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Termly Project

In Year 1 we will be setting six homework “large projects” throughout the year to link in with the term’s theme.

Term 4 Project due in Monday 28th March 2022  


This term our Religious Education topic is Salvation we will be exploring the Easter story and why Easter is important to Christians. To enhance this learning we would love the children to make an Easter Garden. You may use any materials of your choice but it needs to have all the features of an Easter Garden.

This includes:

A tomb

A stone

3 Crosses

Please see example ideas below.

Term 3 Term project 


Your task is to create a Mood board on A3 paper of different materials you would find in your home environment. 


Categories are:








Please take photos of different objects and group the into the right category.


Homework due Monday 7th February 2022.


We look forward to seeing all your amazing mood boards.






























Homework due in Monday 12th July (or before if you are ready) 


This term our cross curricular topic is Australia where we are exploring the continent of Oceania, weather, landscape, people and animals.  One of the physical features of this diverse country we will be exploring is the Great Barrier Reef. To enhance this learning we would love the children to make a Great Barrier Reef Diorama.  You may use a shoebox or old cereal packet if you wish but if this is too tricky then a drawing of the Great Barrier Reef would be very welcome. Below you will see a few suggested ideas.








Term 6 - homework due Monday 12th July 2021


Using either the wonders of the internet or accessing Crowborough Library we would like the children to 'research' The Great Barrier Reef. With this information we would like them to produce a Great Barrier Reef poster.


Below are a few ideas.