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Heatree 2022


We were blessed with another day of beautiful, sunny weather for our final day of activities at Heatree.

We again split in half as a group to ensure that we have all completed the same range of activities. Half of us made our packed lunches and set off for a day of walking and scrambling on Dartmoor.  Under the expert instruction of Simon and Phil we also had fun crossing streams, scrambling over rocks and "weaselling". We had great fun and there was a real sense of team spirit.

The other half of us spent the morning either working on our skills as Robin Hood by enjoying Archery (which again included a game to decide which cutlery we could use for dinner), or reaching for the heights with a session on the climbing tower.  It was fantastic to see the children acquire new skills and enjoy challenging themselves.

After our adventures on the archery range and climbing tower, we joined forces for the afternoon when we took part in raft building (and racing). We watched how to secure a raft frame together before spending time designing and building our own rafts, then taking to the water. The children worked well in their teams, then took to the water to enjoy some games - it was lovely to see children helping and encouraging one another as they made their way across the lake.

This evening, after a lovely dinner, we enjoyed a real surprise when we used 4 grass sledges to zoom down the hill.  We split into our house groups and all enjoyed the opportunity to race down the grass bank outside Heatree House. Then, after some free time and a great "dance off" challenge we headed to our rooms to start packing for the journey home tomorrow.  The end of another great day!


Today has been another sunny, but thankfully slightly cooler, day in Devon. After breakfast, half of us went on our Wilderness Venture in the local area and were joined by a surprise guest, Mr Marsh.

While out, we enjoyed the view, learnt about the types of edible foods on the moors and some local history, had a picnic lunch and took part in some weaselling between the rocks.

The other half of us took part in archery and climbing in the morning and then raft building in the afternoon.

Mr Lucas demonstrated how to perform ‘heads, shoulders, knees and jump’ while standing on a raft, before we all had a try. During the games, two rafts ‘sank’ causing several children and one head teacher to get wet.


During our dinner of sausages, chips and beans, we had another surprise guest come to the dining hall door.

In the evening, we spent some time in our class groups and visited the roundhouse, where Mr Gilbert played songs while we toasted marshmallows.


We started the day with a good breakfast of toast or cereal with fruit and yoghurt, which helped to fuel us up for the day ahead. It was Forest’s turn to wash up and everyone did a great job.

Today we all took part in problem solving activities, where we developed our ability to work as a team. The skis were particularly challenging and it was difficult to climb through the spider web without hitting any of the strands.


For our other main activity, some of us took part in archery and, in one game, the section of the target we hit determined which cutlery we were allowed to use during dinner. It was not easy trying to eat chicken pie with just a teaspoon or custard with a knife and fork.

The other groups took part in climbing and abseiling today. There was a huge amount of courage shown by all involved and we were very proud of how the children encouraged and supported one another.

Tomorrow, some of us of going out on our wilderness venture in the local area, whilst others are raft building.



During the journey to Heatree, lots of children played card games, drew pictures, read books and sang ... very enthusiastically, and for a long time! However, everyone had lots of fun and the standard of behaviour was high.

There was much excitment when we arrived and our first activity was orienteering. This was followed by some time to settle in to our rooms and then go for dinner. There was something familiar about the 'dinner ladies'. 


Tomorrow, we are looking forward to the climbing tower and to engaging in problem solving.