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EYFS - Hedgehogs & Owls



This week we have been learning about the jungle. The children have taken part in a range of activities including researching jungle facts, monkey problem solving and jungle art. In phonics we have been focusing on cvcc and ccvc words and the children have been writing their own sentences. For our final week of the year we are going to have the theme of pirates. 


This week we have been doing activities based on the story "We're going on a bear hunt". We did a phonics hunt as well as retelling the story using different materials. The children have enjoyed sports week and have taken part in a range of sports such as running, swing ball, trampolining and gymnastics. Well done everyone for sharing your fun experiences on Tapestry. Next week we are going to be learning about the Jungle.



This week we have been learning about Dinosaurs. We started of the week with a dinosaur counting story. Some of the children found out facts about their favourite dinosaur and then recorded these. We have had a maths sessions on addition and subtraction and the children used different objects to show their understanding. Next week we are looking forward to reading the story: Going on a bear hunt. We will learn about bears as well as doing a fun hunt. 



This week we have been looking at phase 2 digraphs and tricky words. The children's writing is improving daily and we are all very proud of their progress. We have been learning about butterflies and caterpillars, using the story 'The Hungry Caterpillar'. Some of the children have been on a bug hunt and have learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly. Next week we are going to be learning about dinosaurs. We hope the children enjoy this.



The children have now settled into school well, doing daily phonics and maths along with other activities such as PE and circle time. They have been doing regular singing and story sessions and enjoyed exploring outside. 

This weeks story has been Back to Earth with a bump. The children have made a list of what they would take to space as well as exploring the properties of 3D shapes. 

Next week we will be looking at the story: The Hungry Caterpillar with lots of fun and exciting activities planned. 




What a great start to Term 6! We welcomed children back into school and they settled well. They were so pleased to see each other, doing activities such as singing and bug hunts. Home learning has also continued focusing on activities linked to the story "The Three Billy Goats Gruff". The children have been writing, problem solving and making their won models from this story. Next week the Early Years learning will focus on the book: Back to earth with a bump!


This week we have been recapping phonics sounds ai, ee, igh and oa. The children have been showing great progress in using their phonics knowledge in writing. Next week we will be looking at oo, ar and or. 



We have had a great week of home learning. The children are now recapping Phonics Phase 3 and they will be applying new knowledge to their writing. We have noticed an increase in creativity learning phonics with art and resources such as water. A phonics session is added daily to Tapestry but these can be worked on out of sequence if this suits.


Next term our planning will be based on a story each week. All the team would like to wish you a restful half term.


We realise that the children and families are finding this time challenging. Firstly, thank you for your continued hard work and support. The children are all doing so well considering the circumstances. This week we have come to the end of learning phase 4 phonics. The children have sent in brilliant writing both with sentences and tricky words. 

 We hope that you have all managed to access the 'hello' page on Tapestry to watch the children's video messages. Its not to late to send the videos in if you haven't already. Feedback has been very positive and it seems the children have enjoyed seeing each other - sometimes repeatedly. 

Next week we will be recapping phase 3 phonemes and applying these to reading and writing. 



It has been a great week for learning. We have continued teaching Phonics Phase 4 and are really pleased with the children's reading and writing. We have been doing some Space themed learning linking to some of the children's current interests. The final lesson was how to make a journey stick. We hope the children have enjoyed all of the activities. We will have 2 photo galleries for this week. The first is for this weeks learning and the second is oh how we marked VE day. Please email your photos in and we can add this to the website. We hope you have a lovey and enjoyable weekend. 

VE Day Preparations and Celebrations


We have been continuing Phase 4 in Phonics, teaching ccvc words. The children have been sending in brilliant pieces of writing and we can really see an improvement in handwriting, spelling and content. Well done to everyone. 


This week we saw Mrs Brown planting her sunflower seeds. The children made some great posters to show the life cycle of a flower. Mrs Strand will be setting a sunflower challenge in this weeks newsletter. 


We want to thank all parents for their support and hard work with the home learning. Please continue to add photos and videos to Tapestry or send them in via the year group email. The team love to see your posts and updates. 







Another week of sunshine and lots of wonderful home learning. Thank you parents and children for working together with us. We hope the children have been enjoying the video lessons, twice a day. 


This week we started Phase 4 Phonics. We have tried to number the lessons to make it easily accessible. Lots of children have sent their work in writing cvcc words and sentences. We are very impressed with the progress. 


Other lessons to go out on Tapestry have covered teen numbers, time and ended with a Feel Good Friday challenge.





Firstly, we would like to thank all Foundation parents for their support and interactions on Tapestry. It has been lovely to see the children's video's and photographs. 


We have been lucky with the weather this week and Ella has taken great advantage of this, chalking pictures and words on the pathways as well as colouring in her house bricks. Molly went on a walk and was lucky enough to hear a woodpecker in the trees. 


Following our shape lesson George C and George PS both did a shape hunt around their homes. George C found lots of different shapes including a hot chocolate pot for a cylinder and then talked about the shape properties. George PS took photographs of shapes around his home including  a rectangular rug. 


Please continue to read with your child regularly. Oxford Owls are providing a range of free ebooks that can be accessed online.

Week 2 - Photos of home learning



A message to all of our parents. 


Dear Parents,

The Early Years Team would like to thank you for your time and support this week. We realise this is a challenging time however we have been blown away regarding the parental support and the children's attitudes to learning. The team have enjoyed seeing videos and observations uploaded by parents. This will support your child's learning as we can set new challenges and continue to track their development. 



This week the children have been watching daily phonics teaching videos, playing online games and writing at home linked to the learning. We will continue to upload teacher taught phonics sessions to ensure your child is progressing. 

This week in photo's

Suitable Home Learning Web links: 

Recommended websites to use:  - we use these games and print offs within class so the children will be used to this. They have updated their website and it now looks very modern.  - print offs, ebooks and games. - We use this program a lot at school especially for phonics.    Login in: student29485 Password: fermor -  children's online games.  This site has free ebooks which are colour banded.  Lots of lovely interactive stories and games  We use some of the fitness work outs for the children.