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Day 1

Welcome to day one of our Year 1 unscheduled home learning page. If you are reading this, it means we cannot complete our learning at school today. However, we have put together below a range of learning resources and activities for you to complete at home. 


Any work you complete electronically (including any photos of your work) please ask your adult to send to us on one email to our dedicated Year 1 email address:


You can also complete your work on paper and bring it to school when you return. 


Don't forget it is a snow day so please enjoy yourself outside. We'd love to see some photos of you especially if you manage to build a snowman!


Best wishes,


Mrs Koch and Mrs Jeffs

Year 1 Class Teachers




For Phonics, click on the link below to use Alpha Blocks. so you can practise your sounds. 

Please see below:








Tulips and Marigolds






Please enjoy sharing a book or two together, talking about the characters and the story. 




In Science, we have been learning about our bodies and our senses.  Consider what your 5 senses are and make a poster about them with your favourite things to: 







How does the snow feel when you touch it? What can you hear when you walk in the snow? 


Stand silently in the snow for a moment. What can you hear? 


Story Time


Get cosy and warm with this story





Can you create a snowy picture of what you can see in your garden, outside your window or in the park. Once you have finished your picture, can you label what you can see, using your phonics to help you. Some of you will write sentences and may describe what you can see and how you feel. Remember to use your neatest handwriting. 

Use paint, crayons, pencils or create a collage. Some of you may even use a computer. It is up to you. We can't wait to see your snow day pictures.




How long does it take to make a snowball? How far can you throw your snowball? Count your footsteps to measure how far your snowball traveled. 

Can you make a snowball quicker than someone else? Can you throw your snowball further than someone else? 


Have fun in the snow today. We look forward to seeing your work and hearing all about your fun day in the snow!