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Termly Project

In Year 1 we will be setting six homework “large projects” throughout the year to link in with the term’s theme.


Homework due in Monday 14th December (or before if you are ready) 


We are learning about the birth of Jesus in Religious Education this term and looking at the nativity scene.

For homework this term we would like you to make a nativity scene. 


Below are some examples seen in previous years. Please be as creative as you can.

We look forward to seeing what you have made.  



This term we are Location Detectives looking at our local environment including our school, home Crowborough and beyond. This is part of our Geography and History curriculum. We are also looking at the Seasons and the Weather as our Science topic. 


The homework project for this term is for the children to go on an “Autumn Walk” collecting autumn objects e.g. acorns, conkers etc. Once they have collected these items we would like them to create a ‘season discovery bottle’ similar to this picture below.

 These are due in on Monday 19th October (last week of term)