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Day 1

Year 6

Day 1


Welcome to day one of our Year 6 unscheduled home learning page. If you are reading this, it means that we cannot complete our learning at school today. However, the team have put together a range of learning resources and activities for you to complete at home. You can complete your work on the computer and ask your adult to send it in one email to the year group email address or you can use a notebook or paper and bring this to school when we reopen.


Below are a series of lessons, which you can complete in any order. Please remember to take breaks and, if we are not in school today because of it snowing, make sure you spend some time outside enjoying the weather too.


In today's English lesson we are going to continue with preparation for writing a narrative scene, and using direct speech within it, through an online lesson on the 'Oak National Academy' website. Please click on the image below and follow the instructions that follow.  


Watch this video from White Rose Maths on metric units and then complete the questions on the worksheet. Don't worry if your parent can not print the page, just record the answers as clearly as you can on a sheet of paper or on a notebook. 

Click this image to access the video


Click this image to access the worksheet

Guided Reading

Please read the text and then answer the comprehension questions.


Click the image to see a larger version of the text.


Vocabulary Questions

  1. Find the word ‘treacherous’ in the text. What does this word mean when talking about the weather?
  2. Find the phrase ‘tip-top condition’. What does this phrase mean?
  3. Find the word ‘proficiency.’ What would it mean if you are a proficient rider?
  4. In the helmets section, find and copy the word that means the helmet must fit firmly on your head.


Inference Questions

  1. Read the section about bike maintenance. If you skidded because of bald tyres, what does the text means by ‘obvious consequences’?
  2. Highlight the rhyme “Keep ‘em clean, or you won’t be seen”. Why do you think they have used a rhyme for this information?
  3. Which do you believe the council thinks is more important, a helmet or wearing a fluorescent coat? What evidence can you give to support your answer?


In History this term and next we are focusing on World War Two. We are linking this topic to our English learning too and will be writing a story about a child who is evacuated from London to Crowborough .


Please can you do as much research as possible around evacuation, why it was necessary, where did they go, what experiences were different? What words were used in that time to describe things that we don;t use now? All of these can be used in your story to make it really authentic.


Thank you for completing your work for today. Please ask your adult to check their emails and the school website for updates on tomorrow's learning. If the school building is not open, in the morning please go to day 2 of our unscheduled home learning.