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23rd February 2024


This week we have begun our half term topic of Space! The children have enjoyed thinking about what they might take on a rocket ship. We have also been learning about the days of the week in Maths but have found this a little tricky. Here is the song we have been using to help us learn them. Please can you support your child in learning these and answering questions such as 'What do you do on Wednesdays?' 'Swimming!'. What day comes before/after......?  We will be reviewing this later this term.


Have a lovely weekend.


The EYFS Team



Friday 9th February


In PE this term we have been learning about ball skills. We have been learning to roll, throw, catch and accurately stop a ball with our feet. An activity you could do is practice catching a balloon to develop you child's reaction time and hand-eye coordination. If they find this easy, you could move onto larger balls.


We are really grateful for our parent volunteers this term. If anyone is interested in helping with reading in mornings/afternoons next term, please let the class teacher know.


The pictures above show a glimpse of the fun we have had this term. As we reach the end of term, we wish you a lovely, restful half term and look forward to welcoming you back for our 'Flying High' topic!

Friday 2nd February 2024


This week our weekly newsletter will focus on answering questions in a full sentence. This supports children with not only developing their vocabulary and conversation skills but will also support them when it comes to writing in full sentences.


When speaking to children and asking them questions it is very easy to know what they mean/want even if they only say one or two words or sometimes none at all based on their body language. Encourage your child to answer in a full sentence eg.

Q – Would you like a drink?

A- Yes, please can I have orange …. Rather than accepting ‘orange’


Q- What did you have for lunch today?

A-I had a roast today….. rather than accepting ‘roast’.


Below is a link to a website which has some more reading around this and some suggested activities you can play at home to encourage this.


Here are some of the activities from this website:


The ‘Question King and Queen’


Ask children to help you create a throne and a crown. Add question mark symbols to the crown and explain their meaning to the children.

Let the children take it in turns to be the Question King or Queen and sit on the throne wearing the crown.

Build a back story for the children; the Question King/Queen is very naughty and will only answer questions when they are seated on their throne.

Model asking simple questions to start off with: What’s your name? What’s your favourite food?

As the children get the idea, allow them a free rein with their questions – and give them time to develop extended conversation, if they wish.


Tea and chat


Set up a café table with a tablecloth, flowers, cups, plates and so on or go to a real one. Provide appropriate drinks in a teapot and healthy snacks.

Print cards with an invitation for tea and a chat; for example, ‘Dear…, please come for tea and a chat, love from…’.

Help the children to fill in invitations to give to one or two friends/family members. Act out the process of hosting a tea party and chatting to guests, and encourage your child to talk over their drinks and snacks.


Thank you, have a lovely weekend!


The EYFS Team



Friday 18th January 


Below are some songs we use in Phonics to help children blend words and identify tricky words. You could watch these videos and pause them at various points and ask your child to read the word. Can you challenge them by asking them to write the word?


A tricky word is a word which we cannot sound out. For example, this 's' in the word 'is' makes more of a 'z' sound, rather than a 's'.


Next week, we will be junk modelling! If you have any recycled materials such as cereal boxes, milk cartons/lids, yoghurt pots, please could you bring them in.


Thank you for your support. Wishing you a lovely weekend.

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

CVC Words Phonics Blending Song

Friday 12th January 2024



This week our newsletter focus is reading. Congratulations to all the children who are now reading worded books, we are really proud of your learning. As a teacher the children who make good progress are those who are read to and also read themselves regularly. 


Some handy tips:


* Record in the yellow book every time your child reads with you. This can be a magazine, news paper etc. as well as school phonic books and library books.


*Did you also know that it is free to sign up to and borrow books from Crowborough Library?


*When your child reads, encourage them to point to each sound themselves before blending. If they are reading a phrase or sentence, go back and read it all again to support understanding. 


*Sometimes, it can be helpful for an adult to read the book to the child first, before they then have an attempt.


*If words are repeated, draw your child's attention to the fact it is repeated so they don't need to keep sounding out the words once they know what they say.


*If your child can sight read words, they do not need to segment them into individual sounds. 


* Tricky words cannot be sounded out (I, to, no, go, is, the, into, has, his, as, of and into)


*Wordless books are designed to allow your child to take ownership and read the story. You could play games like I-spy or get them to spot the main character on each page if they are struggling. 


*Books will have a mixture of singular words, phrases and also sentences. 


*Children's attitudes to reading are often carved based on the attitudes of those around them so please be mindful of keeping it a positive experience.






Monday 8th January


We were all so excited when it started to snow at school today! We have been watching it all day and we wanted to show you the fun the children had in the snow this afternoon! Sometimes, we will send your child home in their forest school gear and wellies. Please could you return these so your child can enjoy playing in the snow. Thank you!




PE: Please send all PE kits in as we have started PE for this term.


Swimming: Please could these be brought in tomorrow as we have Church on Wednesday.


We hope you all enjoy the snow and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow!


Friday 5th January 2024


Happy New Year! Welcome back to Term 3, where we are looking at 'People Who Help Us'. We have all enjoyed a wonderful Forest School session where we looked at different types of birds and made some bird food for them!


Important Notices:


Forest School: As we enter the cold spell, please make sure your children are dressed appropriately for the cold weather (thermals, extra socks, gloves, etc), as we are outside for long periods at a time. 


Phonics Parent Visit: On Thursday 11th January (9:05-9:30), we are welcoming parents/carers to come and watch a Phonics lesson to support with your child's early reading. Please enter via the Year 4/swimming pool entrance. We will continue to post resources on this page to help you support your child if you are unable to attend these sessions.


Swimming: Swimming will be starting Wednesday 10th January. 



Friday 15th December 2023


We are so proud of each and every one of your children for settling so well and having a fantastic first term at school. Thank you so much for your thoughtful cards and gifts. Wishing you all a restful few weeks and we look forward to seeing you in January.


The EYFS Team

Swimming in EYFS



First, I would like to say Hello! My name is Elliott Stevens, and I am the owner of Swim Stars South East and founder of Heathfield Swim School. I am also one of the teachers that are now delivering swimming lessons and a new swimming programme to your children at the school. I just wanted to spend some time to give you all a quick update regarding the progress of your children this year to date. So far, the last two terms that me and my team have been delivering lessons at the site we have seen a huge increase in water confidence, technique, and swim skills so to everyone who has been participating I just want to say a HUGE WELL DONE, you are making excellent progress.



A small overview on what we have been doing:


Reception – Have been working on building Water Confidence, introducing Movement Skills and learning to stay safe in the water.


We will be adding in a Water Safety element to all classes over the next two terms to include personal survival skills, lifesaving skills and how to stay safe when in and around the water. I look forward to seeing you all continue with the great progress and want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Friday 8th December 2023


Please use the video below as a reference for you to support your child's reading at home. Ensure they are saying the sounds as a pure sound, correcting them if they say it wrong.


We have also attached the tricky words for you to go through with child. A tricky word are words that don't have their typical sound when blended phonetically.


The children have adapted really well to our transition to the KS2 hall. Please view the slide show of the fun things we have been doing this week.


Wishing you a restful weekend,

The EYFS Team

Basics 2

Still image for this video
These are the sounds we have learnt this term.

Monday 4th December 2023


Dear parents


A polite reminder that no parents should be coming past the little wooden gate.


All messages should be in the contact book so that children can come straight in and the teacher and TA can welcome children supporting them to settle.


We will ensure a member of staff from both classes is by the gate to welcome your children.


Thank you for your support

Miss Rose








Friday 1st December


This week, we have been busy rehearsing for our play on Monday! We cannot wait to show you what we have been working on! The children had their dress rehearsal in front of Key Stage 1 and they all did brilliantly! For the Nativity, please enter via the Year 4 entrance. Keeping with the theme of Christmas, we have continued learning about the Christmas Story and talking about our own Christmas experiences. The children have been busy creating lots of Christmas arts and crafts, including making snowflakes, trees and reindeers out of lolly sticks!


Please ensure your children are wearing extra layers under their uniform (vests/thermals) while our heating is being fixed. Thank you.


We hope you have a lovely weekend,

The EYFS Team

24th November 2023

This week, we have been learning about birthdays. We have learnt how Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ day of birth and we give gifts at Christmas like the Wise Men gave to Jesus. The children have begun learning the songs and actions for our show Hey Ewe! Which we are looking forward to showing you on 4th December! Further details are under the key dates tab.

We are looking forward to seeing lots of you at the Christmas fair tomorrow, keep an eye out for the decorations children have made around school!

Friday 17th November


Welcome back to Week Three! This week has been all about Remembrance Day and Children in Need. We have been very creative this week, using apple printing to make poppies and decorating some Pudsey Bears!


This week during Forest School, the children made their own Owls from pine cones and feathers, inspired by the story 'Owl Babies'.


Please refer to the 'Key Dates' section of the class page for more information on the EYFS Nativity and Christmas Fair! It would be great to see as many of you there as we can!


We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Friday 10th November


This week, Owls and Hedgehogs have been looking at Diwali – the celebration of light. We have read stories such as ‘Peppa’s Diwali’ and ‘Little Glow’, and made out own Diva Lamps! We have enjoyed learning all about Diwali – can your child tell you some of the ways Diwali is celebrated?


We had our second swimming lesson this week and all of the children have grown in confidence in the water! Well done everyone!


We all enjoyed coming to school in our PJ's! We wish everyday could be PJ day!


We hope you have a restful weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Phonic Parent Newsletters - Please use these to revise sounds and tricky words with your child

3rd November 2023


Welcome back to Term 2. Our topic this term is ‘Celebrations’. We have started by looking at Bonfire Night and have watched videos of fireworks displays and had a go at creating our own fireworks pictures, using watercolours and chalk pastels. We have also made sparklers and held our own Reception fireworks night!


We have continued with our Phase 2 Phonics sounds and it has been great to see the children remembering the sounds we covered before half term!

Owls and Hedgehogs also had their first swimming lesson this week and the children had great fun pretending to be crabs in water and using the noodles!


Well done for a great first week back!

Friday 20th October


This week we have been thinking about friendship and what makes a good friend. We have had several circle times where we say who is a good friend to us and why. We have begun learning our phase 2 sounds and the children have done a great job beginning to form the letters.


We enjoyed superhero day and had lots of fun creating superhero masks and exploring with the green screen!


Important Notices


Swimming – We will be beginning swimming on Wednesday 1st November. Children will also need to bring their own pair of poolside shoes – crocs or flip flops are fine. Please ensure they are named.


Volunteers – If Forest School or supporting with swimming is something that you think you would like to get involved with, we would love to have you! Currently we have one volunteer so far and we would really appreciate a few more, if possible!


Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the half term break!

Friday 13th October


This week we have been looking ourselves and our families and have spoken about who we live with, including our pets. In PE we played ‘Follow the Leader’ with musical instruments. In Maths, we have been collecting items from around the classroom and testing to see if they will fit in different sized boxes. We explored the wooded area at the beginning of the week and made lots of mud cakes!


Important Notices


Swimming – Swimming begins on Wednesday 1st November after half term and we will need some volunteers to support with changing. If you would like to volunteer to support us, please contact the school office so you can arrange a DBS check.


Superhero Day -  On Wednesday 18th October we will be dressing up as superheros for our fabulous finish. 


Forest School – Please do not send your child in wearing skirts or dresses for Forest School as they are not practical or comfortable under water proof trousers.


Have a great weekend, can you believe we have nearly finished our first half term together?




Friday 6th October 2023


This week we had a tour of the school and some of us even had some cheeky photos in our siblings seat. We had our Harvest Festival on Thursday and sang our song ‘The Big, Red, Combine Harvester’ beautifully for our audience. We were so amazed with how well the children were during the service! We have started looking at matching and sorting in Maths and have been identifying objects that have the same properties. In the blue area, we have been making ramps with the construction blocks and have had so much fun!



Important Notices


Swimming – We will be beginning swimming on Wednesday afternoons after half term and would love for some volunteers. If you would like to volunteer to support us, please contact the school office so you can arrange a DBS check.


Wet Weather gear – Thank you for sending these in, if you have. We still have a small number who need either wet weather gear/wellies. Please send them in as soon as possible.


Superhero Day - During the final week of half term, we will be dressing up as our favourite superheroes! We will update this page when the date has been confirmed, but please could you send your child in wearing a superhero costume! We will have lots of fun and we can’t wait to tell you all of our adventures.


Forest School – If Forest School is something that you think you would like to get involved with, we would love to have you! Currently we have one volunteer so far and we would really appreciate a few more, if possible!


Thank you, have a lovely weekend!


The EYFS Team


Friday 29th September 2023


We have had another great week in EYFS! This week we have been thinking about Harvest Festival and creating art work using different parts of our hands to make pictures of pumpkins! We have enjoyed playing in the wooded area painting trees with our homemade paint brushes and using green boxes with rope to pull each other along. In the blue area we have been making more fantastic creations with the blocks including a slide and a boat! Have a great weekend!


Important Notices

Wet Weather gear – Thank you for sending this in!


Harvest Festival – All parents are welcome to attend our Harvest Festival which will be Thursday 5th October. Please bring your child to All Saints Church and not the school for 8:45am. Children will sit in the front few pews and parents will be seated at the back. After the service we will walk your children back, holding their Year 6 buddies hands. We kindly ask that parents don’t accompany us back. Thank you for your understanding.

If you wish to bring a contribution for the Harvest Festival, tins and packets of dried food (in date) are welcome! Thank you in advance.


Volunteering – If you are keen to come and help and haven’t got a DBS check, you will need to contact the office. It would be great to have more volunteers for Forest School and when it starts, swimming!


Thank you, have a lovely weekend!


The EYFS Team

Friday 22nd September 2023


Owls and Hedgehogs have had a great first week together! We have met our buddies from Year 6 and we will see them again soon to show them our All About Me Boxes. We have been playing with the blocks outside making aeroplanes, trains and obstacle courses. The children enjoyed using the blue jelly on a tuff spot on Friday, some of the teachers may have enjoyed it a little bit too! We have been reading The Colour Monster and the Colour Monster goes to School, using this to discuss our feelings and begin using the zones of regulation. This is a way to allow children to show how they are feeling and begin learning different ways to bring us back to the green zone – calm, happy and ready to learn.



Important Notices


Swimming – Apologies for the miscommunication, it will begin next half term.


Wet Weather gear – Please ensure that your child has a set of waterproofs which stay in school – a waterproof jacket and trousers or an all-in-one waterproof suit as well as a pair of wellies (which are named). As well as Forest School we will go and play in the wooded area but we are not able to unless the children have suitable protective clothing. When it’s cold we get the children to wear their ‘going home coat’ under their waterproof jacket so it is worth getting them a little big so we can do this. Trousers can be rolled up at the bottom and round the waist if need be.


Woodland Walk - Next week we would love to make some art using natural objects. If you happen to go for a walk this weekend please can you collect some conkers, acorns, interesting leaves, small stones and then bring them in on Monday? Thank you in advance!


Volunteering – If you are keen to come and help and haven’t got a DBS check, you will need to contact the office. It would be great to have more volunteers for Forest School and when it starts, swimming!


Thank you, have a lovely weekend!


The EYFS Team


Our new Owls and Hedgehogs have settled well into school and we are enjoying getting to know them better. The children have been busy saying hello to friends they recognise and making new ones! They have loved playing with our new climbing frame, in the red spinning tops and using play dough! On Friday they went and had their first Forest School session with Mrs Patient!



Monday 18th September - Bring in PE kit 


Wednesday 20th September - Bring swimming kit