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Term 5

We are continuing to teach the pre cursive looped letters and some children are moving on to learning joined handwriting when it is appropriate within their development.

They need to identify which letters belong to which formation families as follows:

Term 4

The handwriting this term will be focusing on number.  Each week we will teach the correct formation of numerals alongside the spelling of the number names as this is a statutory requirement that numbers 0 - 20 are spelt correctly by the end of Year 1.

Term 3

Handwriting in term 3 will revise all single letters learnt already but using them within the tricky words.  They will also look at the formation of capital letters, which should not be joined.

Term 2

This term we are rehearsing the ladder letters h, n, m, r some more and then moving on to Zippy's Zig Zag letters:

v, w, x, y, z

Weeks 2 and 3

Please practise these letters.