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Weekly newsletters

Week ending Friday 16th July 2021


It has been a busy week completing work, exhibiting our Great Barrier Reef homework, enjoying some party time and party music and of course the transition morning which went really well. The children seemed very excited to be in their new Year 2 classrooms and are ready for the leap up.


We would like to say a big thank you to all of you who produced the amazing Great Barrier Reef models, it sounds like the parents enjoyed making them as much, if not more, than the children. It also really helped them to understand the vastness and richness of the 20,000 year old natural wonder of the world.


We would also like to say thank you for the wonderful gifts you have showered us all this term. It is truly humbling and we appreciate your kind thoughts and words.


Good luck in Year 2, some of us are moving up with you and some of us are moving on but we're sure we will see you again during your child's journey at Sir Henry Fermor.


Best wishes for a safe and happy summer.

The Year One Team

Week ending Friday 9th July 2021


What a busy Sport's week it has been, the children have been a real credit to the school and you. (We will put a few pictures up but most will be in the main newsletter). As we get to Friday though fatigue has hit us so the final day of the week has been a bit more gentle as we said "hello" to Bishop Ruth and watched the Year 6 leaving service.  


Hopefully you should all have received your child's report together with the Year 2 booklet and curriculum map.  On Monday morning will be visiting their new teacher/classroom and experiencing a bit of Year 2 life as part of their transition then the rest of the week we will be looking at their Great Barrier Reef homework and enjoying some end of term activities.


We have managed to squeeze in some of the normal curriculum subjects this week and in English we have completed our "Are we there yet!" by Alison Lester and the children have produced some fantastic postcards as they are imagining that they have visited Uluru.


In Maths this week we have been finishing our topic of time. This week was all about time in seconds and minutes. The children investigated how many jumps, star jumps and hops they could do in one minute. We were very impressed with the results some children were managing to do 200 jumps in a minute!


In Science we investigated healthy eating and what foods make up our dinner plate. As a class we talked about the importance of eating carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, dairy and oils and how they help our bodies to grow and recover from all the amazing sports activities we have done this week.


Please could you to bring a plastic bag in on Monday 12th to collect your children's amazing work from this term. 


Have a lovely weekend - Come on England!  See you next week for our final week of Year 1.


The Year 1 Team.

Week ending Friday 2nd July 2021


We've just finished practising for next week's Sports Day and are really looking forward to, weather permitting, showing you how athletic we all are.  Please can we remind you to come in your PE kits next week. You may wear any sports kit (not football shirts) Monday, Tuesday and Thursday but please make sure you are wearing your correct PE kit on Wednesday with your correct house colour shirt. Also don't forget your swimming kit for Monday as per the emails from last week and this week. NORMAL UNIFORM ON FRIDAY PLEASE.


In our usual curriculum we have continued with the Australian topic. The children have been immersing themselves in the story of "Are we there yet - a journey around Australia" by Alison Lester during English. They have loved hearing about all the amazing places we could visit there and we're now planning our school trip to Australia...once we've visited Africa of course!


In Mathematics we have started our recap of time. The week began with us learning about dates and reading dates on calendars. The week ended with a recap of telling the time to the hour. Next week we are continuing with time, if you would like to, this weekend have a look at clocks in your house and practice telling the time to the hour and half past. 


We've been busy this week continuing with our creative outpouring. In art we made Aboriginal inspired animal prints and in Geography we created our own Year 1 Great Barrier Reef. We finalized our DT project with our paper-plane competition and we must say we had lots of fun seeing who could fly theirs the furthest. In Science we sorted animals into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores the pupils had lots of fun sorting them into a Venn diagram. In Religious Education we spoke about Moses and why he is important in the Jewish faith. The pupils went on to write their own 10 commandments about how to treat each other in school. 


Have a lovely weekend and see you next week for a fantastic sports week.

The Year One Team

Week ending Friday 25th June 2021


We’ve had a brilliant week exploring our creative sides. From boomerang decorating, kite making and didgeridoo building plus many more things (please see a photo sample below). We have also been singing our hearts out to Mary Poppins “let’s go fly a kite” which to be honest we can’t get out of our heads so thank you Mr Novkovic for your enthusiasm with the musical part of our week. We finished the week creating our paper planes for an inter school competition and can’t wait to find out which class/year managed to throw our planes the furthest.


Talking of themed weeks we have Sport’s week coming up soon (week commencing 5th July). Please look out for a few emails which should be coming your way regarding this. One important date to note is on Monday 5th June the children will be swimming. Due to this weird year we’ve had the children haven’t managed to get back into the pool since before Christmas so hopefully this will be exciting news for them. Further details regarding this and the whole week’s activities will follow soon.


We have also continued with our normal timetable this week. In English we have introduced prefixes and in particular the prefix un- for example unpack, this will set them up for more prefixes and suffixes when they move on to year 2. We have also been reading Possum Magic by Mem Fox which is such a lovely book about Hush and Grandma Poss who are looking for a potion to reverse Hush’s invisibility. We have enjoyed tracing their journey around Australia in this quest. Next week we will be looking at another, less magical, journey around Australia with the book Are we there yet by Lester Alison which we hope they enjoy.


In Maths we have started looking at money. We investigated the different coins and compared them. We compared: their value, size, colour and material. We then moved onto looking at notes and their values. The pupils had lots of fun exploring the different coins and we were so impressed with their knowledge. Next week we will be learning about time and our routine. 


In Science we are continuing with our animals topic. This week was all about what animals eat. We grouped and sorted animals into herbivores, carnivores and omnivores discussing what things make them these categories. Next week we will be comparing what animals eat to what humans eat. 


In Religious Education for creative week we created Noah's Art mobiles. The pupils discussed the message of the parable and why it is so important to Christians. 


Thank you to those who have already brought in their Great Barrier Reef Diorama. 


Have a lovely weekend.

The Year One Team

Week ending Friday 18th June 2021


It has been lovely to be out and about in the warm weather but now that the rain has arrived can we please remind you to bring rain coats for the children. Unless we have a heavy downpour we will still be venturing out so the children will need some protection. Some little animals who do appreciate the rain came to visit us this week. One of the children in foundation had a brood of very cute ducklings and they came to visit the school, this was such perfect timing for us considering our science theme this term. As you can see from the photos the children adored the fluffy little ducks!


In English this week we have continued the animal theme by exploring Australian Animal Verses, the children heard of lots of exotic sounding animals like Sugar Gliders, Platypus and Kookaburra, they then acted out these animals movement and sounds. Afterwards they wrote some descriptive sentences about different Australian animals and some turned these into verses. We discussed whether you had to have rhyming words to make a verse.


In Maths we finished off our topic of numbers to 100. We have been busy using our knowledge of numbers to count confidently in 2's, 5's and 10's. Next week is all about money. You might want to have a look at some coins over the weekend and talk about their colour and size.  


In Geography we explored landmarks in Australia and located them on the map. Next week is creativity week across Sir Henry Fermor so we will be making many Australian themed creations like boomerangs and didgeridoos using lots of Aboriginal style decorations.


In Science we are continuing with our animals topic this week we compared animals into groups. Next week we will be exploring what animals eat, are they herbivores, carnivores or omnivores?


Thank you for all your donations on FOFs Dress down for Summer day, these will go towards the Summer raffle hampers. 


Have a lovely weekend.

The Year One Team

Week ending 11th June 2021


Welcome back to the final term of Year 1, we can't believe we've made it this far! The children have come back with an excellent attitude for learning and are very excited by this term's Geography topic of Australia.  If you have any interesting books or objects with an Australian theme we would love the children to bring them in.  This week we looked at where it is in the world, which continent it is in, some interesting landmarks and the ocean's that surround it


To inspire our journey to Australia we began English with the journey around the world of The Snail and the Whale.  This is a familiar story for most of the children so we were able to explore all the physical landmarks that the characters traveled to and then created our own story maps and adventures using adjectives to describe the new settings.  Next week we will be looking at Australian Animal Verses and creating our own descriptive phrases and poems.


In Math's this week we are focusing on numbers to 100. We have been practicing writing and reading numbers to 100. We then used our knowledge of counting in 10's to group objects to help us count them. Next week we are continuing to explore numbers to 100. 


In Science we have started our new topic of Animals. This week we investigated the different categories of animal this included: Mammals, Amphibians, Reptiles, fish and birds. The pupils enjoyed sorting the animals into the correct pile and talking about why they think they are a mammal, Amphibian, Reptile, fish or birds using scientific vocabulary. 


In Religious Education we explored the festival of light Hanukkah. We talked about how they celebrate the festival and why it is important to the Jewish faith. Next week we are learning about the menorah. 


Have a lovely weekend

The Year 1 team.

Week ending 28th May 2021


We've come to the end of a very full term 5 and are all looking forward to a good break over the half term holiday. The weather is even looking like it's going to co-operate too!  Thank you for all your support with African Celebration day, the children certainly had fun and as you will see from the photos and all the art work that has been sent home we've certainly enjoyed this topic.  


Next term's topic will be Australia so if you have any interesting books or artefacts from down-under we would love the children to bring them in.


This week in English we completed our African theme by looking at non-fiction books and writing non-fiction information on African animals.  The children enjoyed exploring the key stage one library and were quite shocked when we said they could 'go wild' and pick what ever suited their interests.  We will return to non - fiction work again in term 6.


In Maths this week we have been rounding off our topic of division. This week was all about splitting objects into quarters. We will be recapping division next term. 

We have also revisited our knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes. Next term we will be looking at numbers bonds to 10 and 20 and numbers to 100. 


Geography concentrated on looking at the physical and human elements of Africa. This is a key Geography curriculum target in year 1 so we will return to this subject matter when exploring the riches of Australia.


We are continuing to investigate parts of a plant in Science this week. This week we were investigating the stem of a plant and what its role is. We experimented what stems do with a piece of celery and red coloured water. The pupils enjoyed predicting what would happen and seeing the leaves gradually change colour.  


Have a lovely break and see you all again on Monday 7th June.


The Year One Team



Week ending Friday 21st May 2021


We have come to the end of the penultimate week of term 5. We're sure we don't have to remind you that we have one more week and then it's our final half term break of this academic year.


Our African topic is drawing to a close but we still have lots ahead of us. Please remember to bring in your African animal mask next week as we will be enjoying our African Celebration day on Thursday 27th May.


This week in English we have continued with Rachel Isadora's African Hansel and Gretel where we have been sequencing and drawing a story map then looking at the witch's Gingerbread house. We've been investigating what nouns and adjectives we could find in the house and then creating our own 'food' house which we then described using as many nouns and adjectives as we could find. Next week we will be investigating the difference between fiction and non-fiction books, looking in particular at some non-fiction books around our African topic.


In Maths this week we are continuing with division. The week began with cutting different objects into half. We talked about how when we cut an object in half it is cut into two equal pieces. We then went on to cut objects into quarters, again talking about how if we cut an object into quarters we are cutting it into four equal parts. Next week we are looking at splitting different amount of objects into quarters. 


In Geography we have been 'on Safari' where the children discovered that the literal meaning of the word Safari is 'to travel' or a 'journey'. We looked at the beautiful country of Namibia and the animals that we could see. The children then wrote postcards describing what they saw.


We are continuing to investigate parts of a plant in Science again this week. This week we were investigating the leaves of a plant and what they do. The pupils enjoyed going on a leaf nature hunt in the woodland area to find different leaves and describe them. Next week we are investigating the stem of a plant. As you can see from the pictures our cress seeds are growing nicely and most of them sprouting already.  


PS, Forest School 1H next Tuesday (25th May) next week. 


Have a lovely weekend

The Year One Team

Week ending Friday 14th May 2021


It has been an emotional week in Year One but we have all pulled together and we would like to thank the whole Year One family for being so open and supportive to each other. Co-incidentally this week has been Mindfulness Awareness week so we have had plenty of opportunities to take stock, reflect and discuss anything that the children felt they wanted to talk about. We included some activities throughout the week that have supported this ethos and they have embraced this fully.


In particular in Art/Mindfulness we made some Traditional Maasai necklaces as part of our Africa topic.  This project involved a lot of quiet threading to create the bead affect of the necklace, the children were amazingly adept at this task and were very quiet and focused in their endeavours.


We continued in computing to explore the 'paint' programme on Wednesday as we created our African Savannah landscapes, photos of which you will see below.


Continuing the African topic in English we introduced another Traditional Tale adaption by Rachel Isadora. This time we explored Hansel and Gretel and discussed and described the characters.  Next week we will be designing our own Sweet and Gingerbread House using nouns and adjectives to describe it.


In Maths this week we are continuing with division. The week began with making arrays of different amount of objects. We then ended the week grouping and sharing different amounts. Next week we are beginning to learn about fractions.


We continued to investigate in Science parts of a plant. This week we were investigating the flower part of a plant. The children enjoyed talking about different flowers the knew and describing what they looked like. The pupils then planted cress seeds, discussing what they need to help them grow. We are excited to see the results next week. 


Ps Forest School 1M next week.


Have a lovely weekend.

The year one team


Week ending Friday 7th May 2021


It has been another busy week in Year 1. It was 1M's turn to enjoy the return of forest school this week, the pupils really enjoyed their time back in the woods. It will be 1H's turn again next Tuesday so please remember to come fully equipped for all weathers.  Number day was a triumph! What a selection of accessories we had for number day today. Well done for all effort the pupils and you have put in-they all looked fantastic and the children loved showing them to each other. 


Maths has taken over this week! Our week started with an introduction to division, learning about sharing an amount of objects into equal groups, adding equal groups together (repeated addition) and the end of the week we had number day! 


We looked again at African Rapunzel by Rachel Isadora in English and discussed what was the same and what was different about the African and European version. The children then practised using the joining words and & but to connect two clauses. Next week we will be looking at another Traditional Tale with an African slant by Rachel Isadora.


Art again explored the vibrant colours of Africa, the children created some amazing African animal sunset silhouettes and we will be putting some photos of these up in next week's newsletter.


In Religious Education we are continuing to learn about Judaism. This week was all about helping people who have less than we do. The children were introduced to the tzedakah and made their own boxes. 


Best wishes for the weekend.

The Year One Team

Week ending Friday 30th April 2021


Well despite the weather being rather chilly we've still been out and about. 1H have been lucky enough to resume Forest School and fun was had by all. It will be 1M's turn next Tuesday so please remember to come fully equipped for all weathers as they are forecasting rain over the weekend. 


This week as been another busy learning experience. We have continued with our Africa theme across many of our subjects. Our new class read for this week and next week is Rapunzel (or African Rapunzel as many of the children like to refer to) by Rachel Isadora. They have really enjoyed looking at an alternate version of a familiar story. Next week we will be exploring the similarities and differences to the traditional tale we know and love.


In Maths we have been learning about position and direction. At the start of the week we learnt about turning half and whole turns. By the end of the week we were learning about turning a quarter and three quarter turns. Next week we are beginning to learn about division. 


In art we have been learning about the tradition of African mask and then went and designed and created our own versions. You will see some of these creations in the photos below.  We have also been creative using more modern technology in our computing lesson. Using the paint programme the children have been learning how to create their own African animal. As part of computing we have been discovering how to turn on and access a laptop and navigate the mouse. They have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and we will be continuing computing for the next few weeks. 


In Science we continued to learn about the parts of a plant. This week was all about the roots of a plant and what their job is, to suck up water and nutrients from the soil. The pupils carefully found the roots of the plant and then we planted them in the outdoor area. We are excited to learn more about other parts of a plant next week. 


In Geography we have been looking at life in Africa compared to the UK discussing the similarities and differences. We saw a story of a day in the life of a girl in Ethiopia and the chores she had to do before and after going to school. Some of the children were surprised at how much she did at home but we were pleased to find out how many children helped at home here - well done Year 1! We also discussed how the equator goes around the world right across Africa with our inflatable globe. They were remarkably clever at identifying the continent and its surrounding oceans.


We hope you have a lovely, longer, weekend. Don't forget it's the bank holiday on Monday so we will see you on Tuesday.


Best wishes

The Year One Team

Week ending Friday 23rd April 2021


Happy St George's Day!  Well the children have returned to school happy and enthusiastic and have got back into the swing of things with ease. We have been lucky to be one of the first year groups to start to use the field for break times and they have loved exploring the larger area and stretching their legs. We will continue to use the field as long as the weather allows.



In class we have introduced the new topic of Africa and as a hook to this subject in our English lessons we looked at the book Handa's Surprise. This is an excellent book to help the children sequence a story and we used this to draw our story map, write some interesting sentences with time conjunctions and adjectives. They also wrote a book review which is a good opportunity to encourage them to give their own opinion on a book.  Next week we will be looking at another African themed book and comparing it to a similar European book.


Maths this week we have been recapping counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. The children have produced some fantastic work and have come on a long way since joining us in September. Next week we will be learning about position and direction: whole, half, quarter and three-quarter turns.  


in our Geography lessons we explored where Africa is in the world using a globe and google earth and discussed the differences between a continent and a country. We also explored the oceans surrounding Africa and labelled a map with some of these oceans and countries. We also had fun in Design & Technology imagining that we were an explorer like Amelia Earhart flying across to Africa, as you know we then discussed how to make our own paper plane and tested them out in the playground. In Music we were introduced to the music of Africa. We listened to some African instruments and even had a go at playing native African instruments. In Religious Education we began our topic about Judaism we asked lots of questions and we are excited to learn more about Judaism in the next few week.


As you may be aware we will be starting Forest School very soon so could we please remind any of you who have not already done so to bring in their wellie boots to stay in school.


Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine.

The Year One Team

Week ending 1st April 2021


Thank you so much for bringing in your Easter Gardens this week. They were so fantastic and the pupils loved talking about how they made them and what features of an Easter Garden they made sure they had. 


Week Ending 26th March 2021


What a busy week we've had. Looking at our pictures we have been making fossils, rockets measuring with balance scales and been creative with onomatopoeia.


Maths has all been about exploring weight and mass, we've tackled problem solving as we've we've explored the mathematical fact that something doesn't necessarily weigh more if it's bigger.


In English this week we have been exploring the book 'Race to the Moon and Back.' This week we used the book to write a list about how we would make our own rockets for this weeks art lesson. The week ended with a role play lesson where we acted out words that resemble their meaning, also called onomatopoeia words. The pupils then created an onomatopoeia word book. 


In Science we are continuing to look at the seasons, this weeks lesson we investigated the position of the sun in different seasons and in what season is the sun hottest. 


In History and art we have been looking at the remarkable woman who was Mary Anning. She was an early fossil hunter and researcher with a lot of her work forming early research at the National History Museum.  The children were thoroughly absorbed with what a fossil is and how they are formed, some of them certainly taught us a thing or two. In art we made our own fossils out of clay and the children will be bringing these home next week.  


Linking in with our class read we made some fantastic rockets out of toilet rolls kindly donated by Ella Smith in 1M, we hope you can agree that they look amazing.



Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday.

The Year One Team



Week ending 19th March 2021

We have had a lovely week getting back into the swing of thing, the children have been working really hard.  Thank you to those of you who have brought in your wellies, as you can see we have our brand new wellie-rack which we have started to use and we hope to be out as much as possible to enhance their learning.


In English this week we have been continuing to look at the book 'The man on the Moon, a day in the life of Bob.' The week started with a recap of diary writing and then using our knowledge we wrote a diary entry for Bob's day. Later on we asked Bob questions about the moon, what is the moon like? What is it like to be an astronaut? We ended the week by writing a list of things we would take with us if we were going to the moon, the pupils had lots of fun writing their lists. As a class we came up with, food, water, tent, sleeping bag, camera and a TV. 


In Maths we have been recapping our number bonds to 10 and 20.  The children have produced some fantastic work and have come a long way since they first joined us in September. Next week we will be looking at weight and mass whilst using scales.


In Science this week we went on a scavenger hunt to find the first signs of spring. The pupils had lots of fun using their detective eyes to spot the signs of spring, these included: tree buds, bees, daffodils and blossoms.


In Religious Education we are continuing with our topic of Salvation. This week we went ous Educationout into the woodland area to find things to help us start making an Easter Garden. We came back together to see if we had all the pieces to make an Easter Garden. Making sure we had sticks for the cross, a stone for the door of the tomb and grass. 


Our History topic this term is looking at significant individuals and the children learnt about Henry VIII and his six wives and Elizabeth I. They were fascinated that he cut off some of his wives heads! Many of them explained that they enjoyed watching Horrible Histories which we linked to this lesson so we would thoroughly recommend you watching these series of programmes as they are an excellent introduction to History.


We linked our art to The Man on the Moon with the children using the media of chalk to create some amazing moon scenes.


Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday.

The Year One Team



Week ending Friday 12th March 2021


Welcome back to all our families, it has been so lovely seeing you all at drop off and pick up time and despite the odd tear when the reality of being back has hit us for the majority of the time it has been laughter and smiles.  


We have eased the children in gently for the first few days along with the fun of World Book day when we explored the book The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse. From next week we will be resuming our usual timetable of subjects.  This week and over the next coming few weeks we will be assessing the children and planning where we need to go to support their learning but at the same time stretch them to be the best we know they can be.


With this in mind we will not be giving you any homework this week (we feel you parents could do with a little break) but it will resume again next week with the normal phonics, spelling and one other subject. We will also have a larger Easter project which hopefully you will have received an email about.


Please look at the photos below showing you what we have been up to this week. 


Have a lovely weekend

The Year One Team

1M and 1H Photos