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Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter - Week ending 7th May

Dear Parents/Carers,


We hope you enjoyed the bank holiday weekend with your families. This week has been shorter but we have managed to fit in so much learning. 


In maths we have been exploring addition and subtraction using number stories that the children have enjoyed. We have been introduced to solving number problems with Larry the lamb and Cherry the chick. The children have been mark making their understanding of adding and taking away and have been introduced to the symbols of add/subtract and equals (+ - =). We have been amazed at the children's explanations of the cheeky magpie and how he took away sticks from Cherry the chick's nest. The children have been showing their understanding through their detailed mark making.


In phonics we have continued to revisit the phase 3 digraphs ng, ai, ee. During this week we have been reading and writing words and sentences with words that include these sounds. Please practice these sounds at home with your children (see if you can notice any words when sharing a reading book together). Many of the children are starting to apply their phonics sounds when writing, if your child is writing at home we would love to see their writing posted on Tapestry. 


This week we have been part of Singing Worship. We are really enjoying learning some new worship songs together and we look forward to the time we can visit every week.

Number day was a success in EYFS, we loved all the number accessories your children were wearing. The children took part in lots of fun number activities and enjoyed discussing numbers and discovering the amazing fact that maths is everywhere.


Next week's learning

In maths we will be exploring money through colour, shape and understanding that money is used to buy things, etc. It would be useful if you could provide some loose change for your child to explore this weekend and see what they notice and say. 
In phonics we are learning the phase 3 sounds igh, oa, oo (long/short), and ar. We are learning to read and write phase 3 tricky words he/she. 


The weather is a bit chilly for this time of the year so we ask that you make sure your child comes to school wearing a school coat. Thank you for your support.
Practice the high frequency words and tricky words on your book bags as we check weekly to see if your children know them. Some suggestions to help read them - write them out and put around the house for your child to read.
Look out for the words in books or environmental print together.


Dates to remember

Friday 14th May - Forest school - Red/Blue colour groups - Come to school dressed in long sleeved trousers and tops, trainers (not laces) coats.
Friday 28th May - Make The Rules Day - Information leaflet in bookbag.

Forest school - Yellow/Green colour groups 


We hope you all enjoy a good weekend. 
See you on Monday,

Kind regards,
The EYFS Team

Weekly Newsletter - Week Ending 30th April


Dear Parents/Carers,


Thank you for sharing your child’s baby and toddler photos with us via Tapestry. The children have loved seeing each other as babies and it has inspired many interesting discussions in class! We have continued to observe the tadpoles and how they are changing. We discussed the life cycles of frogs and children used their cutting and sticking skills to show the life cycle of a frog. The children applied these skills later on in the week too, creating collages using different coloured card and paper. It has been great to see how their scissor skills have developed and improved. We watched a video and read a story all about the Festival of Ramadan. We compared this festival to some of our holy festivals such as advent, and discussed what fasting during the day must feel like.


Next week's learning...
We will be discussing animals and their young, identifying names of baby animals and discussing similarities and differences. 
We are also revisiting the tricky words so please remember to keep revisiting these at home (blue words on your book bags). 
In maths we are continuing to look at frog number problems with adding and taking away skills. We are asking the children to think of their own number stories and problems involving addition and subtraction. For example, Freddie had collected 9 flies, Fabio stole 6 of his flies, Freddie only has 3 flies left. We are also asking children to support their early adding and taking away skills by mark making on a whiteboard. For example, when working out a take away problem, the children are encouraged to draw the 9 flies (whole amount) and then cross or rub out the 6 that were taken away.


Number day will take place on Friday 7th May. Your child is encouraged to wear a number accessory in addition to normal school uniform. It is so important that all items of school uniform are clearly labelled so items of clothing don’t get lost
The weather is getting warmer but some days your child may need a light coat as it can still be a bit chilly.
Read with your child's reading book daily - write how your child did in reading record - Keep it short and fun.
PE on Wednesdays - Come to school dressed in PE kits (bring school clothes to change into in red PE bag). Name all items so children can identify their own clothes.


Dates to remember:
Number Day - Friday 7th May 


Some exciting news...

We are excited to announce that Mrs Reeve is expecting a baby in August.  A few children have recently asked whether there is a baby in Mrs Reeve’s tummy and we can officially confirm that there is! Please be assured that Mrs. Reeve will be teaching Owls until the end of this academic year. 

Lastly, thank you so much for returning your completed questionnaires to us. We value your insights and feedback. The winner of the supermarket voucher is...Joel Cooper from Owls. 

Please check your child's hair as we have a child in EYFS who has nits, please refer to the NHS website for how to check your child's hair as nits cannot always be seen.


Wishing you a happy extended weekend with the bank holiday Monday, we look forward to seeing you Tuesday. 


Weekly Newsletter Week Ending 23rd April


Dear Parents/Carers,

We welcomed the children back on Monday after the Easter break and the children have shared the lovely activities with us that you kindly posted on Tapestry. The children love to share their home experiences so keep the posts coming. All have settled well into term 5 and they have enjoyed the learning this week. We have continued to observe the tadpoles and how they are changing. We have looked a colour mixing by changing green to a lighter/darker green by adding different colours. The children explored more colour mixing later in the week and the language surrounding their activity was amazing as they used excellent ways to describe their colour mixing paintings.


Next week's learning...
Next week, we are going to be looking at a life cycle of a frog. We would also like to talk a little about our own human life cycle, therefore we would like for you to please upload two photographs of your child on Tapestry, one showing your child as a baby and another as a toddler.
We will also be discussing the festival of Ramadan, if you have any experiences of this festival, we would love to hear all about your experiences on Tapestry.
In phonics we are continuing to revisit phase 3 sounds, please ask your children at home which sound they learnt and discuss some words that include these sounds. We are also revisiting the tricky words so remember to learn them by sight (blue words on your book bags).
In maths we are looking at frog number problems with adding and taking away skills. The children are getting proficient at subitising small groups of objects (subitising is a different skill to counting - knowing how many are there without counting e.g. knowing 4 and 4 is 8 or 2 and 2 more is 4). The aim is to know the numbers to 10 and all the possible numbers in a number e.g. 3
has 1,1,1, a 2, 1 and is a 3.


Please note that our starting time in the morning has changed from 8:55am to 8.50am.
The weather is getting warmer but some days your child may need a light coat as it can still be a bit chilly.
Read with your child's reading book daily - write how your child did in reading record - Keep it short and fun.
PE on Wednesdays - Come to school dressed in PE kits (bring school clothes to change into in red PE bag). Name all items so children can identify their own clothes.


Dates to remember:
Number Day - Friday 7th May - more information to follow
Sports Day - Wednesday 7th July - morning session


Lastly, we are sending home a parent questionnaire in book bags in order to gather some feedback about our Early Years provision at Sir Henry Fermor. We would be so grateful if you could take the time to fill in this questionnaire this weekend and return no later than Monday 26th April. 


We will see you Monday.



Newsletter - week ending 1st April 2021


Dear parents and carers,


We have reached the end of term! It has been wonderful having the children back in school for the remainder of this spring term and it’s been fantastic seeing the children enjoying some glorious sunshine this week!


HFW words & tricky words
Just a reminder that we will be checking the children’s recognition of high frequency words and tricky words (the words attached to the book bag) on a weekly basis. Once your child has learnt a set, they will be provided with a new set. If your child has not quite learnt the whole set of words yet, we will mark the words they are not recognising with a black dot. It’s so important that the children are learning these words at home as this will build their confidence with reading.


Please remember that your child is not allowed to bring in toys from home. Thank you for your understanding and continued support with this.


Next term
We have so many exciting things planned for our summer term. We will be looking after some tadpoles and caterpillars, and exploring the life cycle of frogs and butterflies. We will also be planting lots of flowers and vegetables and observing how they grow. In phonics we will be revisiting the Phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs. The children are finding some of these quite tricky, please remember to look over these flashcards regularly with your child. In Maths, we are reinforcing parts of a whole number and we are going to be investigating number problems, and beginning to add and subtract using the symbols.


Easter holiday’s task
We would love for you to take some photographs of your Easter celebrations and upload onto Tapestry so your child can share with us about their Easter weekend when they return.

Wishing you a very happy Easter! We look forward to welcoming you back to term 5.


Kind regards,
The EYFS team

Weekly Newsletter - Week ending 26th March 2021


Dear Parents and Carers,


This week we have enjoyed many different activities including planting cress seeds in egg shells and making paint using bicarbonate of soda to create volcano eggs and made our Easter egg cakes. The children have enjoyed all the different activities and there was lots of discussion about how materials change.


Next week we are continuing with our egg topic by digging for eggs in ice blocks and drawing faces on eggs. We are planning to talk about the festival and traditions of Easter and we will make an Easter card to bring home. We also have a few surprises for the coming week that your child will enjoy. In maths we are looking at different ways of representing numbers to 10 and in phonics we are recapping the following sounds, oi, ear, air, ure.


Thank you for sharing the high frequency words (blue words) with your children as they are learning to recognise them on sight. We will check weekly to see if the children know them and move them to the next set if they are secure. The tricky words sets (white words) are to just know as they cannot be sounded out. We will also check the children's recognition of tricky words on a weekly basis.


Your challenge this weekend is to bake something with your child that is Easter related e.g. Easter cornflake cakes or cupcakes that you can share with us on Tapestry. Happy baking!


Unfortunately, we have seen some pushing and unkind behaviour at school this week so we ask that you chat to your child about using kind hands and respecting others during play. We reinforce these respectful rules at school daily.

Thank you for you co-operation and support.


Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week.

The Early Years Team

Newsletter- Week ending 19th March


Dear parents and carers,


We hope you are well. It’s been another busy week in Early Years! It’s really great having the children back in school. The children are thoroughly enjoying playing with their friends and being back in a school routine.

This week in Phonics, we have been recapping the sounds oa, the short ‘oo’ and the long ‘oo.’ We have been really encouraging the children to have a go at sounding out words using the sounds they have learnt. It’s really important for children to regularly practise mark making and writing, please also support your child with these skills at home.

In Maths, we have been exploring numbers 0-5. We have been showing these amounts on five frames and matching amounts with numerals. Next week in Phonics, we are recapping the following digraphs: ar, or, ur, ow.  In Maths, we are going to be exploring numbers from 5-10.


Parent pay
Please ensure that you order your child’s lunch on ParentPay the evening before the school day. This will help us to save time in the mornings and avoid any confusion with lunches. If anyone is having any problems with accessing Parent Pay, please let your child’s teacher know. 


Lines outside 
In order to ensure drop off and collection times run smoothly, please always stand in your designated class line. Please also ensure that your children stay with you in the line. When you reach the front of the line, your child can then come into class (please do not release your child until you reach the front of your line.) If you would like to speak to a member of staff, please wait until all of the children have gone into their classrooms, an adult can then be available to speak with you. Lastly, social distancing must be adhered to when lining up as this is a safety measure stipulated in our risk assessment. 


PE and uniform
PE takes place on Wednesday mornings. Children must come into school wearing their PE kits with their uniform in a separate bag. If you have any questions or concerns regarding PE kits, please ask your child’s teacher. All PE kit and school uniform items must be named as children cannot identify their own items of clothing.


Tricky words
The white words attached to your child’s book bag are a selection of tricky words (words which cannot be sounded out.) The children really need to learn these words by sight and the teachers will check your child’s word recognition on a weekly basis. Once children have learnt a set of words, they will receive a new set to learn.


Over the next couple of weeks in school we will be exploring the season of spring. If you are able to, it would be great if you and your child could go on a spring walk, looking for signs of spring. Please take photos and videos of your walk and upload on tapestry for us to see. We would also love to hear children’s comments about what they notice on their walk.


Have a restful weekend.

The EYFS Team

Newsletter- Week ending 17th December 


Dear parents,


Can you believe we have reached the end of the children’s first term at school? It doesn’t seem long ago since we first met your children during the school visits in sunny September! It has been wonderful getting to know your children during these last three months. We so appreciate your ongoing support in a challenging and slightly different term. We hope your child has really enjoyed the first part of their Fermor journey.


Next term our topic is ‘Our Wonderful World.’ During this topic we will be exploring different celebrations, our wider world, recycling and reusing and how different families celebrate different festivals. We ask that your child brings in/or shares on Tapestry a photograph of an event/festival your family celebrate as a unit.


We aim to teach the children the importance of looking after our world, including our immediate school environment. With this in mind, we have been thinking about how we can develop some areas in our classrooms and we would like to introduce some real life objects which need looking after and handling carefully, i.e. plates, bowls, teapot, spoons and cups and saucers. If you have any of these items that you would be happy to donate to our classrooms, that would be highly appreciated. We would also like to make our home corner and reading area more personable and meaningful for the children. For Owls, we ask that your child brings in a photograph showing them with member/s of their family. For Hedgehogs we would like a photograph of your child reading. We encourage you to be creative with the setting in your photograph. Perhaps your child enjoys reading in the bath or on the swings?!


PE will still be on Wednesday mornings. Please continue to bring your child to school already dressed in their PE School Kit with their school uniform in a separate bag.

Swimming will commence the week beginning 11th January starting with Hedgehogs class.

We wish you a peaceful and restful Christmas break. We hope you are able to enjoy this time wherever and however you celebrate.


Here’s to a happy and healthy 2021.


Kindest regards,


The Early Years Team

Newsletter- Week ending 11th December


Dear parents,


It has been an exciting, festive and busy week in Early Years this week!


This week we filmed our Nativity show. The children sung the Christmas songs beautifully and were fantastic at remembering the words and actions of the Christmas Story. We will upload the video of the children’s nativity on Tapestry shortly- watch this space! We hope you enjoy watching the show and it brings you some festive cheer! The children can’t wait for you all to see them in their costumes. Thank you for your support with providing extra items for your child’s costume. Please ensure that the video is not shared on social media or other online platforms (as outlined on your Sir Henry Fermor Tapestry Online User Agreement.)


Next week, we will be getting even more into the Christmas spirit by making Christmas decorations, Christmas crafts and writing Christmas cards. We have lots of Christmas activities going on, especially on Wednesday 16th December, which is our Christmas WOW Wednesday!

Firstly, it’s our school Christmas jumper day on this day. We ask that your child comes into school wearing a Christmas jumper on top of their school uniform.

Secondly, it’s Christmas Dinner day. Please remember to select an option for your child for their Christmas dinner on parent pay. There will be a meat option and a vegetarian option (veggie burger). If your child would prefer a sandwich rather than a cooked Christmas dinner, please write this in your child's contact book by Tuesday at the latest. There will be the usual sandwich choice of cheese, ham and Tuna.


Thirdly, the children will have an opportunity to visit Santa in his Grotto. The cost is £4 per visit and money raised will go towards our school. For £4, the children will receive a sweet treat from Santa, a beautiful bag of homemade, environmentally friendly reindeer food, a homemade tree decoration to take home and paint AND… a photo with Santa himself!


Just a friendly reminder that we will not be doing any PE on Wednesday. Also, as the temperature is getting much colder, it is really important that children come into school with gloves, scarves and hats for them to wear during outside play time.


Have a lovely weekend,


Early Years Team

Weekly Newsletter - Week ending 4th December 2020


Dear Parents,

Christmas is coming in EYFS as we prepare for the Nativity this Christmas time. We have been busy rehearsing for our special Talk for Writing Christmas Story. The children have been amazing learning all the words and actions to tell the story and are doing so well learning the Christmas songs. We are sure you hear them singing the songs at home as they practice learning the words. 

Thank you for those parents who are providing us with different items for the Christmas play costumes. We are planning to film the play next Tuesday so please make sure you provide all items as soon as possible in a named carrier bag, thank you to all the parents who have provided bits for their children. We are sure that you will love seeing your little ones take to the stage. We will let you know how you will be able to view the play. Watch this space...
We are beginning our exciting Christmas activities next week. Please note that there will be no swimming or PE before Christmas and we will let you know when these will start again in Term 3. On Wednesday 16th December we have our Christmas Santa visit in the Forest (please book to get a place) and as part of that day there will be a delicious Christmas lunch. You can sign up for the Christmas lunch on ParentPay from Sat 12th December, so don't forget to book. Please note that there will not be another option for lunch that day. 
Don't forget on Friday 11th December your child/ren can come to school dressed in a Christmas jumper for our Christmas jumper day. 


Remember there is a Christmas post box in Owls and Hedgehogs where you can post your Christmas cards for your class friends. These will be sorted and handed out in the last week of term.


In phonics this week we have learnt the sounds f/ff, l/ll we only say one f sound even when it is a double ff, just emphasise the ff into a longer sound. We are practicing recognising tricky words, the, I, into, no, go and to. We just need to know them as we cannot sound them out. We are busy preparing some tricky words to go on your book bags to practice and learn at home.

We have enjoyed a second week of looking at patterns, making patterns with different resources around us and also describing patterns. At home you can ask your child/ren to describe patterns they can see around them, e.g. curtains, duvet covers, rugs, clothes etc. We look forward to hearing about their descriptions on tapestry alongside a photo of them and what they are describing. 

We hope you all have a relaxing weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week.

Kind regards

The EYFS Team

Newsletter- Week ending 27th November


Dear Parents,

It’s been a great week in Early Years this week and the children’s behaviour has been fantastic! Although the days are getting darker and it’s getting a little chillier, all of the children continue to have such a positive attitude towards school and their learning. It’s wonderful seeing them so excited as they arrive at school in the mornings! This week the children completed another successful PE session. They are doing so well at getting changed back into their uniforms- thank you for all of your support with this.



In Maths this week we have been learning all about patterns. We have discussed how patterns are all around us, on animal fur, curtains, wall paper, our clothes etc. Perhaps you could go on a pattern walk around your home with your child and explore the patterns in your household? Or maybe your child could collect some natural objects on a local walk and make a pattern using these items? Please feel free to post pictures of any home learning on Tapestry- we would love to see some pattern work!



In Phonics we have learnt 4 new sounds ‘r’ ‘u’ ‘h’ and ‘b’ as well as some new tricky words ‘into’ and ‘go.’  Where possible, please practise these sounds and tricky words with your child at home. Please remind your child that tricky words are words that we are unable to sound out, we simply have to remember what they look like! The children have been really enjoying mark making this week and many of them are keen to have a go at writing the sounds we have learnt using chalk, shaving foam and good old fashioned felt tip pens and paper! The children are also showing an enthusiasm to blend sounds together to read whole words which is fantastic.


PE kits

Quite a few items from PE kits are being lost and misplaced. Please can we ensure that all items of the school PE kit and uniform are clearly labelled. Also if your child brings home an item of clothing which does not belong to them please return these to school as soon as you can.



The final swimming session will take place this coming Monday (Monday 30th November.) This is Owl’s swimming session.



We are going to be organising and filming a nativity show for this upcoming Christmas period for you all to enjoy. Hopefully this will add a little festive cheer and sparkle to your Decembers!

This week we have been busy assigning nativity roles for your children. We will contact you separately through tapestry to inform you if you need to provide extra items to complete your child’s outfits.


We hope you are all keeping well during this difficult time.


Wishing you all a peaceful weekend. Thank you for all of your continued support.

Many thanks,

Early Years team

Newsletter - Week ending 20th November


It's been another fun and busy week in EYFS this week. Owls had their first swimming session, which went really well and all children were excited to talk about their experiences after the session. We also did our second PE session, which was good fun and the children are all showing great listening skills during these - thanks so much as well for sending them in dressed, this is really helping with the time taken in class getting changed.


In phonics we have learnt 4 new sounds, c, k, ck, and e, these will be in bookbags at the end of the day to look through and practice during the weekend. We also learnt the tricky words 'no' and 'to', please spot these in books also. If you have any questions regarding phonics and the sounds, please do ask, write in contact books or contact us on Tapestry and we will do all we can to support. 


In maths we have started to look at tens frames and understanding that when one row is filled with dots/pictures it is 'full' or 'finished'. The children have been enjoying learning that when it is full we do not need to count every one, we just know it is 5, and then we can continue counting to see how many there are altogether. 


Have a restful weekend and we will see you on Monday for another fun filled week!


The Early Years Team :)

Newsletter - Week ending 13th November 2020


Dear Parents,

We have arrived at the end of another busy week. Thank you for your kind donations this morning to Children in Need - to improve the lives of disadvantaged children. It is good to take part in this worthwhile cause that has been making positive changes in children's lives for 40 years!


Hedgehogs began the week with their first swimming session. We were proud of how the children listened well to the swimming teacher and on return to the classroom they were all enthusiastic about the experience. Owls class have their first swimming session on Monday 16th November. Wednesday was our first PE session in the KS1 hall. All the children loved joining in with the bean game and the traffic light game and especially enjoyed noticing how their hearts were beating faster. Thank you for making sure the children came to school in their PE clothes and after PE it proved to be a smooth transition back into their school uniform. That will be our routine for now every Wednesday morning.


Other events that have happened this week include Remembrance Day (Poppies). We talked about remembering the people who went to war and watched the lovely animated short film on Cbeebies. The children loved telling me in the afternoon about the loud noises and the poppies that grew in the fields. Some children wanted to be creative and printed their own poppies with apple halves or used their fingers to make the petals on the poppies.


This week in phonics we have learnt new sounds m, d, g and o. These sounds are coming home today attached to your reading record. Please practice the pure sounds - not putting uh on the end. We recommend you check out Oxford Owl pure sounds on youtube for tutorials of all the sounds (so you won't be caught out by your child). Saying the pure sounds makes it easier to blend the sounds to make words. We have also started today to learn some tricky words - these are words we cannot sound out e.g I, the (you just need to know them).
Soon we will send some tricky words and high frequency words home so you can learn them. These are the words that we see most frequently in books so repetition is the key.

This week we are sending some decodable captions home to read in your reading record to practice blending at home. It is so important to spend a little bit of time practicing and we would appreciate a comment in your reading record as to how your child responded to blending.


In maths, we have been looking at capacity and enjoying telling each other when a bottle or container is empty, half full and full. Keep practicing at home even at bath time by asking how full the water is etc. You can extend by saying 'the water is nearly empty now' as you let the bath water out. We will focus on numbers 6-10 next week as we introduce a 10 frame.


We hope you enjoy your weekend together.

Kind regards

The EYFS Team



Newsletter - Week ending 6th November 


Dear parents, 


We hope you have had a restful half term break and managed to have lots of fun with your family (despite the rain!). We have been really impressed by how well the children have settled back into school this week and it was great to see the children returning to school with such positivity, enthusiasm and energy. The children have enjoyed sharing with one another what they have been up to over the half term- pumpkin carving seemed to be a very popular activity!   


As always, it’s been a very busy week in Early Years. The children have had their flu sprays, visited the swimming pool and even baked some bread! The children were so excited to visit the swimming pool and they can’t wait to get started with their swimming lessons. Swimming lessons will commence the week beginning 16th November (Hedgehogs will be swimming this week and Owls will be swimming the following week.) Please remember to provide the following for your child: a swimming costume, a swimming hat and a onesie/tracksuit. Also, please ensure that each item from their swimming kit is clearly named. 


We are starting PE next Wednesday (11th November.) In order to make the transition of getting changed a little easier and speedier, we ask that on each Wednesday you bring your child to school already dressed in their PE kit carrying their school uniform in a separate bag. We will be sending any PE kits home that are already in school this coming Friday. 


In Phonics this week, we have been learning about the letters ‘p’ ‘I’ ‘n’ and the sounds they make. We are starting to blend the sounds we have learnt to read simple whole words such as ‘pin’ ‘in’ ‘sit’ etc. Please support your child’s phonics learning at home by going through the flashcards (attached to the reading record) each time you read with your child. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to Phonics, please let us know and we can support you. 

In Maths this week, the children have been learning how to compare quantities of objects using vocabulary such as ‘more’ and ‘fewer.’ We have also been comparing heights using the terms ‘shorter’ and ‘taller.’ The children have enjoyed comparing heights with each other to see who is taller! Next week we will be looking at capacity. Perhaps you could explore capacity at home by filling up different containers and using the words ‘full’ and ‘empty’ to discuss their capacity.   


With the second lockdown now upon us, we understand that this is a really challenging time for many families. If you have any worries at all in regards to school life during this lockdown period, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Wishing you a restful weekend. 


Stay safe. 


Best wishes, 

The EYFS team 

Newsletter - Week 23rd October 2020


This week we have begun to learn the s, a, t  sounds in our phonics sessions so we can apply them in our reading and writing. As each sound is taught it will be attached to your child's reading record book so they can practice saying the sounds when shown each letter grapheme. We ask that you practice these sounds regularly alongside reading the books we send home so that the children get to know them. We are also sending home a phonics leaflet that includes information about how we teach phonics and what you can do to support your child.

The children have been doing amazing well with their number learning this term and they are beginning to grasp the understanding of seeing numbers in numbers up to 5. Next term we will introduce 10 frames so that children understand seeing a full group of 5 and another group of 5. In this way, the children are subitising (knowing how many there are without counting from 1) and they will learn to see 10 and know it is 10. We will begin next term by looking at measures by focusing on measuring using non-standard measures (same sized bricks or string etc) and compare different lengths of objects and explaining how we know they are longer/shorter. Maybe you could try this at home in the holidays using lego bricks or string to see how long your trains/books are.

Term 2 - dates to remember

Mon 2nd November - Term 2 starts

Tues 3rd November - Flu jabs

Wed 4th November - PE

Fri 6th November - FOF's Pyjama Day  - Come to school in your pyjamas in exchange for a raffle gift

                                                                 Story Time with Mrs Strand

Mon 9th November - Hedgehog swimming

Wed 11th November - PE

Fri 13th November - Children in Need - Come to school wearing spots

                                      Courier publication -First Day of School Supplement

Mon 16th November - Owls swimming

Please provide PE kit for the start of term 2 - this consists of trainers  (no lace up trainers) a Fermor colour group top and Fermor blue shorts (ALL NAMED). We will mainly use the hall for our PE sessions but occasionally when the weather is good we will go outside. For this reason you may want to include a pair of navy or black joggers in the PE bag.

Just to remind you that we have a policy in EYFS that no toys are to be brought into school from home as we are worried that toys will go missing or get damaged and your child will be upset. Thank you for your co-operation with this.

Have a lovely half-term break with your family, we would be grateful if you could post something your child has done/enjoyed during the break so we can share on their return. It is so good for the children to talk about their home experiences with the class and it supports us in our observations and on-going assessments for your child.


Thank you for your support, we look forward to seeing your smiling faces next term.


The EYFS Team

Newsletter – Week 16th October 2020


We’ve had another lovely, and fun-filled, week in Early Years this week. The children had a very exciting day on Wednesday when some of them ate a hot lunch and had fish fingers, chips and beans. It was really exciting and we were all really pleased with the children’s table manners and their behaviour. We also had some pictures taken to appear in the Courier, so look out for our famous faces soon!


We have been busy creating portraits this week using pencils and coloured pencils, and then starting to try and use paint to create pictures of our faces too. We had to look carefully in the mirror to check what colours we needed for our hair, our eyes and our skin. We also enjoyed making a few funny faces whilst looking in the mirrors!


In our phonics time, we have been working on rhyming words and alliteration and have had great fun trying to think of works that rhyme and stirring them into our ‘Silly Soup’. Please continue to talk about simple rhyme at home, as we will at school, as this will help to embed the sounds and the patterns of rhyme. Next week we begin learning the Phase 2 sounds, so look out for information that will be sent home on Friday with the children.


During our maths time, we have enjoyed looking at shapes, finding shapes in the environment and starting to use words to describe shapes, such as round, straight, long, tall. Please continue this skill, as being able to spot 2D shapes as part of 3D shapes is an important part of understanding shape. Next week we will continue to learn more about numbers and will try to make sure that we can subitise to 5, which means to recognise 5 objects, spots, pictures and know it’s 5 without counting.


Have a lovely relaxing weekend, and we look forward to seeing all your smiling faces Monday morning, for the last week before half term.


The Early Years Team J


Newsletter- Week ending 9th October


It’s been a fantastic week in Early Years! Our week got off to an exciting start with our school photos. The children were super well-behaved whilst waiting to get their photographs done and we saw so many gorgeous smiles and awesome poses. We felt very proud as we looked through the photos of the children. I’m sure lots of you will be buying new photo frames this weekend!


This week we have organised the children into their colour groups; they are doing a brilliant job of remembering which colour group they are in. The children are continuing to settle and learn the class routines. Tidying up has been a particular focus this week. Each colour group has been given a different area in the classroom to look after and tidy- the children are enjoying completing their jobs and most are assuming their responsibility well!


As part of our Phonics this week we went on a listening walk around the outside of our school. The children wore their special listening ears to help them listen carefully to the sounds in the environment. We heard branches blowing in the wind, drilling, crunchy leaves, children laughing plus so much more!


Next week, it’s all about rhyme and alliteration in Phonics. We will be exploring which words look and sound familiar through games, stories and interactive activities. In Maths we are going to be exploring different shapes in our environment and describing what they look like using key vocabulary such as round, straight, curved etc. Perhaps this weekend you can take your child on a shape walk whereby they explore and discuss the different shapes they can see. It’s so important for children to understand that shapes really are all around us!


The children wore yellow today in honour of World Mental Health Day. We recognise that this uncertain time is a very difficult and challenging time for many of our families. Please be assured that your child’s well–being is at the very centre of what we do and we are working hard to ensure that all of our children feel happy, safe and nurtured during their time at school J


Wishing you all a restful weekend.


See you Monday!


Kind regards


The EYFS Team

Newsletter - Week ending 2nd October 2020


Well can you believe that your children have now completed their second week at school! They are doing so well with settling in and getting used to staying all day, it's a long day for them but they are having so much fun in their environment that the time passes so quickly when you're having fun. We are really getting to know the children well and they are showing us, through play, what they enjoy and want to go back to.


Firstly, thank you all for your generous harvest contributions this week, we had quite a few heavy bags to deliver to the food bank yesterday. We were encouraged by all your generosity at this time.  In the environment, the children have explored fresh produce this week and found out about the seeds and nuts that grow and are harvested at this time of the year. We had our first practice fire drill this week and the children were amazing at listening to the adults as we all kept safe together on the playground. We were so proud of all the children who are learning what to do in the event of a fire.


Next week we have school photos on Monday morning (5th October) so we will need to be smartly dressed in our Fermor uniform with our cardigans or jumpers. We will be continuing to learn about listening for sounds next week and will go on sound walks to hear different sounds in the environment. We will also be making sound pots, filling pots with beans or rice to listen to how they sound. In maths we are exploring sorting in different ways and matching pairs (e.g. socks, boots etc) As always, you are encouraged to have a go with your child at home and post on tapestry for us to see.


The children are still enjoying sharing their special boxes with the class, it is great to see what the children have put in their boxes and how they share them, keep them coming.


We look forward to seeing you all next week, have a lovely weekend.


Kind regards


The EYFS Team


Newsletter – week ending 25th September 2020


It has been another exciting and busy week in Early Years! All the children have completed their first full week in the classroom and we have had lots of fun talking, playing and getting to know each other better. The children have really been enjoying the outside space, even during a few rain showers!


The children have listened well to new instructions and new information and are already showing the ability to work together and support one another, which is so wonderful to see. More children have shared their special boxes in the classroom as well, so if there are any more to come that would be brilliant, as it is a great introduction and a great exercise to talk in front of a small group.


Next week we will continue to understand how we can respect our learning environment and be kind to one another. We will continue to sing lots of number songs and will start to look at numbers to 3 during our Maths time. We will be continuing talking about, making and listening to sounds around us. This week we will think about sounds on the farm and we will head off on a ‘Listening Walk’ and see what sounds are around us all day, some that sometimes we don’t hear because we are just too busy. You could begin this at the weekend by being very quiet and listening to the lesser heard sounds that surround us daily.


Also, a gentle reminder that next week is the week we observe Harvest Festival as a school, and so it would be hugely appreciated, if you are able to, that you bring in some items to add to the box that will be collected by the Food Bank on Thursday 1st October. There will be a box outside our Early Years area Monday-Wednesday ready for the collection date. We thank you in advance for your support and consideration.


Have a lovely relaxing weekend, and we look forward to seeing all your smiling faces Monday morning.


The Early Years Team J

Newsletter – week ending 18th September 2020


Well, what an exciting week we have had in Early Years! We have welcomed all the children in small groups throughout the week, explored and played fantastically each day and have all eaten school lunch together; it has been amazing.


We would like to start by saying a huge thank you to you for your support with start and finish times, entrance and exits points around the school, and remembering to social distance when out on the playground. The children’s lunches have also run extremely smoothly thanks to your quick work at sorting out the Parent Pay accounts.


We have been so very impressed with the children’s attitudes and their overall behaviour. In both classes, we have started to think about the routines of our day, like when we eat fruit and have a drink, and we have been learning to tidy up and help our friends.


Next week we will continue to understand how we can respect our learning environment and be kind to one another. We will also be singing lots of number songs and continue to play ‘getting to know you’ games, to help the children learn the names of all their new Hedgehog or Owl friends. We will also be taking tentative steps into the very beginning of our phonics journey, by stopping and listening to the sounds around us, thinking about the sounds that everyday objects make, and talking about the different sounds that we can hear in our homes. Maybe you could do this as a family over the weekend as well and share any sounds you hear on Tapestry so that we can talk about it with the children throughout next week.


Have a lovely relaxing weekend, and we look forward to seeing all your smiling faces Monday morning.


The Early Years Team J