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EYFS - Hedgehogs & Owls



A message to all of our parents. 


Dear Parents,

The Early Years Team would like to thank you for your time and support this week. We realise this is a challenging time however we have been blown away regarding the parental support and the children's attitudes to learning. The team have enjoyed seeing videos and observations uploaded by parents. This will support your child's learning as we can set new challenges and continue to track their development. 



This week the children have been watching daily phonics teaching videos, playing online games and writing at home linked to the learning. We will continue to upload teacher taught phonics sessions to ensure your child is progressing. 

This week in photo's

Suitable Home Learning Web links: 

Recommended websites to use:  - we use these games and print offs within class so the children will be used to this. They have updated their website and it now looks very modern.  - print offs, ebooks and games. - We use this program a lot at school especially for phonics.    Login in: student29485 Password: fermor -  children's online games.  This site has free ebooks which are colour banded.  Lots of lovely interactive stories and games  We use some of the fitness work outs for the children.