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Year 4

Welcome to Day one of Home Learning


 Good morning and we are really sorry you cannot be with us in class at the moment due to isolating, but if you do not have any symptoms and are well, you should still continue learning at home, so you do not miss out on your learning.

Have a good day and remember your learning for day 2 onwards will be sent to your parents via email, please ask them to look out for that. 

We would like you to plan your day rather like a day at school, to help you stay on track and focused, so please use this as a guide.

Aim to start at 09:00

Task 1

Warm up - Guided reading. using the book you are reading, make a prediction as to what will happen next, any words under the clarifier you are not sure of,  and summarise the story so far in a sentence or two

Task 2

Maths - times Table practise - Rockstars and then practise your 25 times table. What do you notice? What patterns can you spot? why is it useful to know your 25 x table? See PDF document below. 

Task 3

Daily mile equivalent (run around the garden, up and down the stairs, on the trampoline, star jumps in the lounge etc)

Break – snack

Task 5

 Quiet reading (to someone, independently, listen to a story online

Task 4

 Sentence work- up-level these sentences using adjectives, verbs and adverbs. Challenge: can you start your sentence with an adverb? Remember to punctuate correctly.  It is raining outside. I walked to the park. 

Lunch and fresh air and some exercise as at break

Task 6

Reading comprehension - See PDF below. There are three for you to choose from. Make sure you challenge yourself within your reach. 

Task 7

Practical activity (make a cake, lego, den building, painting, drawing, dancing to music etc)


Well done, you have completed your first day of remote learning. Please ask your parents to check their emails for further learning. 

If you would like to show us your learning, please photograph it and upload it to your Teams account. Alternatively, you can bring it in with you when you return to school.