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Reading with your child.

Reading is the number one priority for your child's home learning and if you struggle to fit in anything else, then reading should be the most important!  Even if your child is reluctant to have a go, please ensure that you are sharing books and reading to them.


Please keep the Reading Record and reading book in their book bags and send them into school daily so that we are able to record their school reading and monitor how and when they are reading at home. 


Please write in their reading record book each time they read to an adult or older sibling. For those children who are reading books on the pink, red, yellow, blue, green or orange levels we encourage them to read their book 3 times before they are changed to increase their fluency.  All other colour books can be changed after they have been read once only.  It is important that as your child becomes more fluent, you are still giving them regular times to discuss the meaning of new vocabulary, talk about what they have read and ask some questions to support their understanding.


Your child should now be aware about the colour level book that they will be bringing home but please speak to your child's teacher if you have any questions.


Please ensure that all children are having books read to them also, even if they are confident 'free' readers. Please check back soon for a book list as suggestions of appropriate texts.




Words that are not decodable

In addition to the decodable words in their reading books that we have taught the children to blend in their phonic learning, they are expected to read and spell other words that are shown below.

These words are not decodable or contain unusual graphemes and so will need to be practised and learnt.  They are called the Common Exception Words.

Please work on the appropriate ones throughout the year with your child, starting with the Year 1 list.  To reach the expected level in Year 2 they will need to be able to read and spell many of the Year 2 words by the end of the year.















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