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Week beginning 13th July: Learning overview week 7

Week beginning 6th July: Learning overview week 6

Week beginning 29th June: Week 5 learning overview

Week beginning 22nd June: Learning overview week 4

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Vocabulary to support learning and themes for the coming weeks

Week beginning 18th May: Learning overview

Week beginning 11th May: Learning overview week 4

Week beginning 4th May - Learning overview

Week beginning 27th April - weekly learning overview

Monday 27th April


Dear parents/carers,


We hope you all had a lovely weekend with your families enjoying the sunshine! Thank you so much for all the amazing home learning sent in last week, it's been lovely for us to see what you have been doing! Thank you for bearing with us in terms of technology and getting things uploaded onto the website. We wanted to address a couple things that came up from last week that we hope will make things easier for you and your families.


The different starred activities are a way for us to provide a variety of learning opportunities, so we are not doing lots of worksheet based home learning. At times they can be more challenging but usually they are just different methods of learning a concept, whether that be practical, written, worksheets or internet based we will specify that on each activity. 


We have managed to produce a 'learning overview' for each subject covered in the week,  which you will find in - class pages - year 2 - extraordinary home learning - learning overviews. We will also send it out every Monday attached to this email. This document has hyperlinks to all relevant internet sites, videos, worksheets and plans that you need for the sessions. This will hopefully make things easier to access everything you would like for the week. 


Week 2

  • This week the Maths learning will be focusing on two concepts - length/height and mass. The children will be using vocabulary like: longer, taller, shorter, equal to compare length/height and heavier, lighter, equal to compare mass. There are lots of practical activities for the children to engage in that we hope you all enjoy!
  • The English will be based on a non-fiction text about mini-beasts. They will have a selection of activities about mini-beasts or wild animals to complete which will build up to the big writing task of crating their own fact-file about a mini-beast or wild animal of their choosing.
  • There is also a reading session based on the story 'The Tadpole's Promise' where the children will be completing comprehension activities and reviewing the story. 
  • The GPS this week focuses on adding suffixes to the end of root words and some dictation to practise spelling.
  • The science is very creative and practical this week, where you will be making your very own 'bug hotel'! Mrs King has provided a fantastic video for you to watch of how she made her own bug hotel.
  • The geography will be based on 'planning perspectives'. Where you will be drawing a perspective of a room or your garden and thinking carefully about directional language.
  • The RE is based around our school's parable 'The Lost Sheep' with some wonderful creative tasks to follow. 
  • The art session will be an opportunity for you to make your very own mini-beast!


Work back for marking

Please send in at least 5 pieces of work this week so that we can see how you are doing. You can do this in one email before Friday 1pm, if you can, or as you can do them throughout the week.​ Whatever works best for you.

Two English pieces: The non-fiction writing about your mini-beast/wild animal and the reading task.

Two Maths pieces: One piece on length/height and one on mass.

The Science task: A picture of your bug hotel.


We can't wait to see your completed tasks! Have a fantastic time!


Kind regards,

The Year 2 team

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope you are well and have had a good Easter break.​

Welcome back to Term 5!  ​

The learning that we have planned has the overall title of "We Are Explorers" which will run throughout both term 5 and 6 and we hope your children will find it exciting and motivating as the theme unfolds.  It may even inspire them to become "explorers" not only as children but when they grow into adults and we aim for it to be an accessible, flexible and coherent way of learning for the foreseeable future.​

Each Monday you will receive an email like this to inform you of the lessons for the week ahead. We will provide you with an outline of 4 sessions in each area of English, maths and GPS (grammar, punctuation, spelling) to include phonics in addition to regular reading activities, science work, topic based work, a creative curriculum area and Religious Education. There is a 5th session for English, maths and GPS which is more flexible and provides the opportunity to return to activities to finish them off or consolidate the learning each week. Each session will have optional activities for those of you who are not able to print sheets or are sharing technology or do not have access to the internet.  There are stars shown on many of the activities to indicate the level of challenge:​

                   * is a basic level or "working towards" the expected Year 2 standard​

                   ** is working at the expected standard​

                   *** is a challenge level, working "beyond expectations"​

Your children may want to try one of the activities and more on to a challenge, or move back to reinforce the learning.​

Week 1 Learning​

This week revolves mainly around the traditional tale of The Gingerbread Man, to continue the theme of fairy tales that they were learning in Term 4.  The English will work towards a creative writing activity based on the Gingerbread man retelling. Please see the detailed sessions on the website.​

The GPS learning is about possessive apostrophes with a link to the creative writing opportunity. Please see the detailed sessions on the website.​

The Maths has two concepts to it - the first sessions are about fractions as the gingerbread man is eaten leaving three-quarters... a half... a quarter. Then we will introduce the topic of capacity, where it would be beneficial for the children to measure a whole litre as well as the fractions of a litre. Please see the detailed sessions on the website.​

 The science is based on exploring the signs of spring in your gardens or local area.​

The geography is about mapping. ​

The creative curriculum is about evaluating the puppet that they made last term.​

You may also like to do some cooking of a gingerbread man or another type of baking with your child as an enrichment activity. Please look at the following sites for ideas:​​

or if you don't have ingredients for this, perhaps they would like to make a salt dough version:​​


Week 1 Work to be marked​

Please send in at least 5 pieces of work this week so that we can see how you are doing. You can do this in one email before Friday 1pm or as you do them throughout the week.​

The pieces that we would like are:​

  • Two English pieces: The creative writing piece and the GPS dictation activity which is session 4.​
  • Two maths pieces: One of the fraction sheets and one of the capacity activities.​
  • DT - The evaluation of your puppet

We can't wait to see your completed tasks.​

Happy Learning from the Year 2 team!