comes to school in uniform or has it with them depending on which session they have. An email was sent yesterday as a reminder.    


Termly Homework has now been added, due in on Monday 16th October 2023. Link in body of Newsletter or click Here.


Welcome to WK 4 newsletter and already heading into October. It is flying by. The children, as always, have been busy and creative. In DT, the children have been experimenting with a join called a Flange. Their work is their prototype for when they build a moving mechanism structure using the Flange, later in the year. They will also be using it for Music next week where they will be making their own musical instrument of which they have been busy designing and planning this week. 


In Computing, the children have learnt the computing language of 'input' and 'output' and recognising what each means. They have also linked this to their home devises. Using the BeeBot, the children have input their instructions, cleared the old instructions and then watched the output; the challenge being making shapes. 


In Maths we are learning to count from a given number and using the language one more. It is an important skill to count from a given number as it means not going back to 1 all the time. You can support your child's recognition with number and counting by using Top Marks Website where there are plenty of games to make counting fun. 


Please check the Homework page where you will find the termly project and the Phonics Newsletter which details Phonics learning this week across the groups. Your child has been placed in a phonics group across Year 1 and Year 2. Their group name can be found in their contact book. 

Please note the dates for your Diary that swimming is now one class per week, starting with 1K on Tuesday 3rd October. 1P will go the following week.  


Have a super weekend and we will see you on Monday as we enter week 5 and October, well and truly into autumn. 


Best wishes,


The Year 1 Team

Friday 22nd September 2023


 Dates For Your Diary

Tuesday 26th September AM is swimming for both classes. Please make sure your child has a swimming hat as part of their kit. 


Wednesday 27th September is PE in the afternoon for both classes. 


Thursday 28th September is Forest School for 1K. Please make sure your child brings in school uniform to change into when they come to school in their forest school kit. 


Following Week for Your Diary

Wednesday 4th September Harvest festival Church Service. Please bring your child to church for registration at 8.45.  


Termly Homework has now been added, due in on Monday 16th October 2023. Link in body of Newsletter or click Here.

This week, the children have rather enjoyed the wet weather; wellies on and splashing abut during play times. Luckily, they have managed to get out in the fresh air for most plays this week. Please could we make sure children come to school with a coat as we are now in an unpredictable season of wet weather. 


Linking in with Forest School and Science of Seasonal Changes, there is a project we would like your child to complete. Details can be found Here on our Homework tab


In class, the children have been extremely busy; continuing their learning with number to include the words that represent the digits. IN English, the children are continuing their writing with Detective Dog which is enhanced with our role play area during Continuous Provision.  They up-leveled their vocabulary for 'gone' with 'disappeared' and 'vanished.' 


Swimming is already up and running after the disappointment on Tuesday so we should be good to go next week. Thank you to those of you who have volunteered to help with swimming. it is very much appreciated and makes the lessons run smoothly. 


Enjoy the photos from this week's soggy Forest School. 


Have a super weekend


The Year 1 Team



Friday 15th September 2023

Dates for your Diary

 Tuesday 19th September - Swimming for both Year 1 classes. Please make sure your child has a swimming hat as part of their swim kit. 


Wednesday 20th September - PE for both Year 1 classes


Thursday 21st September - Forest School for 1P. Please make sure your child brings in their school uniform if they are coming to school in their Forest School kit. 







Please enjoy the children's learning this week through the pictures, showing their enthusiasm, joy and engagement. In Maths the children have been using objects to represent number to ten whilst in Computing, the children were robots! They had to give each other precise instructions and as a challenge, an obstacle was then put in. 


In Forest School, the children created a piece of art using blackberries! A very creative way to use nature. 


The presentation for Meet the Teacher is here. Please note that re School dinners, we are unable to change their choice once it has been made (including hot for hot). Please make sure you discuss the menu with your child so they know what they are having, and sign up on Parent Pay. Thank you. 

Have a super weekend, enjoying the autumnal sunshine. 

The Year 1 Team 



Friday 8th September 2023


Welcome to our weekly news which will be posted here on a Friday. Here you will find dates for your diary, a sentence or two and photos from the week.


Dates for your Diary

Monday 11th September 0900 - 09.30 Meet The Teacher in 1K

Tuesday 12th PE

Thursday 14th Forest School 1K

From Week beginning Monday 18th; Year 1 will be swimming on a Tuesday morning. 

PE will move to Wed afternoons for Term 1

Thursday 21st Forest School 1P 


This week has all been about settling in and routines; and the children have all settled in brilliantly, taking everything in their stride, adapting to new ways of learning but always with the same high expectations. We are all extremely proud of them. Next week we begin our full timetable of learning which will include Continuous Provision.


Have a super weekend, enjoying this gorgeous late summer. 

Best wishes

The Year 1 Team 











































Friday 21st July 2023


That's it folks!


Have a super summer.

Year 1 Class of 2022-23 Year 1 class of 2022-23


We'll see you all on Monday 4th September 2023 for a new chapter at

Sir Henry Fermor.


Mrs. Koch. Mrs. Jeffs, Mrs. Burgess, Mrs. Harris

Friday 14th July 2023


The penultimate week of Term 6, Year 1 has been as busy as ever for the children with their hands on learning and a few surprises along the way. 


Maths this week has been mostly practical as they have been learning abut money and time. They have ordered money; coins and notes and discussed why we have a variety of pounds and pence and recognising the coins and notes and their value. We also had a discussion about how physical money is disappearing from our lives due to technology, linking in with RHE on Financial Literacy. The week ended by having a shop (surprise #1) where children learnt about giving change as well as calculating whether they had enough to buy the items in the challenges. 


In Time, the focus has been o'clock and half past the hour. They have used language 'long hand and short hand instead of big and small. There are fabulous activities to support this learning (and with money) on Discovery espresso, passwords can be found in your contact books. 


Talking of Discovery Espresso, the children have been using this for Computing where they have been developing their skills in coding by giving a set of instructions for a character to complete a task. If you wish to continue their learning in this area, you can login to Discovery espresso and search 'coding,' where they can explore independently and have fun doing it. 


Last week, the children met their new teacher during transition. I'm sure you'd like to know that they are all excited in their move to Year 2 and all love their new teacher. Please be assured that we are visiting their new classrooms regularly for some so the transition is as smooth as possible for the children. To help them with the move, we thought it would be a good idea for them to write a letter to their new teacher so they can tell her a bit more abut themselves. They absolutely loved this and we will be writing up in best with decoration so they can present their wonderful work to their teacher. 


RE was a little emotional this week as we looked at the impact of humans on the planet. Their artwork on this is stunning and inspirational! Their choice of colour was important here and they did this to great effect. 


To link in with out work on Space and Tim Peake, we have created a space role play area (surprise #2) where they can imagine what it is like to be in space as they sit/play inside the tent. 


It has been a fun week and this will all continue into next week, our last week together which does make us adults sad. But your children are ready for Year 2. 


Have a super weekend in whatever you choose to do and avoid the showers if you can. 

Best wishes

The Year 1 Team




Friday 21st July : school leavers church service. Please take your child to church for registration, and bring tissues, especially if you have a child in Year 6. 


Friday 21st July: last day of the term and school year (I'm sure you have this already in your diaries as the children are definitely counting down.)


Monday 4th September: back to school after a splendiforous summer.





Friday 30th June 2023

Welcome to another fabulous week of learning where the weather has been a little unpredictable but the high expectations for learning have remained and the children have fully immersed themselves into their work. 


In Maths, we have introduced new vocabulary; arrays, column, rows, grouping, groups. The children have used counters to support their lesarning as well as pictorial representations to show their understanding of grouping and repeated addition. This is the starting point for multiplication. We then moved on to sharing into equal groups which is the starting point for division. They have worked hard on the vocabulary and some moved on to problem solving which is fantastic. 


In English, we have focused on grammar and spellings. Next week, we will be beginning to write our poems based on space. The children have also had the opportunity for free writing where they were asked to write their favourite fairy tale. Wow! Their handwriting is beautiful and their story telling is amazing. It's hard to forget that they are only 5/6 years old. 


In Science, we looked at night and day and the change in length of night and day throughout the year, linking in with seasons. They made a night and day spinner as well as talked about their routines for day and night. This also supported our RHE where we have discussed sleep, bedtime routines and what ideas for having trouble sleeping. For further information on this, please visit the following:  


Thank you for all the materials brought in to build their rockets. They had so much fun building their rocket and were successful in making a moving part. Next week, the children will evaluate their work. 


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Year 1 Team



Sunday 2nd July - Summer Fair

Friday 21st July - last day of term  


Friday 23rd June 2023

This week has been all about the sports and the weather, for once, enabled it to go ahead as planned. And what a fantastic event Sports Week was. In Year 1, the children enjoyed sports with Beacon - the weather of biblical proportions did turn up for that one so it was enjoyed in the hall. The theme was team games and the children worked hard in all the games and had lots of fun doing it. 


Then we had Sports Day. It was lovely to see so many of you able to attend the event; it made a wonderful atmosphere! The children were, again, supportive of one another in all events and their perseverance, particularly with the egg and spoon, was heart warming to watch. 


It was great to see the Sports Picnic well attended too, and a huge thank you to FoFs for organising much needed and wanted refreshments! If the chocolate smeared faces at the end of their lunch was anything to go by, it was a success!


On Friday, we finished with further sports activities to focus on skills and team work. From the children's faces and enthusiasm, Sports Week has been a huge success. 


We have also been busy elsewhere in the curriculum. In Maths, the children had their introduction into multiplication through equal groups of a number and then using repeated addition to work out the total. There was plenty of opportunity for  practical learning; using hands, groups of children, and objects. 


In English, the children were introduced to poetry. This term, they will be writing their own space poems! They are already inspired by the first lesson where they had pictures from the Huble Telescope and annotated with descriptive words and phrases, using felt tips. Despite the tiredness of Sports Day that morning, they were extremely enthusiastic and engaged. Their phrases are excellent and we can't wait to see what they write for their poetry next week. 


As some of you may have noticed, their is a new piece of equipment in the KS1 playground. The children have been eager to explore the castle and have had the opportunity to do so. Along with the field, the woods and the playground, the children have plenty of choice of where to play and are really making most of this gorgeous weather. 


On that note, please ensure your child has a hat in school for play as without one, they cannot go on the field due to limited shade. Please ensure they also have a water bottle too. 


Next week, we are very excited to see the Year 6 production; going by what we have heard drifting from the hall, it will be a-ma-zing! We will also be continuing with multiplication and our poetry. We will also be learning about sleep and what to do when you can't sleep and the best ways to help you fall asleep. 


We will also be building our rocket in DT on Monday! Please make sure all materials are in for this learning.  


We hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Bets wishes,

The Year 1 Team


Friday 16th June 2023


Please note that it is our Fermor Sports week next week (week beginning 19th June). We have asked the children to come in sports wear all week, apart from Tuesday 20th June as they will need to be in their uniform for photo day and have their sports wear packed in a bag. On Sports Day (Wednesday 21st June) the children must wear their PE kits to compete in their house colours! Any further information regarding sports week and day you can find here on the PE page of our website.


Tuesday 20th - class photos


This week, the weather has been a tad hot. Luckily, we have had the field open for morning play and lunchtimes as well as the woods which has given the children more space to play and some well needed shade. Despite the heat, the children have ploughed through their learning and enjoyed a trip out to the Science Centre in Herstmonceux. 


Firstly, a huge thank you to the parent volunteers, some stepping up at the last minute, who supported the children on the trip, without whom, it would have been impossible to go ahead. The children had a blast (no pun intended) as they learnt how to dress up as an astronaut, how a rocket blasts off and exploring in the Discovery Park. We were very lucky to eat lunch outside in the shade and the centre kindly supplied water to refill water bottles. There were some parts of the centre we did not get to explore so if you fancy a day out over the summer, it might be worth a visit. 


In English this week, we wrote a recount of our trip, using time connectives; first, finally etc and the suffix ed for past tense verbs. We also learnt to use the un suffix too. 


In DT, the children are designing their own rocket which has to have a moving part, which they will be building the week after next. When the children bring in any materials for their rocket, please bring in a named bag. 


In PE, we have been busy practising for Sports Day. We must say that their support of one another and encouragement is lovely and will make you proud. Please see top of newsletter for information about the day. 


Have a super weekend,


The Tear 1 Team 


Friday 9th June 2023

 Welcome back to Term 6; nearing the end of Year 1 and the fantastic learning the children have experienced. But it's not over yet with more learning to come. 

This week, the children were introduced to their new History topic; a significant person in their life time which is Tim Peake. Already, they are engaged and excited about Tim Peake and his achievements which was linked in with English when they all wrote a letter to ask Tim some questions. They asked if we were actually going to post the letters. yes, we are and we really hope for some sort of reply before the summer. It was an opportunity for the children to learn abut letter writing as well as using question marks. 


In Maths, we are continuing with subtraction, introducing finding the difference and related facts (number families). we are using lots of pictorial representations like the Part Part Whole models as well as counters and objects. 


In RE, we have introduced a new topic on how we should care for others and the world. This builds on their learning from last term; creation. It also links in with RHE where will be discussing looking after ourselves. 


Our Science learning this term is linked to our Tim Peake in space learning where we will be discussing day and night. We will also be looking at the life cycle of plants and the change of season. 


We hope you are enjoying looking after your sunflower. The records your child keeps about the growth of their sunflower will be used in our science learning. Please continue to think about what the sunflower needs to grow and how much it has grown over the weeks. 


This week we have been revising our phonics and carrying out 1:1 of reading words so the children are used to and know what to expect when we carry out the screening. Please ensure you are reading regularly so they are practising their phonics skills.


Next week is also our school trip to the Science Centre in Herstmonceux. Please ensure you have replied via Parent pay as this gives your consent for your child to go on the trip as well as selecting a choice of packed lunch - school or homemade. 

We also require two more parent volunteers for the ratio of children to adults on the trip. if you feel this is something you would like to do, then please speak to one of the Year 1 Team. 


It's going to be a hot weekend (apparently) which is fantastic. please enjoy it in whatever you choose to do. 


Happy Weekend

The Year 1 Team 



Monday 12th June - Friday 16th June Phonics Screening for Year 1 and 2


Wednesday 14th June - Year 1 trip to the Science Centre in Herstmonceux


Wednesday 14th June - EYFS church service. If you have children in EYFS, please drop your Year 1 child at school first before going on to church. 


Friday 16th June - dress down day - in preparation for the Summer fair, please come  dressed in your own clothes in exchange for something orange. 

Friday 26th May 2023


And just like that, we're at the end of the term. The children have worked their socks off this term across all subjects and it is amazing what your little people have achieved. Their stamina for learning has grown immensely with their writing and transitioning from one lesson to the next. It has been a, sometimes,  demanding term but a term filled with wonderful books to inspire writing, time spent outside when learning about plants in Science and Creation in RE, and of course, History where we learnt about the British Royal Family and why King Charles III became king. 


Our term ended with a wonderful lesson in DT where the children designed, made and assembled their own sandwich and fruit kebab where were both enjoyed outside, sitting on blankets. it was lovely to see both classes mixing, enjoying the weather and eating the fruits of their labour. 


The creativity didn't stop there; in Music, the children have been creating music via the iPads, using Garage band. they have had so much fun experimenting with sounds, instruments and voices whilst enhancing their computing skills too. 


Next term, they will finish this unit before moving on to coding, using the programs on Discovery Espresso. 


In Maths, the children have focused on subtraction using number bonds to support their learning. Some have moved on to problem solving where they are reading the problems independently before finding and exploring answers. 


Our Science finished with an investigation into plant stems using a stick of celery, water and food colouring. They were so exciting to see the result which solidifies their understanding of how plants work, particularly the roots and stem. 


Next term will be just as busy; in English we will be reading, writing and performing poetry; linking in with History which is learning about a significant person in History but within their lifetime. Tim Peake has to be the one; his exciting adventure into space will surely capture their imagination and provide stimulus for poetry writing. it will also link into Science where we will focus on the season of Summer; longer days, shorter nights and temperature. 


Our RHE also links as we will be looking at safety in the sun as one of our topics. 


I'm sure you are all aware by now that the children have been enjoying lunchtimes on the field due to the dry weather. This will continue next term as well as practising for Sports Day. Please ensure your child has a hat to protect from the heat and a water bottle. If they bring suncream to school, please make sure they understand it is not to be shared (unless siblings) and thye must be able to administer themselves. We will of course reiterate this in our RHE topic, staying safe in the sun. 


Thank you for all your support with reading at home and to those of you who have been coming in to listen to the children read. Next term, as you know, is the Phonics Screening for Year 1 (and some year twos on a retake). It will start the second week back, week beginning 12th June 2023. Please make sure you are reading with your child over half term as it really will make a hug difference. 


Thank you for the support with swimming. We understand it was a big change to how it used to run but, with the support of our wonderful helpers, it ran smoothly and was successful in that every child swam weekly. 


Coming home with the children today is a sunflower seed which they have each planted. Please keep a diary in any form over half term and Term 6 as they tend their seed and notice any changes as it germinates and grows. photos would be a great way to see how tall their sunflower is getting. Please see  for further details. 


Have a super week/ bank holiday in whatever you all get up to. 

Bets wishes,

The Year 1 Team


Dates for Term 6

Monday 12th June - Phonics Screening begins

Wednesday 14th June - year 1 trip to Herstmonceux Science Centre 

Wednesday 14th Early years Church service

Friday 19th May

Welcome to the penultimate week's learning as we prepare for the final week of term 5. Hard to believe this academic year is heading to the final term. 


Firstly, a huge thank you for attending at our Phonics information session. We hope it was useful in terms of how the screening will run and what we have in place for the children to support them. If you were unable to come, the information Power Point can be accessed here: Class pages - Year 1- Homework- Phonics


This week, the children have had another busy week, packed with learning. In English, they have been learning about plural suffixes; s and es to a noun for when it is more than one. This will come in useful when they write their own version of The Twelve Princesses - The Twelve Princesses and Two Wishes. They are all working hard with their writing making sure they not only have finger spaces, capital letters and full stops but are using question marks and exclamation marks, and making sure their letters are formed correctly with their 'swish and flick.'


In Maths, we revisited doubles to support near doubles; using 6 + 6 to work out 7 + 6. If you would like to support at home, you can use: Hit the Button Doubles  on Top Marks. We then moved on to subtraction using number bonds. For example, if they know 8-5, they can use this knowledge to help them work out 18 - 5. 


Geography and History has continued with the Royal family and the Coronation. For geography, the children need to know the countries that make up the United Kingdom and their capitals. We linked this in with the Royal Family; the Prince of Wales and the location of Wales and its capital is one example. 


In RE, we are looking at Creation and what Christians believe about Creation. This week, the children were asked how we can say thank you to God for the world. This took the form of a prayer. We then linked into Science in how we can look after the world and each other, linking to RHE - Relationships and Health Education. 


On Monday, the children were busy planning in their DT lesson for their Tea Party to be held next week.This will include a fruit kebab as well as sandwiches. Please look out for an email about this for further information. 


We end out week with Pyjama day; thank you for your donations towards the toy tombola, and Maths Day where the whole school will be carrying out fun maths activities and team problem solving. Year 1 are ready to go for a fun day with numbers. 


Thank you for supporting reading at home and coming in to listen to the children read. And a huge thank you to those of you who are supporting swimming. It really makes a difference to how it runs when we have support. The children are gaining so much from the weekly swimming sessions, building their confidence in the water and learning a valuable life skill. 


Well, as we write, the sun is shining, ready for the weekend; hopefully! Whatever you do, we hope you have a good and restful one. 


Best wishes,

The Year 1 Team





Friday 12th May 2023


Welcome to another week packed with learning. It was lovely to hear about what the children got up to over the Coronation weekend. They excitedly told us about parties, BBQs, picnics, visiting parks, visiting grandparents and 'watching all of it on TV.' We're sure they will always remember where they were when King Charles III was crowned. 


We used this opportunity to write a recount of their favourite part of the Coronation weekend in English.  


In History, we have been looking at all the historical objects King Charles III was presented with as part of his Coronation from St Edward's Crown to the scepter and orb. 


The learning in maths has focused on recognising doubles of numbers to ten, extending to twenty. Next week, we will take this further by recognising near doubles; for example you can work out 6 + 5 by using doubles  6 + 6 or 5 + 5. 


After our recount in English, we went back to our Traditional Tales learning, this time based on Saint George and the Dragon. We used the humorous picture book George and the Dragon and changed the character George in their planning for their story writing. We can't wait to read their version!


Thank you for all your support with reading and phonics at home; it really does make a difference. And thank you for volunteering for swimming and reading. 

it would be great to have volunteers for swimming as then we can send groups rather than the whole class. if you are free to help, please let us know. 


Have a super weekend. Hopefully, the sun will make an appearance considering it's mid May already. 


Best wishes

The Year 1 Team




Monday 15th: 14.50 Phonics meeting

Friday 19th: Swimming for both classes

Friday 19th: FOFS PJ day - come to school in your pyjamas- please check emails for further information






Friday 5th May 2023

Here we are, at the end of the week but at the start of a historical weekend, the first of its kind most of us have never experienced; The Coronation of a Monarch, King Charles III. Super excited! We hope you are too in whatever you choose to do on this special long weekend. 


The children are definitely ready; armed with knowledge of what a coronation looks like from their History lesson this week. We asked the question; Why is Charles to be the next monarch and what a Coronation looks like. From this, they have some idea of the expectations for Saturday 6th and what to expect from what Charles will wear to the procession and the location of the Coronation. 


Today, the school has had their own Coronation celebration with flags adorning every corner of the school and a whole school Coronation lunch. They have made their own cute crowns to wear to their lunch of which we hope they can get some enjoyment of over the weekend. 


It's not all about the Coronation. The children have had an extremely busy week, starting with their Worship. Weren't they all fabulous! From singing to sharing their art to speaking to reading. They were amazing little humans oozing confidence and pride. Thank you to all of you for coming along to watch. Their English was a recount of their church service saying what they enjoyed most and why. 


In Science, the children are continuing their learning about plants; this week focusing on the importance of the roots. using magnifying glasses, they looked at roots from different plants before going into the woods to look at tree roots. They learnt that roots absorb nutrients from the soil, store nutrients and anchor the plant in place. This linked into our RE this week where we learnt the Creation Story where on the third day, plants were created and on the sixth day man was created to look after all living things. 


The focus in Maths this week has been number bonds to 20 and 3D shape; looking at properties of the shape to help with problem solving. Number bonds to 20 have proved tricky for some. If you wnat to support at home, Discovery Esppreso has a few learning resources:   as does Top Marks:


We are busy with our Phonics. As you know the Phonics Screening is in June which is fast approaching. To support your child please read daily and record in the diary; thank you to those of you who are already doing this. If your child has sound cards, it would be great if you could do these daily or more if possible.  There is also Phonics homework on our Homework page where you will find a link to Discovery Espresso and other information to support:   We are also holding a parent information session about the Phonics Screening. Please see below (dates) for details. 


Phew; a bit of a long one this week. We finish with swimming; both classes swim on a Friday afternoon so they all get the opportunity to swim weekly and get half an hour each. Please remember swimming kits. A few children are missing out on this vital life skill by not having their kit in school. This must include a swimming hat as hair does tend to block the drainage in the pool. A huge thank you to our parent volunteers who are giving up their time to support the children with their swimming. 


Enjoy the long weekend in whatever you do. 


The Year 1 Team 



School returns Tuesday 9th May

Swimming Friday PM for both classes

On Monday 15th at 2.50, we will be having a Parent information session about Phonics Screening in June. If you would like to come along, please go via the office to sign in and you will be escorted to Year 1. If you are unable to come, we will put the information on our class pages after the session.   











Friday 28th April 2023

Another week has flown by! I think it's down to our fabulous learning and the children being fully engaged in that learning. 


This week, the children have been excitedly preparing for their year group worship next week. We won';t say any more so we don;t spoil it for you but we will see you at church at 8.45 on the Wednesday morning. 


In English, we are looking at Traditional Tales; the first being Cinderella which links in with our History and Geography on Royalty. They retold the story and then they changed a small part of the story to great effect. The challenge was to change the transport Cinderella arrives to the ball in. We had flying pumpkins, rockets, unicorns, sports cars, hot air balloons and my absolute favourite was the ice cream van! They wrote with enthusiasm and even came up with some new magic words for the fairy Godmother!


Next week, we will be focusing on a recount of their church service and a recount the following week of what they did for the Coronation. Please do not feel you have to do anything special for the Coronation; just that they know it has happened and who it happened to, will be enough. 


We will be having a whole school celebration for the Coronation on Friday next week during lunchtime which will also provide an opportunity for their recount writing. For the day, could your child come dressed in red, white and /or blue. 


In Maths, we are continuing to focus on Number Bonds to 20 and properties and names of 3D shapes. This will continue into next week. 


In RE, the children are learning about Creation which has helped with their prayer writing for worship, linked in with their year group value of JOY. 


We hope you all enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend. 


The Year 1 Team.



Monday 1st May - BANK HOLIDAY- Please enjoy. 

Wednesday 3rd May - YEAR 1 CHURCH SERVICE

Friday 5th May - Swimming in the afternoon. 

Friday 5th May- Coronation whole school celebration lunch in Red, white and blue.  



Friday 21st April 2023


Welcome back to term 5 of Year 1! We know we've said this before but this year is flying by far too quickly! Term 5 with a couple of long weekends and a historical once in a lifetime event that is already generating huge excitement. 


This week, the children have settled in well after a lovely two week break. They have shared their favourite part of the break and written a short piece about it, reflecting on how they felt at the time. Most involved Easter egg hunts and it was lovely to read all their accounts which were family orientated.


In English this term, we are ;learning about Traditional Tales (fairy tales) starting with Cinderella due to the link with Royalty. They have retold the story with actions, and then had a go at sequencing. Some have recounted the story in their own words. Next week, the focus is still Cinderella but with a twist . . . 


In Maths, we have been learning about 3D shapes; their names and properties. it would be great when you're out and about to see if you can spot any common 3D shapes and talk about them, e.g. a post box is a cylinder, the trailer on a lorry is a cuboid. What can you come up with? 


In Science, we are revisiting Plants. Back in Term 1, we looked at plants during autumn and the changes some go through. This term, we will be looking at new life in spring; looking closely at features of a plant and naming them. Yesterday, for our Stunning Start, we began with a nature walk, looking for signs of spring. This also linked in with RE where we are looking at who Christians believe made the world which also began with a nature walk. It's great to enjoy outside without being wet. 


We end the week with swimming and Golden Time. Thank you in advance to those of you able to support with swimming.


Here is our Parent Flyer for the next two terms:  Please take a look and if there's anything we are covering that you feel you can talk to the year group about, please speak to a member of the Year 1 Team and we will gladly make arrangements for you to come in. The children have enjoyed previous visits which has enhanced their learning.  


Have a super weekend


The Year 1 Team



Monday 1st May Bank Holiday

Wednesday 3rd May - Year 1 church service

Monday 8th May Bank Holiday

Fridays - swimming for both classes



Friday 31st March 2023


Well, here we are, the end of Term 4, a term filled with exciting learning, creativity and visitors. 

This week, the children have finished their work on Traction man by creating an advert to persuade you to buy Traction Man. They have used exclamation marks and question marks to great effect as well as exaggeration.


In Maths we have continued to build on teen numbers, recognising how many tens in a teen number. They have also been problem solving and reasoning which has provided some fantastic discussions. 

We finished the term with a Science day, looking at the phases of the moon, and learning about Mae Jemison, an astronaut and scientist. This is a precursor to our learning about Tim Peake in Term 6. 


The children have worked very hard this term on their handwriting and stamina for writing. Next term, we will be working on Traditional tales in English with plenty of opportunity to write stories. The first tale we are looking at is Cinderella which is linked to our History of Royalty where we will look at the line of succession and of course the Coronation of King Charles III. 


Thank you to all of you who have supported the learning by coming in to read or help with swimming. it is very much appreciated and we look forward to seeing you next term. 


We hope you all have a wonderful, restful break  with opportunities to enjoy the spring weather when it eventually arrives. 

 Best wishes,

The year 1 Team



Next term, Year 1 will be swimming on  a Friday afternoon (Friday 21st April) This will start the first week back with 1J going for the first half of the afternoon and 1K going the final half. We are extremely lucky to have this free resource which provides the opportunity to learn a valuable life skill in water safety as well as swimming strokes. It's fantastic that both classes can go every week. If you feel you can help out for the afternoon with your class or both, please let us know as soon as possible. 


On the third week back, after the first bank holiday Monday, Year 1 will be leading the worship at All Saints church. Please put Wednesday 3rd May in your diary so you can join us. 


This is followed by the second bank holiday on Monday May 8th for the historical event of the King's Coronation. 


       Happy Easter

Friday 24th March 2023


This week's highlight was the visit from Thomas's grandma to speak to the class about her role as a radiographer. The children were captivated by the x-rays and sharing their broken bones when x-rayed. This linked in with our Science topic of animals including humans. 


Traction Man has unleashed some wonderful writers in English. The children have been captivated by the book due to the adventures of the super hero toy. The journey with Traction man continues next week when the children will be tasked in creating a persuasive advert to convince people to buy Traction Man. There are a two more books in the series: Traction man meets Turbo Dog and Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey which might be available at the library or to buy. 


In Maths, we have worked on place value this week, looking at how many tens in a number. This has been particularly useful to those children who find teen numbers tricky, often writing the number the wrong way round (14/41). we have also been practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s using Splat from Top marks which the children love. Once you're on the page, click on Paint the Squares, play game and select 1-100:

It's fantastic for recognising patterns and also helps with recognising teen numbers and the difference between 14/41 as an example. 


Thank you to all the parents who are helping with swimming and reading. If you feel you can help and are DBS checked, please speak to a member of the year 1 team. If you want to help but are not DBS checked, please speak to a member of the office team who would gladly help. 


We finish our exciting week with Meet the Grandparents this afternoon at 2.30. The children are looking forward to seeing you and sharing their reading with you. 


Have a super weekend. Lets hope the sun appears; that'll be a novelty!


Have a super weekend,

The Year 1 Team


PS; Next term, we are swimming on a Friday afternoon with both classes swimming on the same afternoon. If you can help with swimming on a Friday afternoon, please let a member of the Year 1 team know as soon as possible so we can finalise details and logistics of both classes swimming. 


Friday 17th March


Morning Year 1.

Another newsletter detailing our busy week of learning. 

We will start with Science where on Friday, the children explored taste through fruit. We had three different types of fruit; pear, melon and cucumber. All were peeled and cubed so they looked similar. They explored through touch, smell then taste; sharing their ideas with descriptive vocabulary and guesses as to what the fruits were before tasting. It was lovely to see everyone take part in trying the fruits. 

This week, we will be discussing the results and answering questions abut the investigation. 


In English, we have continued with Traction man; i can't say enough how much the children love this book and the lessons we have created around it. This week, they used their knowledge of the Hot seating to write what they know about Traction Man. 


In RE, the children have learnt another Jewish bible story about Hanukka, relating what they know about the celebration of Christmas to this Jewish festival. They also finished their freeze framing for David and Goliath. 


Thank you to our parent helpers this week; readers and with swimming. it does make a huge difference to how we run swimming when we have the support. The children loved it, although were a tad tired after. 1K will continue with swimming next week.


if you have not done so, please sign up for parents evening; either Tuesday or Thursday next week. 


Thank you soooooo much for the very generous donations of cat food to folly rescue. Our visitor was overwhelmed with your generosity. 


Next Friday (24th) is Grandparents vising afternoon, from 2.30. 


Have a super weekend


The Year 1 Team 

Friday 10th March 

Snow in March! What bitterly cold weather we have had this week and so wet. Hopefully, spring is just around the corner. Another busy week where the children have enjoyed indoor play; constructing, drawing, role play and reading as well as finally being able to get outdoors. They have also enjoyed their learning this week . . . 


The children are absolutely loving Traction Man! He really has captured their imagination. This week, the children retold the story through actions then sequenced the story. from this, they were able to discuss what they have learnt about Traction Man. But, we wanted to find out more so the children came up with questions in our Hot seat lesson where they took it in turns to ask questions and reply as Traction Man. It was lovely to see them fully engaged and standing in Traction Man's shoes, showing they really understood the character. 

Next week, we will be learning how to make lists when the children will be thinking about everyday household objects Traction Man could use in his efforts of being a super hero. 


In maths, the children have been counting in tens and ones through manipulatives (straws) and pictorial representations. This has supported them recognising what ten looks like and its corresponding digits. We will continue to build on this knowledge before morning on to place value. 


In Re, the children have been introduced to Jewish bible stories; David and Goliath the first of these where they retold the story through drama and freeze framing. 


In PE, the chhildren have been thoroughly excited as the apparatus have been out to help with Thank you for 1J helpers with swimming these past few weeks. From next week, it will be 1K for swimming. We already have one volunteer. Thank you. If you would like to help with swimming and are DBS checked, please speak with a member of the Y1 team. 


Dates for your diary:

Monday 13th, we are having a visit from Folly's Wildlife Rescue. If you can spare it, could you bring in cat food as a donation to Folly's for their poorly hedgehogs? 


Thursday 16th 1K swimming


Friday 17th Make your Own Rules Day and Book Look


Have a super weekend


The Year 1 Team


Friday 3rd February 2023


I think after the success of yesterday, we need to start with World Book Day (WBD). A phenomenal array of characters from their favourite books; Paw Patrol, Wednesday Addams, stormtroopers as well as Disney princesses, adventurers, wizards, cats, unicorns, police officers and superheroes. They all looked fantastic and loved sharing their character choices. 


The highlight of the day was meeting with year 5 and taking part in a scavenger hunt across the two playgrounds and woodland area. Our Year 1s were blooming in confidence as they rushed off with their Y5 buddies to find and solve the clues. It was a very special moment and we hope their enthusiasm for reading has blossomed. 


For WBD, we used The Sea Saw for our writing prompt; writing from the point of view of the lost bear. The children were fully immersed in the activity and the book, feeling empathy for Sophia (the main character) as well as the bear. 


The children were extremely keen to share their books they had brought in. it was a shame there wasn't time to read all of them but we have decided that on certain days, they can bring in their book to share at story time. We will let you know in your contact book if your child wants to bring in their book to read at story time. 


In maths, we have moved on to counting to and from 50 from any number. Counting backwards has proved a little tricky so it this is something you would like to support with at home, please do. 


We have started our new learning on the journey of a toy in Geography, right from the idea to the materials and then the shops. History will support this by looking at toys in their lifetime and how they have changed. With technology changing all the time, this will be a very interesting topic. 


Swimming reminder

A reminder that due to swimming being cancelled yesterday, 1J will continue to swim next week. 1K will start the week after (16th). If you would like to support 1K swimming and are DBS checked, please speak to a member of the Y1 team. It makes a huge difference to their time in the pool, having your support. 


Please could you read at least three times with your child during the week and record in their diary. Thank you for supporting their reading and for our reading volunteers. 


Have a lovely weekend


The year 1 Team 



Friday 24th February


Welcome back to Term 4! We hope you all had a fantastic break in all that you chose to do. It has been a busy start to the term with a new look timetable which is packed with exciting learning. 


This week, the children were introduced to Traction Man. They absolutely loved the story, laughing out loud as they listened. Traction Man is our main English focus this term where this week the children gave an opinion about the book, asked questions and made links to other stories, films, superheros and toys, including Buzz Lightyear. The next time we come back to Traction man, they will be finding out more about him. 


As you are aware, next week is World Book Day (Thursday 2nd February) and the whole school focus will be The Sea Saw by Tom Percival. In Year 1, we will be looking at different feelings in RHE (Relationships and Health) and writing from the viewpoint of the bear in English. There will also be an opportunity for some exciting 'magic' art . . .


Children are invited to come to school on Thursday 2nd Feb dressed up as a book character and bring in the book so they can tell us about their chosen character. There will also be opportunities to read and share their book during the day. 


In Maths, the children have been focusing on number families or fact families using + and -, recognising that addition is the inverse of subtraction and vise versa. An example; if you know 5 + 4 = 9 then you can also do:

4 +5 = 9

9 = 4 + 5

9 = 5 + 4 

9 - 5 = 4 

9 - 4 = 5

4 = 9 - 5

5 = 9 - 4 

Staring a calculation with the answer has proved tricky for some so please feel free to use the model above to support your child with similar calculations.


Thank you for those of you who have brought in PE kits. PE is on Tuesday afternoon for both classes. Please make sure PE kits are in before next Tuesday. 


Thank you also for those parents who have kindly volunteered to help 1J with swimming this term. It really does make a difference.  The sessions ran smoothly and the children loved it.   


And thank you to our volunteers who come in to listen to the children read. As you know, reading is vitally important to their continued development and education. And the children love to read to you! If you feel you want to support in this way, please approach a member of the Year 1 team. 


Have a super weekend. 


The Year 1 Team 


Thursday 9th February 2023


We have reached the end of term three, a packed, exciting term. This week, the children were fully engaged with Safer Internet Day - Lets Talk About it.  It started with  Key Stage worship where the day was introduced before the children carried out their activities; talking abut the internet and what they use, their favourite game they play online and creating a poster showing how to be safe online. We watched a couple of video stories about staying safe online;  which the children loved.


In Maths, the children have been working on subtracting within twenty, first using tens frames and moving on to a number line. Some moved on to problem solving which was brilliant! Next term, we will be revisiting place value before moving on to numbers up to 50. 


English has given the children the opportunity to write a short narrative, using the story Ruby's Chinese New year. They have absolutely loved this book; the bright colourful pictures as well as all the animals. They retold the story by introducing their own animals Ruby meets on her journey. Next term, we will be linking English to History when they investigate toys in their lifetime as non fiction as well as using Traction Man by Mini Grey where there will be opportunities for more narrative writing. 


Exciting news about PE next term. Year 1 will be starting swimming! 

1J will be going swimming first for the first three Thursdays of term - 23rd Feb, 2nd March, 9th March. They will need appropriate swimming costume, towel and a swimming hat. The swimming hat is important for swimming to keep the pool clean and free from drainage issues with hair. There are a few spare hats to borrow but please make sure you have a swim hat so your child can swim. Goggles are optional. 

1K will start their swimming on Thursday 16th and then on 23rd and 30th March. we will update you of swimming at the start of next term. 


Thank you for the homework on their chosen sports personality. they really enjoyed sharing their work and knowledge they had researched. It was a personal treat to see David Beckham appear! laugh


Please enjoy the week, find time to relax, share a book, watch a film and get some fresh air. For those of you going away, happy travels! 


See you next term. Term 4!!!  Your children are now closer to year 2 than year 1 . . . It is going far too quickly. 


Take care


The Year 1 Team





Friday 3rd February 2023


Punxsutawney Phil has predicted another six weeks of winter over in the US. After the hint of sun earlier this week, lets hope there's more on the way and that Phil is wrong as half term approaches. 

The children have adapted quickly to whole class learning in Maths and English; leaning to subtract within twenty in Maths using counters and in English, writing a summary about the book; Ruby's Chinese New Year. They have loved discussing this story and have enjoyed seeing all the animals Ruby meets on her journey. 


In RE this week, we continued to focus on Judaism and Sukkot, meaning cease or stop. We linked this to the seven days of creation where God rested on the seventh day and then had a discussion on how we all rest. Their answers were lovely, from 'watching TV eating my favourite food' to spending 'quiet time with just me and mummy.' Linking to RHE, it's important the children recognise rest is different to sleep and that we all need rest in whichever activity we choose. I particularly loved the one where rest meant 'stroking my dog.' 


In Geography, we worked on comparing climate between China and UK  as well as physical and man-made features. They enjoyed seeing famous landmarks they recognised from London and Crowborough (Ashdown Forest.) 


In PE, the children followed their own written instructions on throwing and catching a beanbag as next week, they will be teaching EYFS this skill. 


Thank you for your posters so far on famous sporting heroes. Next week, we will be sharing these with the class so if you are in the process of making one or thinking about making one,  you sill have this weekend to complete it. 


Next week is the last week of term; the end of term will be Thursday (9th February). 


Have a super weekend


The Year 1 Team


Friday 27th January 2023

We're at the end of a bitterly cold week full of coughs and colds; a chance to 'snuggle with our mummies' this weekend as one child put it. Despite the cold and coughs, the children have carried on brilliantly with their learning with some fabulous Maths, English, Science, PE and Geography. 


PE linked in with Science and English this week! In PE, the children were tasked with balancing a beanbag on various parts of their body before learning underarm throwing skills and catching. The latter activity was then set as instructions in English on how to throw a beanbag which they will be demonstrating with EYFS next week. 


In Science, the children learnt about basic body parts and labelled a diagram successfully. we then took the learning further by talking about the five senses, where they are and their importance. We also discussed how the five senses will help us later on with descriptive writing as they travel up through the school. If you are out and about this weekend, encourage your children to use their senses as to what they can see, hear, taste, smell and feel. 


In geography, the children discussed physical and man-made features of Beijing and London (including Crowborough). They then compared the two using a Venn Diagram. 


In Maths, the children have continued their journey into addition; this week using number bonds to help them make calculations easier. If you want to help with number bonds, is a fantastic game for practising number bonds to 10 and 20. 


Next week, we move onto subtraction up to 20, using manipulatives first and then to support written work.


Thank you to those of you who have brought in research of a sports person. So far we have interesting facts about Tiger Woods, Mo Salah, Alexis Mac Allister, Rebecca Addlington and Tom Bailey. There is still time for you to get your chosen sports hero/person in as we will be sharing soon. 


Have a super weekend.

The Year 1 Team 



Friday 20th January 2023


We are whizzing fast through this term, half way through the academic year already. The children have dealt with the change from learning through play to whole class learning this week with confidence and an eagerness to learn. Their maths has been fantastic; adding two numbers within 20 by counting on. They have used tens frames and number lines successfully and so we will be moving on to abstract where they have the calculation to solve.


In English, we discussed rhyme through the book; Ready, Steady Mo, a fun picture book about running anywhere and everywhere by Sir Mo Farah. This is linked to our History and Geography learning; Sport in their life time. We have noticed some wonderful handwriting from the children across all subjects and use of their phonics for independent writing. we are very proud!


In geography, the children were most excited when we used Google Earth to visit Beijing from school. They all wanted to see their house so if you have time, please visit Google earth and have fun looking around Crowborough and favourite parts of the country and the world. 


In Science, the children continued to classify animals, this time by what they eat; meat, plants or both. Their use of scientific language was strong and used confidently. We finished by discussing the type of teeth a carnivore has and why. The discussion on teeth leads nicely onto next week's learning of humans which I am sure they will enjoy just as much. 


Next week is Chines New Year which we will be studying due to the link to the winter Olympics in Beijing. We have an exciting online live lesson we will be attending to learn about Chinese New Year and their celebrations. 


Thank you for volunteers recently; reading and our trip to Beacon last week. if you have a spare hour in your day, please speak to the class teachers about volunteering your time with the children to hear them read. They love reading to different adults. 


Have a super weekend. Stay warm and we will see you on Monday. 

The Year 1 Team


Dates: Online Chines New year Event Monday 23rd January 

            PE Tuesday 25th January - 

             Bags2School Collection. Please make sure you have brought in your                   filled bag for collection on Friday 27th January 




Friday 13th January 2023


Welcome to our second newsletter for 2023. This week, the children have had the amazing opportunity to take part in Beacon's Multi-skills event where Beacon students device and run activities. The children absolutely loved taking part and mixing with children from other schools; growing in confidence, determination and learning new skills and games. It has definitely given us some ideas for our mini Olympics for later this term. Thank you for being so prompt in returning forms and for our volunteers. 


In Science, the children have been learning to classify animals into fish, birds, amphibians, reptile and mammals. To do this successfully, they needed to know what makes an animal fit into a specific group by its features; does it have fur or hair, is is cold blooded were a couple of questions they were encouraged to ask themselves as they sorted. 


In English, the children wrote a recount of their trip to Beacon, saying what their favourite activity was as well as making predictions about Errol in Three Cheers for Errol.  


In RE, we are continuing to learn about Judaism, this week learning about a Sukkah and its purpose. The children then shared what they are thankful for. 


Next week, we start our whole class teaching in Maths and English. Continuous Provision will still feature during the week as shorter sessions. 


Please make sure all PE kits are in for our weekly PE sessions on Tuesday afternoon. 


Have lovely weekend


The Year 1 Team




Friday 6th January 2023


Welcome back! A new term and a new year and a great start we've had to our learning. Probably one of the hardest week's to come back to after a break, especially one that is filled with so much excitement. The children have been eager to learn, have contributed excitedly to class discussions and have enjoyed seeing each other. It's been lovely hearing them share their Christmas; not just presents but food and time with loved ones. 


This week, we have started new learning across the Y1 curriculum. Remember to look at the curriculum map which shows our learning for the next two terms: and click on Year 1 for all the exciting learning coming up. 


We have both been impressed by the knowledge the children have shown as we begin our Science learning - Animals including Humans - and the scientific vocabulary they are using when sharing their ideas. 


In Maths this term, we will be focusing on addition and subtraction. For the next week or so, we will focus on addition to 20, learning to start counting from the first number instead of 1. For example, 13 + 5, the children would start from 13.


English is linked to our History which is sports in their lifetime. What an opportunity to celebrate all the fantastic and historical moments for sport particularly the England Women's team wining the Euros. The book we are using for English is Three Cheers for Errol where they will start by making predictions. 


In RE, the children are continuing their learning in Judaism and their celebrations and how these show their love for God. 


So, a very packed week of learning! And the children have been fantastic! We are very proud of their resilience, their kindness towards each other and their enthusiasm for their learning. 


Have a super weekend and a well earned rest. 


The Year 1 team 


 Please return PE kits as our PE lessons are on a Tuesday.


Year 4's Church service is on Wednesday 11th January


Multi-skills at Beacon 30 children  - to be arranged and confirmed for Wednesday 11th January - an email will go out informing you of the event and pick up details if your child is participating. 


Safer Internet Day is on Tuesday 7th February.

End of Term 2 Newsletter

Happy end of Term 2 - and what a wintery week it has been!


A special thank you goes to all our parents and children for their energy and enthusiasm even in these conditions!  We are really grateful for your patience and understanding about changes of routine, changes of clothing and changes in learning that the weather brought.


And...there are some more changes in Year 1 for Term 3.  As house groups have enjoyed forest school on a Thursday since September, Mrs Patient, our qualified Forest School leader will now be rolling the opportunity out to other year groups in school.  So we need to say a goodbye and thank you for all her work within our team.  This means that 1J will have Mrs Reeve, (who will be new to this cohort but not new to school) to teach them on a Thursday. Welcome to Mrs Reeve!


The other change is that we also have a trainee teacher joining for Term 3 - Ms Lancaster who is on her contrasting placement within the SCITT program.  Welcome to Ms Lancaster!


The children have enjoyed the craft activities this week and have brought much of it home to share with you.  We hope that you enjoy their creations.


We have certainly enjoyed seeing the detailed and imaginatively designed family tree projects for their history learning this term. What a lot of hard work and interesting research!  Watch out for the research home learning project in term 3.  We are not setting any home learning for Christmas as we would like our children to rest and enjoy some quality family time, however if they would like to do some please continue learning the tricky words, reinforcing the phonics and playing the maths games on the website as well as lots of reading.


 And finally thank you for the kind gifts and cards that you have generously given to the team.  We are very grateful and wish you all a fabulous festive break and a Happy New Year!

From all the Year 1 Team.



Important dates:

Start or Term 3 Tuesday 3rd January



 Please return PE kits as our PE lessons are on a Tuesday.


Year 4's Church service is on Wednesday 11th January


Safer Internet Day is on Tuesday 7th February.

Friday 2nd December 2022


We are currently zooming towards the end of term with 9 school days left until the fantastic Christmas holidays. It is a packed 9 days with Christmas dinner, Christmas jumper day as well as performing the Nativity. 


This week, the children took part in their first dress rehearsal in front of an audience and they were absolutely brilliant! Thank you to all of you who brought in costumes for your child; who knew there were so many different sheep outfits out there!


Among the song and dance practise and performances, the children have enjoyed their learning this week including maths, English, Science, RE and of course Forest School where the children made gorgeous wreaths using evergreen foliage. They are stunning.


Maths has continued with short bursts of the part, part, whole model, leading on to number sentences. 


In English, the children are continuing to use Winnie the Pooh stories as their focus. This time, poor Piglet was worried about the rising water around his home. The children were fantastic in their sentence work, using exclamation marks and question marks independently and correctly in their writing. 


RE focused on the parable of the Lost Son and the purpose of parables as well as practising their Nativity and listening to the story of the Nativity, understanding its meaning. 


In Science, the children continued their learning with materials, sorting into groups; hard and soft, and smooth and rough which is helping their understanding of properties of materials. 


Please remember to check contact books as photo order forms are inside as well as your confirmed date for Nativity.  


Important dates:


Monday 5th December - Nativity 2pm - 3pm for parents in 1K (unless you have agreed via the office for Tuesday)


Tuesday 6th December 2022 - Nativity 9.30- 10.30 for parents in 1J (unless you have agreed via the office for Monday) 


Wednesday 7th December - Father Christmas in the Forest and Christmas Jumper day


Thursday 8th December - Christmas Lunch and National Christmas Jumper Day


Friday 9th December - Christmas fair, starting at 3.30 - 6pm. The raffle draw will take place on this date too. Make sure you have bought your tickets as the prizes are not to be missed!


Phew! A busy week indeed, but lots of festive fun! 

Have a super fun-filled Christmassy weekend


The Year 4 team - oops, Year 1 Team! smiley




Friday 25th November 2022

Writing today's date seems impossible! This term is flying by and only one month until the big day. EEEKKK!

We are very busy preparing for the KS1 Nativity with the classrooms and hall echoing with children's voices, singing their songs with much enthusiasm as they practise for their performances in front of an audience. An email was sent out regarding performance times. As a quick reminder:


       Monday 5th December 2022 2-3pm parents for 1K & 2C

      Tuesday 6th December 2022 9.30 - 10.30am  parents for 1J & 2M


Further to Nativity, all costumes for your child must be in school by Monday 28th November 2022, in a labelled carrier bag, ready for our dress rehearsal that week.



It's not all abut Nativity. In Maths, the children are continuing with their learning on using the Part, Part, Whole model, looking at ways to  make up the whole number. This has led on for some to use the addition symbol in number sentences. 


In English, the children have been thinking about a favourite book character to draw and label. Some have written sentences. 


In Science, we have begun a new topic on materials where they are beginning to sort materials based on their properties and have been introduced to some vocabulary; transparent, properties, solid.


Next week, the following house groups will be attending Forest School: Warren (yellow) and Brook (blue). Please make sure you child comes to school in their forest school clothes with school uniform in their bag. 


Next Wednesday (30th November) we are at church for the Year 5 service. please meet us there. 


If you wish to keep up to date with all that is happening in school across all year groups at this very busy time of year, please look at the whole school newsletters.


Have a super weekend,

The Year 1 Team

Friday 18th November 2022


This week started off with Odd Socks. It was fantastic to see the variety of socks on show from the children. As part of Kindness Week, the children have had a focus on being kind and what this looks like, friendships and what this looks like and celebrating our differences in class and in worships. It has been a very positive week despite being stuck in on some days due to the appalling weather. 


The weather didn't stop Forest School where as part of their Science learning, they discussed hedgehogs hibernating due to the drop in temperature and having no coat. This supported the class learning on temperature; the vocabulary as well as looking at thermometers and setting up a small classroom investigation using the thermometers at various places around the class. 


In English, the children are continuing to work on Winnie the Pooh, this time, designing and writing about a trap to catch the heffalump. Capital letters, full stops and finger spaces are the main focus along with expanding sentences by using 'and' or 'with.' 


During Continuous provision, and in class, the children have been learning to use the Part, Part, Whole model which will lead into addition and subtraction sentences. Using manipulatives and pictorial representations as well as beanbags into a hoop, the children are beginning to understand two digits making a whole number. 


This week, the children have begun to use Discovery Espresso for their computing lessons where they are learning about coding. Login details are in your contact books. We are aware that some of you are having difficulty logging in. We are looking into this. Just to let you know, the passwords are case sensitive (and rather long). On the strip you have, the middle is the username, and the end is password. Once successfully logged in, you can explore all the content including phonics, maths, English as well as coding.   


Thank you for all the family trees that are coming on. They are super and some very creative. We will be looking at these in our History lesson. 


PE (on Tuesday afternoons) is dance and the children have been learning their routine for this year's Nativity. Please make sure all costumes are in on Monday 28th in preparation for our dress rehearsal. If you have any problems with costume, please let a member of the Year 1 team know asap. 


Have a super, and lets hope dry, weekend.


The Year 1 team.



Monday 21st & Tuesday 22nd Christmas Jumper Swap Sale

Thursday 24th individual class photos

Thursday 24th Forest School for Ghyll (red) and Forest (Green)