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History at Sir Henry Fermor



At Sir Henry Fermor, history is taught each term of the year alongside our other foundation subjects. By teaching subjects concurrently, rather than alternating each term, students are able to maximize their learning potential by continuing to build new skills and knowledge bases while making connections within their history learning and to other subjects. 


Our intent is to inspire our students to delve into the past, to encourage our students to become curious about who came before us and how they lived, and to give students the skills they need to help them understand our nation and our world today. This knowledge will allow our learners to understand the complexity of people's lives, the process of change, the diversity of societies and relationships between different groups. It will also help students further understand their own identity and the challenges of our time.


Here is an overview of the rich history curriculum we have implemented at Sir Henry Fermor. Please click on the table below for more information on each topic.



Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to be impactful and enable students to gain a thorough understanding of the three main tenets of history: historical knowledge, historical concepts and skills, and historical enquiry.


Historical Knowledge

Our history curriculum ensures students know and understand the history of Britain and the wider world. Students also learn how people have influenced Britain's past and how Britain has historically influenced the wider world. 


Historical Concepts and Skills

Our knowledge and skills-rich curriculum teaches students the overarching concepts of history. Students learn the chronology of history through studying and comparing timelines. Throughout the school, students are taught the concepts of continuity and change, cause and consequence, and difference and significance.  Learning these concepts enables our students to learn the skills of making connections, drawing contrasts, analyzing trends, framing historically-valid questions, and of creating their own accounts of the past.


Historical Enquiry

In each History unit, students frame their learning around a central question which they are encouraged to connect their learning to throughout the term. By referring back to this question and finding a range of ways to answer it, students build critical thinking skills.


For further information, please see the History Policy Statement located here.



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